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October 22, 2012



I love the lace! Must mail your prize to you this week. Ya know, you are one of three people with Cupcake Fiber Company yarn. Just sayin'...

Are you seriously still watching Haven?! o.O


The lace is beautiful!

My shows of the season are Modern Family and Nashville, while I pine away, waiting for the final season of Breaking Bad.




The shawl/scarf is just gorgeous! What an amazing lace project.

Hope you're recovering OK. Yikes, not being able to read much sounds tough -- good thing for yarn and tv. I'm hooked on the shows Parenthood and Parks & Rec lately.


Beautiful scarf! Congrats on being able to tie your shoes! I agree, wouldn't it be nice if we could somehow enforce a rule that says if you don't vote you can't complain? If only!

Cheryl S.

Oh my goodness! The Crown Prince! I am impressed, and it is lovely.

mary lou

That is impressive. And you did in while in a drug-induced stupor? We can register on election day, here in MN. I am an election judge, so I know what I'm talking about. 16 hours of freedom from the stress of listening to exit polls.


It's lovely! I bet it looks even better in person.

I, too, wish we could enforce the "no vote = no complain" rule...


Amazing stole! Was that squirrel in your back garden.

I think the idea that no vote=no complain is brilliant!


Is IS beautiful -- both the knitting and the yarn. Glad to see you didn't just fritter the time away ;-)


Beautiful shawl. Oh, and by the way? Thanks. Like I NEED another book on my to-read list. For reasons beyond my ability to understand, British Lit and History freak that I am, I am mesmerized by plate tectonics.


Beeeee-u-tiful! Where'd you get the yarn from? Thanks for pimping.


It's completely gorgeous!!

Have you read the rest of John McPhee's Annals of the Former World? I believe he got a Pulitzer for it.


The "Authorize:Engage" pairing fascinates me for some reason. Must ponder.


Ha! I tell my students the same thing about how their vote guarantees them the right to complain - otherwise, hush up. Your lace is lovely, and I am wildly impressed that you could knit at all. All I could do was to re-read things I'd already read.


I nodded yes at the beauty of the scarf long before you directed me to! Hey there! And wait, what? You are recuperating? From what?

Still watching that darn grey's. Something is wrong with me I've decided.


Are those nupps?!? I am prostrate before your superior skills. Seriously.
SO glad you are better. Have bought Mr. McPhee's book, you temptress, you.

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