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May 15, 2013


Big Alice

You're back! I was thinking about you and wondering what had happened. I should remembered about the tax abyss. Hope you are well!

Interesting, I just saw an article on wikipedia last week about a European ban on certain pesticides that are believed to be behind CCD.

Your lilacs are beautiful, thank you for the picture!


Carrie- Some of Kate Atkinson's earlier books are good, Human Croquet and Behind The Scenes at The Museum- look for those.

Good to see you survived another tax season.


Good to see you. Show the knitting next time. Just saying.


You remembered your password!!!! :D Tudor rose anything counts for Mega May. Along with Mega Work Changes, Mega Lilacs, and Mega Reading. :D See!


I love bees, and am really worried about them ...

Cheryl S.

I do what I can to encourage and protect bees in my tiny little yard. Thinking about making some sort of insect "houses", like these:

They aren't good for honeybees, but other bees may enjoy them.

P.S. - Made a donation to SaveHoneyBees. Thanks for the link - sounds like they're doing some great stuff.


Save our coffee! Cute but serious. I'm planting more flowers and seeding some wildflowers to support the local bees (hopefully). Darn gophers.

Ilona Andrews just finished the Clean Sweep serial--pretty good. Have you seen it yet?

Spring may be leapfrogged over by summer here, if we're unlucky (again).


Yay for surviving another tax season! Bees of all kinds are very important and we do what we can at my house to provide food and safe places for them. Some interesting reading you are doing too. Sorry about your gophers. I thought my squirrels were annoying! I had to laugh about 60s and winter clothes. 60s here mean summer clothes!


We have a decline in bees here too. The tax stuff really does sound taxing and worrying!


You know the rules ... picture or it didn't happen ;-) Which Tudor Rose pattern? Elizabeth 1st that you put away yearsss ago or a totally new one?

Mary Lou

Oh, brrrrr. Just read The Complaints, Ian rankin post-Rebus and quite enjoyed it.


I am reading Kate Atkinson's Life After Life -- she is such a good author. Read your book a couple years ago.


I love bees. I hope they make it okay. :(

Good to have another Californian complaining about the cold. No on else seems to understand when I complain about 60 degrees...

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