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February 02, 2013



Carrie- is that carrion as in roadkill?

I'm SUCH a romantic.

Cheryl S.

Yay for no hissing!


No hissing is good! :)


Yay no hissing!

And I forgot poetry day. AGAIN. Bad English major.


I suppose even carrion deserve comfort, but I'll leave that particular goodwill to someone else.

Mary Lou

Sad. I read it first as Cardigan Comfort. Yes, it is cold here.


Lovely poem. I remembered that it was the right time for poetry day but didn't know which day!

Oscar is cute. Have you catnipped him?


Huh...the whole right side of your post is cut off...that's strange. No wonder i wasn't making any sense of the poem (well, there could be other reasons too)!

Carrie K

Thats really weird!! I didnt notice it when I first posted it but it
sure is doing that now. I played with Typepad and then finally sent them
a screwed up ticket.

The building mgt is down here fixing our heating/air system and
apparently were not hooked up at all. No wonder its so hot/cold.

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