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TV and A Two-fer

Shamelessly stolen from Literary Feline:

  • Two names you go by:
    1. Carrie (Because it's my name.)
    2. Ma'am. It's a little disconcerting, but at least it's polite.
  • Two things you are wearing right now:
    1. My Hugs for Snicker's scarf
    2. Jeans

    Two of your favorite things to do:
    1. Reading, of course. You didn't see that one coming, did you? (I didn't even have to change her answer).
    2. Knitting.

    Two things you want very badly at the moment:
    1. To be able to knit at the speed of light
  • 2. And read at the same time.

    Two favorite pets you have had/have:
    1. Sheba. I think I'm going to miss her forever.
  • 2. Hezekiah. But I'm so happy Hezekiah insisted on joining the family.

    Two things you ate today:
    1. Spinach Souffle
  • 2. My mom's home made dinner rolls. YUM.  Clearly a breakfast food.

    Two people you last talked to:
    1. My mother.
    2. Marlene
  • Two things you're doing tomorrow:
    1. Working.
  • 2. Knitting

    Two longest car rides:
    1. From California to upper state New York/Canada.
    2.  California to Pennsylvania in a moving van hauling a car trailer with my brother and their puppy-cat Hopi. (Genetically a cat, temperamentally a Lab).
  • Two favorite holidays:
    1. My birthday. What? It is too a holiday!
  • 2. Y' know, other than that, I'm not a big holiday person. Oh, Columbus Day. Great shows on the History Channel.

    Two favorite beverages:
    1. Coffee. Not just a beverage.
  • 2. Egg Nog

What's On TV This Week? Other than freaking festive Christmas holiday programs.  I'm already annoyed that my Sunday afternoon Columbo episode got bounced for "One Magic Christmas". I can hardly wait for the December to get here.

Sunday: I think I'm just going to watch Planet Earth on the Discovery Channel until Cold Case comes on at 9pm then:

Brothers & Sisters at 10:01 pm. Stunt Casting! Lyle Lovett, Steven Weber, Chevy Chase all guest star. This is one show that works guest stars in pretty seamlessly, Danny Glover was fabulous and understated as a Republican spinmeister Kitty called in as a favor.

Monday: Sadly for my anti Reality Show cred, I'm hopelessly hooked on Dancing With the Stars this round. All three should in the semi finals but as good of an entertainer and trouper that Marie Osmond is, I want either Helio or Scary Spice to bring home the hideous giant disco ball.

Heroes at 9pm. Second to the last show of the season. The season! I hope the writers strike ends soon. Right when the show starts to finally gets its footing.

Journeyman at 10pm. Part Two and possibly the episode where Jack stops being a complete %^&*_. But don't get your hopes up. The one good thing about the writers strike, shows like this have have a better chance of getting renewed just because they're in place.

Tuesday: Everything is on Tuesday. NCIS. Bones. House. Dancing With the Stars Results show. Mega Disasters.  Anyone else addicted to Mega Disasters on the History Channel? I love that show. It makes me think life's not so bad. Look what could happen! Yowza. And it's just a matter of time........

Wednesday: Project Runway - although is it new this week? It didn't look like it in my TV Guide.  CSI NY.  Modern Marvels: 70's Tech at 8pm on the History Channel then Lost Worlds following it. There was Tech in the 70's?

Big Shots is on ABC Thursdays at 10pm? I've meant to catch that show - great cast - but never have.

Friday Night Lights and Stargate Atlantis Friday.


Speaking of life's not so bad, the new movie I'm Not There - a 'reimagined' biopic of Bob Dylan practically made me suicidal. Well, if I'd been in a suicidal bent. Since I'm more contrary than that, it made me want to see the glass half full, look at life through rose colored glasses, dance through fountains clutching a rose in my teeth humming gaily...etc, etc. 

Wow. Talk about a thoroughly depressing mean-spirited movie. The little booklet they handed out prior to the movie called it "hauntingly lovely" - hauntingly lovely? Not a chance. While it seemed that the movie quoted him verbatim at times, the Bob Dylans portrayed were not seeking, exploring, discovering and writing about himself and his times, they were devoid of humanity, compassion, empathy or spirit. Hated it. 

One scene in  the movie typified it for me. "Robbie" (Dylan as portrayed by Heath Ledger), his wife and another couple are having a meal at a restaurant overlooking a park. They spar over whether women can be poets. 'Write the nastiest thing you can think of and I'll do the same.' Robbie directs his wife. 'Why?' she asks, understandably confused and repulsed. 'We'll compare. I can bet that yours won't be as nasty as mine' (I should pull this out of quotes because I'm quoting from memory and I've probably got it a bit wrong, but that's the gist I came away with).

