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This And That Thursday

Boy, I really wasn't ready for Monday. As far as I can tell, it never happened. I was down and out with a migraine. I mean, down. And OUT. I haven't had a migraine when I had decent migraine drugs to take that kicked me that hard for that long yet. Monday was a dead loss - I couldn't even bring myself to set the VCR to tape Heroes - which involved maybe pushing "off" on the remote control. Yowza. Tuesday was marginally better, but I barely feel human today.

Human enough to watch Jericho last night though. Yay! Jonah lives. As an exile, in probably the dumbest reasoning ever, what's going to happen to his merry band of half wit boys? but at least he's out there. Jericho won't be back until Feb 2007.

There was knitting in Jericho, Alicia Coppola who plays the former IRS agent (not much call for her job what with most of the world being blown up) pulled out her farm boy's mother's WIP.

There was knitting on Mary Tudor too, but even though 13 rows represents a big chunk of time, (unlike Ann who knits a round in 15 minutes) (so jealous) it's not so representational of any actual progress. I need to knit socks. Oh! I almost forgot. I've got to copy and cobble together a couple of the mosaic patterns for the frogged Crusader Cross socks.

There was also knitting on Super Secret Stuff, but no pix of that allowed on site until after The Event.

Wow. I need to start a category of Insanely Boring.

Tomorrow Can't Be Monday Already, Can It?

If it is, don't tell me. I'm not ready.

Knitting: This is my favorite, favorite stitchmarker in THE WHOLE WORLD.Mmip_294

Because when I get to it, I'm on the last repeat of the round. And ....ta da! I finished a whole repeat! One of probably millions but I'm not reading the instructions anymore. Last time I did that I was under the impression I had two and a half repeats only to discover that was to the arm steeks.


That was yesterday. Pretty much all day yesterday. Today I hung out with Adrienne who managed to fall off a pedicure chair last week and bang up her side but good. We went to the library (because doesn't everyone do that?) and walked over to the Clayton Historical Museum and chatted with the docents while we waited for the rain to clear up a bit.

Oh, it's raining! Not exactly pouring, but rain and it's positively cold. It's easily wear wool and mittens. Yay!

I am driving myself crazy trying not to cast on anything new, but I just can't! I've got Mary Tudor and the Nordic Vest and Secret Christmas/Birthday stuff.......but I saw Celtic in the new Rowan and the Caped Crusader at Lorraine's....

Stackbutton Reading: 1968 by Mark Kurlansky. Wow. There was a lot more than Berkeley or the US going on in that year.

Television: Nothing, nada, zip, on tonight. I've already watched The Third Man with Joseph Cotton and Orson Welles and I'm about to pop Shadow of a Doubt with Joseph Cotton and Theresa Wright into the DVD player. I think I'm getting a huge crush on Joseph Cotton.

Monday: Heroes! The Six Months Ago Flashback and a Little Backstory. Tuesday: NCIS & House. Someone finally rats House out. I hope it's Wilson, he's taken an awful lot of abuse from House, which is kind of their thing, but sheesh, House could throw him a bone occasionally. Wednesday: Jericho. I heard a terrible rumor that James Remar only signed up for 3 episodes. I'm going to be so ticked off if he dies in this ep. Thursday: Scrubs and Gray's Anatomy! Right across from each other. Thanks NBC! Instead of pitting Scrubs against House this seaon, you pick Gray's Anatomy when I finally got hooked. TV hates me. Friday: Finally the part 2 of Dr Who. Hmm. Aren't there any good documentaries/educational stuff? There was a four part Life of Shakespeare series on Thursdays I kept forgetting about, until about 10 minutes into it.

Mmip_293 "What? I am totally not biting off the head of that adorable sheep Auntie Sheri gave you!" [aside to sheep: Shut up and die!"] (No sheep were harmed. No cats were either.)

Knitting:  I was hoping to have more to show you, but when I start three new projects and work intermittently on the existing ones and the old ones, fat chance. New: Blog_pix_188

This is the one I was having the trouble increasing around - it's the Nordic Vest by Nancy Bush from an old Knitter's Mag. It turned out that I can't count and my increases were more or less fine, but still. What's wrong with writing in the increases?  Blog_pix_185

I did get to the Fair Isle part of it after knitting the buttonhole band stitch. I like that stitch pattern, it would make a great stocking topper.

