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September 10, 2013



Carrie- I hope the fire doesn't get worse, but what better place to stay than the library?

You made a valiant effort with the socks. Onward.


Socks are overrated. Just saying. Hope the fire stays away


Wow, how scary (the fire). Did you like Life After Life?


Too, too scary about the fire. Stay safe.

Sorry you didn't enjoy Wingspan. I've lost count of the number I've knit.

The cable heels are breathtaking.


Ugh, that fire. Very scary. My area wasn't threatened by it, but it's not reassuring to hear that your town is being used for the staging area for fire fighters. Hope everything stayed safe for you guys!

I'm almost with you on the amount of socks finished. I have to graft the toe of sock #1 for my summer of sock. (Not socks. I didn't even finish a sock.)


I couldn't manage one whole sock over last winter. It's top down and I made it halfway just past the heel before I got distracted. You read lots of books this summer! I hope the fire doesn't blow down your way.

mary lou

OH just looking at that sock makes my head hurt! I am a very lazy sock knitter. Plain vanilla, maybe a rib. Glad you are not being burnt or flooded! Just reading Mistress of the Art of Death. The author is a specialist in medieval England, and decided late in life to turn it into a thriller. Worth a look.


My summer's sock is still on the needles, although a bit larger. I hope the fire stayed away! Yikes!!

Lois McMaster Bujold's Sharing Knife series is very nice. I've read all four books and now I'm listening to the audio version while knitting. (Love OverDrive!) I'm interested and trying not to be disturbed by the difference in my reading vs. listening comprehension. o.O


Hopefully you continue to be fire-free!!

Hey, you're still knitting those socks faster than I'm knitting my SIL's Christmas socks, which I started before last Christmas...


Why is Hez looking so very ruffled?

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