What the ---? Nastiness is the true measure of a poet? You have got to be kidding me.

It was nice to see Don Francks as a hobo, riding the train with the Woody persona. And I have to say that the actors portraying the various Bob Dylans were all really amazing, but the whole of the story.....just harshed my mellow.

I can understand the frustration he must have felt being boxed in a corner by his own success. The idiotic questions asked of him during press interviews were suitably stunningly wide of the mark - how on earth would he know how many other protest singers there were? They're assigned numbers? Unreal. But the Dylans in the movie weren't of the man, they were of the myth.

Thankfully for my lifelong Bob Dylan crush, the "rocdoc" "No Direction Home" was playing on VH1 last night.  Give me Martin Scorsese & the real Bob Dylan over Todd Haynes and his versions of Dylan any day. Even if it was an inspired idea he couldn't pull off.

Next post: Hopefully Enchanted and knitting FO's. Except that if I keep casting on or mooning over projects to cast on, I knit so much less on current WIP's. And they don't seem to be finishing themselves off, the lazy things.


Pumpkin Ice Cream and Eggnog Lattes

* edited to add the link for the Hug for Snickers scarf pattern....

Pumpkin ice cream and Eggnog Lattes, it must be the Holiday season. Shockingly to anyone who's ever been around me during the holidays, I'm getting Christmassy. I actually had on the radio station that plays Christmas carols merrily singing along with it last night, without even so much as a mini rant about it not even being Thanksgiving yet for pity's sake. You're still not going to find me shopping Friday. I'd rather be boiled in oil.

Here's the finished * Hug for Snickers scarf, draped on the cat tree, appropriately enough, since Hezekiah refused to pose with it and every picture I took of me wearing it are never going to see the light of day. Blog_pix_706_edited

Ta da! The finished Endpaper Mitts. Can you tell one is smaller than the other? It's not so much smaller I can't wear them, in fact, the smaller one feels kind of fabulous on my right hand while knitting/mousing. Blog_pix_701_edited

The Diagonal Rib hat I knit up during Day One of the Knitting Retreat...Copy_of_blog_pix_705

The Selbuvotter Mittens that in no way can I knit in public, or with anyone speaking to me, with the TV on, imperfect lighting....I changed the bottom chart because I didn't like how the original looked, not that you can tell which one I'm knitting.Blog_pix_702

There has got to be a way of putting these in columns. It'd be nice to have the picture match the caption for a change.

As a [television viewer] public service announcement, here's where you can find out how many episodes are left on your shows. Mind you, they're all at least one down.

Blog_pix_094 Think Hezekiah wants to come in the house? That cat stays outside every daylight hour (well, except morning. She does not do mornings.)

Take a good look at that deck. That's why you're not supposed to use indoor paint on an outdoor surface. Men.

It Can't Be Thanksgiving Next Thursday

What is happening with this year? It was flying by as it was but the last month or two has zipped. Slow down, willya? I even attended a *Knitting Retreat With CPE credit [aka continuing ed tax class for two days] and it still flew by. Oh, that reminds me. As long as vehicles over 6,000 pounds are depreciable, Green is mocked. (Other than things like tractors.)

Img_0012_edited See that noodle mass of yarn? That's what I was doing on my Snickers scarf practically every repeat (not the patterns fault! Definitely the knitter.) See the also twisted wrong cable on the other side?  Because I'm not lying when I say I don't get left and right. Not instinctively anyway.

It did have the benefit of being an amazing and astonishing spectacle for all the kids to watch though.

And I still love cables. It's why I learned to knit.

This is the mindless knitting I was working on Thursday of my "Knitting Retreat". Img_0017_3 Oh, it's sideways. Anyway, last November when I started it, I was dragging around a chart and referring to it constantly. This November? Never even glanced at the chart and  it worked out beatutifully as my mindless Knit While I Study/Talk project. After the inability to tell left from right cables, made me feel a whole lot better.

The Snickers scarf is done and blocked. It took me a shade more than two skeins of Cascade 220 and I think that's only because I did 3 or 4 extra repeats (because I neglected to read the instructions about it being a directional pattern.) Oh well. It's pretty. (Pictures later, when hopefully I can trick er, entice Hezekiah into modeling it. The rest of the skein I knit up a diagonal rib hat called Chameleon from Nicky Epsteins Hat Book.