However, my Yarn Snob kicked in. I was completely happy knitting away with the yarn, until it occurred to me to see if I could locate more (you know, just in case) and while looking it up [edited to add: the yarn is Phildar Pronostic +, iyc] I realized it was ..........70% acrylic and 30% wool. Suddenly it seemed so much.....squeakier.

At least this one I can knit and watch TV, unlike Her Majesty, which demands my full attention. I've knit on her too, but there is no discernable result.

It's like a Black Hole of time and yarn. Knit and knit and knit for hours and have what to show for it? Not a whole lot.

So I started this:  Blog_pix_192

It's the Crusader's Cross pattern from Sensational Socks. I'm not crazy about how the pattern doesn't look so much squared off as it does slanted. I don't know if it's the slipped stitches (or more likely) my erratic gauge. I love the Crusader's Cross though.

Howevah. I realized after getting to work, [hours after knitting it] that I turned the heel this morning without the benefit of working the gusset heel flap first. I thought it looked odd that the heel went straight out of the pattern. Mmip_291

Mmip_290 Pssst. I think that sock on the left stuffs. 

Television: Thanksgiving means just one thing. Lots of leftovers and TV! The Closer is running a marathon tomorrow all day on TNT. Book TV is actually going to show something other than Iraq and will have Thomas Cahill discussing his new book (which might have thrown itself into my arms and begged me to take it home last week), Michael Shermer; Bart Ehrman are some of the other authors scheduled, and, after my own heart, John Morse, discussing the dictionary’s historic and technological developments. I love dictionaries.

Jericho tonight at 8pm. Next week is the last show until Feb 21st. Tonight food is dropped from the sky. What works in that world and what doesn't? Evidently an EMP took out computers (except Hawkins) and cars made after the 60's (I think), so maybe the old bomber planes from WWII? And a lynch mob. Always nice to see a community acting as one giant mindless creature. Not.

Also at 8pm, 1421: The Year China Discovered America? on KCSM. It's the 'local' college station and has some great shows. It's The Neighborhood is on at 10pm, darn it, because it's featuring Pittsburgh, the Big Town near my brother (he lives in the lower southwest corner of PA).

CSI NY and Medium both at 10pm. I really hate NBC for putting Studio 60 on Mondays. I can miss CSI Miami (every week, I've seen maybe four episodes since it started) but I love CSI NY. Cross your fingers that I can stay up late enough to watch one and tape the other.

Can Tivo/DVR tape two shows at once? Because maybe Santa will pick me up one this weekend.

House is getting good. I love that the "arch enemy" arc involves all the main characters. I like that House is the one who started it, escalated it and is reaping what he's sown. David Morse plays the cop both implacably and reasonably. I might be sorry when it's all over.

So did Heroes rewind six months? The show manages to surprise me and keep me guessing without making me feel that I'm being strung along. Christopher Eccleston (Niiiiiiine of Dr Who fame) is going to be in a five or six episode arc starting in January. I read it at Kat with a K first and saw it in the new EW too.

Turrible Tuesday

In the immortal words of Scooby-Do "Ruh roh." Mmip_288 Can you see anything in that picture? Like that it's just marginally possible that over the three months it took me to knit up the Retro Cardigan it appears that I went to a needle size four sizes bigger on the collar than on the back of the sweater?  I might have used a slightly larger needle on the sleeves since that's where I used the yarn I bought from the YarnMaket...........and I might have used a slightly larger needle on the collar because the straight needles were killing my hands. I might have to run myself through with a knitting needle.

But that's a vague representation of how the collar folds. Hopefully the 100% wool will out because I'm thinking of felting it lightly. Or maybe I should frog the stupid thing and reknit it the actual measurements of the sweater neckline once it's blocked and sewn together?


Calming thoughts. Calming thoughts.  (My dad took this picture somewhere in PA, I think).

Why have I had Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett on my To Be Read shelves for so long and never read it?  How have I manged this? Poul Anderson is right, it is 'an utter delight - fresh, exciting, uproariously funny.'  [Note to self. Practice saying 'uproariously funny' until I don't feel like an utter prat  doing so. ]

What do you do in your Ob-Gyn's office? I think of Chappysmom's Calendar contest and snap this:

Mmip_285 Mmip_286 

Luckily he didn't walk in while I was doing it.

