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September 2006

Project Runway

Mmip_252 I haven't been watching Project Runway because I was under the mistaken impression that it was a contest for gorgeous women attempting to become models. So clearly, I've never paid the slightest bit of attention to it, despite at least Marji, Kim and Sue asking me if I watched it, because, designers! Sewing! Creating! In unbelievable short amounts of time. I love Tim Gunn already, just discovering the forbidden patternbooks in Keith's room (they had a mini marathon yesterday so I've seen...the last 6 shows plus the new episode last night) and his outraged tone of disgust."Those books." Now that's thrilling TV.

I can't stand Detroit Tattoo. I mean, Jeffrey. Unless Angela's mother was being much worse than she appeared on camera, he should have just sucked it up and been civil to her. He didn't like Angela and took it out on her mother, the passive agressive little worm. His outfit was okay though. If Kayne was channeling Elvis of the 70's, Jeffrey was channeling the rock stars of the same era. I'd probably wear something more like Vincent had on, because I'm not so much about jet-setting eye catching togs as I am about comfort.

I loved seeing all their moms though. And Michael Kors mom! Cool.

That hopefully horrible enough picture so that you cannot see my dreadful sewing, is a shirt I used to LOVE that I made years ago. It's from a wedding gown pattern and it had the added benefit of no buttonholes. I can't sew buttonholes on a machine to save my soul. I have to handsew them or they look like a drunken four year old made them.

The Candy Popcorn mittens. Frankly, it looks like someone already ate the candy popcorn.....but, never mind. I can't decide if I hate them it just because they're its so busy. They'It would probably look better in stockinette stitch, but I'm following a pattern because the pattern? Is adorable. Her handspun mittens look gorgeous. Mmip_250


Close up.

Happy Birthday, Teri! Of Knitting, With Beads. I have no idea what's going on, but everytime I link her, or even go to her page, my computer crashes. (, with the http in front of it). Maybe you'll have better luck.

Also Aven's birthday was last Monday! She wasn't in the August Birthday Swap but she's an August Baby.

Oh! KT is hosting a Frog Contest. Check it out.

Think I can finish King Hereafter by midnight tonight? There's seven hundred something pages and I think I'm on page 75. It's interesting, I like it, but I'm not reading it all that fast. It's the names. That's my theory. Thorfinn? No wonder he chnaged it to MacBeth. 


In which I completely muck muck up the new blog. And don't have any pictures downloaded to post either, not that I've gotten much knitting done.

Bones season premiere is tonight, with Justice following, featuring Victor Garbar (aka Spy Daddy of Alias). Looks interesting.

I finally caught Project Runway - AWESOME! Why have I not been watching this?

Happy Birthday, Jillian! Book cake!


I read The Losers Club by Richard Perez last night. (L) (BC) (175 pages). It's about a 20 something man looking for love, but not exactly "an unlucky writer addicted to the personals" as the backpage claims. It was a bookclub selection by the girlfriend I'm going to visit in Montreal in two weeks, which is why I read it at all. The book was better than I expected but I identified a whole lot more with his grandparents. At least the way he decribes them near the end of the book, "hollow relics of a bygone era. Soulless tyrants who sought only to squash your dreams."

Or maybe realistically assessing his idiot ideas, but hey, hindsight is 20/20.

Boy, that club scene sounds HORRIBLE. Is that what it's like? I can't even imagine moshing, much less the rest of it, and I hung out in San Francisco & Berkeley during the Rock/Disco/Punk era.

Liz has now been knit to the top part of the X border edging.Whoo! Amazing progress.

And I knit another mitten and most of its thumb, Mittenbutton0 it's another pattern from Handknit & Homespun but it's garter stitch. Garter stitch in the round is knit/purl. Gah. The yarn is the pink thick & thin I picked up at Skein Lane & that the pattern calls for, but it looks funky. I think I'll block it and see if I like it better.

I'm sure this is an idiot question, but what the heck to they mean by "reverse the thumb shaping"? Start the thumb at the end of the row? I'm going to try Elizabeth Zimmerman's Sideways Mystery Mittens next and trust me, I'll be using her Blind Follower instructions.

On a work related note, I don't need a shredder. I need a chipper.

Gah. I hate learning curves but I think I'm jumping ship to Typepad because of the ongoing problems on the old blog. Lots more bells & whistles here..........but, criminey. Very first pic I try to post - the August Birthday Swap button, it can't take.

Happy Birthday, Theresa (who was my swap buddy, I hope she got her box! She did. She liked it! Whew!), Meg, Elizabeth, and Mindy!

Mmip_231_1 Dscn0019 Hezekiah napping and Sheba eating treats in bed. I can't have a new blog without Sheba in it somewhere. After having her for 20 years, I still miss her.