PROJECT RUNWAY's new season started! Wednesday night at 10pm on Bravo. Simone deserved to go for that dress, it was terrible! Ugly, sewn badly and completely mismatched. I felt badly for her though. Being the first to go would be awful. Romi's dress was okay, pretty, but I really liked Christian's. Elisa is a wee bit crazy but she's going to be fun to watch. And really, other than below the knees, that dress was gorgeous. Not a gapped seam in sight.

I want Helio or Mel to win Dancing With The Stars. I can't decide, they've both had some fabulous dances these last two weeks.

Anyone else watching Brothers & Sisters? From week to week I forget how much I love this show. I keep thinking that it's just going to go horribly, horribly wrong - like talking Justin into taking painkillers to cope with his war injuries. I knew he was going to get re-addicted and he did and it was all in what? Four episodes? What I didn't know is that the writers would pull it off so well. I love how the show captures the family squabbling love thing.

Hopefully Journeyman will pull off the sibling rivalry bit without losing Reed Diamond. Right now, I really just want to smack Jack into the middle of next week. Snoop on your little brother, moon after his wife (your ex girlfriend) but try not to pull a federal case - literally - down on him. So I wonder if the quartz crystals, tachyeons and the mysterious Professor have the secret to Dan's journeying? Img_0015

Hez says, "Go away. I'm sleeping."

* shamelessly stolen from Kmkat And her Kneedles.

Meandering Monday

Dscn2483(Picture taken at the Bay Model in Sausalito)

Practically the whole weekend was knitting the same base row for a Selbuvotter mitten over and over - this was after I spent my week knitting the same chart over and over - that I have previously knit without many problems. I can live with the whiskers being off (still) but messed up X and O cables? No.

Why does my hobby hate me? If it thinks I'm giving up just because of this, its sadly mistaken. So there.

We won't go into my inability to locate the yarn for my Mermaid for the KAL that started Nov 1st. (Anyone with a Mermaid started or wants to start, check in at  Emma's Daughter .)

I did manage to finish knitting the bolster but since I barely care what it looks like - and it's stockinette......but still. Done. Dscn2603 Well, blocking, along with the Endpaper Mitts.

(Mt Diablo. The Golden Gate Bridge is waaaaay way out there - about 1or 2 o'clock on the horizon, if you click on it & make it bigger.)

I've been reading "Reading Matters: What the Research Reveals about Reading, Libraries, & Community" by Catherine Sheldrick Ross, Lynne (E.F.) McKechnie, and Pauline Rothbauer and it's been quite eye opening. I recommend it to everyone who reads. It's split up into chapters that are further split into subchapters with references at the end of each. For the first time, I think I know why Pre-School was so vehemently championed for awhile there. The more words/language a child is exposed to, the better able they are to read later on. I'd always suspected it as some kind of a Hitler Youth plot. Not so.

They also delve into what constitutes reading matter. Young adults have an especially wide swath, while I don't agree that graffiti applies, there was a decent case made for it which really puts the "Audio" vs "Paper" book into stark relief.

I didn't realize libraries had been encouraged to provide "decent books" and get rid of the "trash" since at least the 1920's (and probably before). Typical though. There's always a genre I look down on - the ones that doesn't interest me. The ones that do - completely different matter. The research makes the case that all readers start with serial books and unserious novels and some make the leap to non fiction and 'serious' works from there and if it doesn't start out as being fun to read as an activity, they don't become readers. (And may never learn to form sentences that don't run on or make sense, no matter how many books they read or the quality/lack of in said books.)

October was a terrible month for the number of books I read but made up for it because I thoroughly enjoyed all three. The Messenger by Daniel Silva, The Janissary Tree by Jason Goodwin and Britain in the Middle Ages: An Archaeological History by Francis Pryor.

TV - while there's still scripted stuff on - tonight: Heroes is finally picking up.We're actually going to get a little crew from last year going after Matt's Dad tonight. Nightmare Man is actually a decent ability. Better than just reading minds. Journeyman. I can't believe he'd have any problem with Katie going back to work. Neanderthal time tripping goof. Good thing I got into Dancing With the Stars though. By Feb, it's going to be Dancing With the Wives Of Football Bachelors. I was so shocked when Sabrina got the boot. I'm rooting for Melanie & Maksim right now.

Liondog Hez says "Don't even think it."