Way Too Early to Be At Work

Since I've been here since 5:45am. It' s nice and quiet though. Had Airport Taxi duty this morning, and Friday, come to think of it. Gah. A 6am plane flight sounds perfectly reasonable, until you factor in dressing, driving to the airport, getting there insanely early and the lack of open coffeeshops at 4am. What's up with that? Just because there's practically no one on the road.....

Blog_pix_158 Saturday sky. Isn't that glorious looking? It was gone by noon, but it was nice while it lasted.

Here's 3/4 of the the Retro Cardi collar with the short rows and increases finished on one side.Blog_pix_166_1  Now I wish I'd take a picture of the hideous conglomerate of stitches the increases at the edge formed  the first 7 times I knit them, but I was too afraid that was going to be the end product.

But huzzah! Finished the collar, the increased stitches looking lovely and ribbed, the short rows shaping as promised, all is well. Blog_pix_171 Wait, I have 9500 pictures of the increases and none of the finished collar? Sheesh.

Huh. This all sounded so much more exciting before I started typing it out. Maybe it's the lack of blocking and seaming and actually finishing? But the knitting part is done.


Hezekiah gingerly inspects and approves the product to date (somewhere around midnight Saturday night) but not without some trepidation. 

I've got to stop taking pictures facing the closet.

Knitting & Reading & Movies

Blog_pix_154This is [an extreme close up of] the collar of the Retro Cardi. It's a nifty little yo/slip rib pattern. I even managed to figure out how to drop down and fix mistakes, but alas, despite the fact that I was almost done with it (and therefore done with all the knitting on the Retro Cardi itself) it took me too long to figure out the pattern and increases on it, so when I made an egregious mistake and had to rip back 3 or 4 rows, I figured, what the heck, and ripped the whole thing. There's this short row shaping for the mid back collar - it's practically a Dracula style stand up collar. I love it.

So basically I made a full size swatch. And joy, I get to make another. Live and learn. Think that will teach me to swatch? Yeah, me either.

From Overdue Books comes From The Stacks Reading Challenge because it just wouldn't be right to not be in a Reading Challenge, and besides this one looks like fun. It's from now until Jan 31st and the challenge is to read five books already on your shelves.

So far my plan is to read:

1968 by Mark Kurlansky (I loved his book, Salt)

Her Majesty's Spymaster by Stephen Budiansky

The Blank Slate by Stephen Pinker

Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Prachett to be announced later.


Film Reviews: (undoubtedly spoilers somewhere)

Stolen from The Knitty Professor

Film Title:  How to Murder Your Wife w/Jack Lemmon, Virna Lisi, Terry-Thomas

Describe the film in one sentence:  A wacky misognyistic chauvinist sexist look at marriage in the 60's.

Genre:  Comedy?

Who should see this film?  No one.

Who should not see this film?  Anyone who thinks that the idiot gender proscribed roles are really true as it will just reinforce their idiot prejudices, and anyone who doesn't believe women naturally shop, entrap men in marriage, ruin lives etc, because they'll undoubtedly start heaving things at their screen.

Do I want those two hours of my life back?  Pretty much, even though I kept watching the stupid thing. I have never been more mislead by Jack Lemmon in my life.

Anything else?  Oh, don't start me. Jack Lemmon being a cartoonist that acted out his comic strip before drawing it was an interesting bit of storytelling, but my word. The sexism. Terry-Thomas was about the only one that was truly funny as Jack Lemmon's "Man."

*Rating: Mildewed acrylic yarn found in a chicken house.

Film Title: Equilibrium w/Christian Bale and Sean Bean

Describe the film in one sentence:  Dystopian future where Farenheit 451 and Big Brother rule. (You know, it's not that easy to sum up in one sentence. I much prefer long run on rambling sentences myself).

Genre:  Sci-fi

Who should see this film? Christian Bale and dystopia fans.

Who should not see this film?  Anyone who is too truly disturbed at the sight of books and paintings being burned in bonfires. And who likes pets.

Do I want those two hours of my life back?  Since he saved the puppy, no.

Anything else?  Dominc Purcell (of Prison Break, John Doe) has a brief part in it.

