Imbolc/St Brighid Day aka Poetry Day

Happy New Year! : Snow is cold

No resolutions, no goals, no WORD to ponder this new year. It feels wrong. I may need to remedy this soonish.

2012 threw me a few curve balls - a cyst in my spinal column? Srsly? But it also made me take what was apparently desperately needed downtime. And the anesthesia brain wore off. I think.

I also caved to the fact that my memory is no longer fabulous and started keeping a calendar and a list of things to do - it's amazingly fun to cross things off.

Plus a White Christmas with family! Four inches that stuck. Too cool. Kind of literally. Snow is cold.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May all your dreams and wishes come true. Hez asks for less fireworks. Not a fan.

Happy New Year! : Snow is cold



Nice to see you.


Happy New Year! Here's to a healthy and happy one.


Happy New Year!
Surprisingly it was quite here. No fireworks, don't know what happened, but the dogs were happy.


May 2013 kick 2012 way, way into your rear-view mirror. <3

Cheryl S.

Happy New Year! Glad you got to have a taste of a White Christmas.


Happy New Year! Where you in PA for snow?


2012 was a bad year for nearly everyone on the planet, it seems. Welcome back!


Happy new year! Lets hope for a little less eventful year for us. At least medically.


Not everyone can say they had an alien baby, ya know. ;^)

Happy New Year, sweetie!


Carrie- Snow? Really?

We got some too. Here's wishing all your 2013 dreams come true.


Did you take Hez along? Did you know it was the first white Christmas since 1975? I'm going to blame you!


May 2013 go much more smoothly than did 2012.

Heh, yes, snow IS cold. :)


White Christmas! Wow - :) Happy New Year and wishing you an extremely good 2013.


Happy happy new 2013 to you and yours too! :)

Big Alice

Ooh, snow! I missed out :(

Happy new year to you too!


A happy new year to you, too!! (And I'll hereby admit that I so love crossing things off that I occasionally add things I've done to my to-do list, just so I can cross them off. My happiest find this year was a calendar program for my phone that - get this - lets me cross things off on my to-do list. Love it!)


Love the little snow man. And I love making lists and crossing things off them too! Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

I love crossing things off my to-do list way more than is normal, I suspect...

Mary Lou

Snow in California? Good to see you are still among the living and writing. Here's hoping for a healthy 2013!


A very happy new year to you!


Only 11 days late! Happy New Year! And Hez is right. My two feel the same way.
Yes, DO pick a word!!


Hai! Happy New Year, too! I've been a long time fan of calendars and long as I can find them. :D

Remember to make some time for yourself this year.

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