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May 27, 2013



You knit? Really?!? :D Looks like it will be a lovely sock. I picked one with a pattern so I could aim to knit at least one repeat a day. Try to keep myself on task. Either that or I'll go all sideways and end up crocheting with a US120 hook.
Don't ask.


Carrie- Have faith. You will have a pair by summers end.

Cheryl S.

I don't even have a smartphone. But if I did, I would be a single finger typist.


I started a nice thick cotton sock in December thinking I'd be done with both by the end of January and my feet would be ever so cozy and warm. I made it to the toe on the first sock and just haven't gotten around to finishing is so of course I haven't started the second. I'm thinking maybe by November when my feet start to get cold again I will get back to it. Hope you have better luck with your socks!


Heh. I still have a monkey sock sitting unfinished in my knitting bag from, oh, 2 or 3 years ago. And it's the second sock.


I am so hopeful for at least a pair this summer. :D When they explain the talking part, would you please let me know?


Do I know you? :?


I got that book for Christmas; sadly, I do not care to read non-fiction unless it is written like fiction. Thus, I have read about one chapter so far...

My Snickets sock is proving very fiddly to knit. Cabling every other row on #2 needles -- who knew?


Gosh! You're starting a new project with each new post. I'm so proud of you and your polyamorous ways ;-)


Oh, no, I forgot about the Summer of Socks! I've already got two June KALs in the works, so if I do SOS, it will be belated. Yikes.

What yarn are you knitting with?


Sounds like my kind of book, if it ever gets to the point of the title as you mention.:<)

How are you? Long time no visit. Hope you have a summer filled with fun and great socks. Ched sends his best headbonks to Hez!


I've been seeing the introvert book everywhere, and am interested in it. Briton and I are definitely introverts, Hannah definitely an extrovert.


You are farther along with your Summer of Sock than I am. I haven't even cast on.


That's a book that sounded intriguing - how was it?


I haven't knit in so long I may not remember how. Did you get out to Treasure Island?


Ditto! How was the book? Have you listened to any of the TED Talks on introverts? Pretty interesting. FINALLY, I find out I am NORMAL. AND I have come out of hibernation. ha! And how are you??? Where are you?


It's August 14th woman.

Happy Birthday!!

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