Rating: Wool

Film Title: Portrait of Jennie w/Joseph Cotten and Jennifer Jones

Describe the film in one sentence: Lake House meets Ghost & Mrs. Muir.

Genre:  Drama

Who should see this film? True Love and time travel fans.

Who should not see this film?  Anyone who will mock it to me. I'll have to whap them upside the head. People who don't like black and white films in general. (You know who you are.......)

Do I want those two hours of my life back?  Nope! Time well spent.

Anything else?  There was knitting in it! And a cat gallivanting on the chair with the knitting.

Rating: Cashmere.

* an idea that Knittin Brit in Wi came up with, but I'm probably mangling it beyond all recognition.

Argh. My head hurts. And unlike Deb who does amazing things with a crushing headache, I pretty much consider sitting upright and getting dressed to be an accomplishment. Luckily I wrote most of this earlier in the week. I was stalling on posting it for the 5 books to read from my shelves.

Mindless Viewing

But first, a word from our sponsors: Blog_pix_145

Mom! He's coming up the walkway again! Do something!


What? I just happened to be passing by and thought I saw.....


A nice place to nap. What did you say? I didn't quite catch it.........


Tonight at 8pm: Nova: Monster of the Milky Way, which hopefully is a repeat of the blackhole episode I taped over last week on the other  PBS station.

At 9pm, Heroes. My new favorite show. It looks like Niki isn't dead since the TV Guide's blurb has something about her confiding her personal struggles to a friend. Yay! Next to Nathan's abs, she's my favorite.

At 10pm Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I keep hearing it's in imminent danger of cancellation and I can understand the fear, the sketches aren't at all funny (on the other hand, how many sketches are? They've always left me cold, from Saturday Night Live to The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart. Is it just me?) and whoo boy, does it get preachy for a show about a comedy show. But it has some of my favorite people in it and I've liked every other Aaron Sorkin show, so here's hoping it stays on the air.

Tuesday: I've forgiven NCIS for mucking about with Mark Harmon's character so that's it for me at 8pm and at 9pm I'll be watching House and cursing NBC for moving Law & Order Criminal Intent opposite it, especially since I don't watch Desperate Housewives and now they've mucked up my Sunday night line up.

Wednesday is Jericho, especially since James Remar has joined the cast. At least I hope he's joined the cast. It's mostly the Green brothers cruising outside the city limits of Jericho this week, but I've been curious about that. Too bad Bones and Secrets of the Dead are on at the same time. Secrets of the Dead might win out next week, but this week it's a World War II dogfight between Japan's Saburo Sakai and Navy pilot James Southerland, possibly in honor of Veteran's Day. I don't begrudge it, I admire them all tremendously but I can watch it almost 24/7 on the History Channel. And then CSI-NY at 10pm.

At last! Eggnog Season

I was lying in bed feeling quite virtuous last night thinking I'd only eaten an apple and a handful of pistachios all day when I realized..........uh oh. Half the (small) carton of eggnog is gone.......and I'm the only one who knows it's in the house. (Well, Hezekiah does, but after inspecting it and sniffing it, she flounced off without even tasting it. I'm not sure whether I should be relieved or insulted.)

Blog_pix_131 My brother sent me that card. Isn't it cute? I've got to call him, which is what I've been meaning to do for the last 3 weeks. Hi Bryan! Call me. Not that I he reads me. I think.

Skeet Ulrich from Jericho (my other new favorite show) real first name is Bryan, spelled correctly! (Yes, it's true. If you spell Bryan with an "i" that is wrong. Just as the kazillion variations of Carrie are wrong. It's my world, baby.)

I finished two of the four dishcloths! Mostly. As you might notice, they need seaming. You might also notice I thought I was done too soon on the Garterlac. Nope, I had a couple more rows to go.

It probably would've been better if I'd finished a pair in each colorway, but that's life. It took me approximately 2-3 hours to knit these dishcloths. No wonder I have so many FO's. Blog_pix_133

The Garterlac Dishcloth from Dave at Criminey Jickets and the Round Dishcloth is by Amy Carpenter that I found on the net last night. Blog_pix_144_1 (No, mine is not done in that picture, but it is now. Well, all but the seaming up. And weaving in.

Debbie from Chappysmom is holding a calendar contest for the picture of November on your calendar in honor of her birth month (check her blog for details and just in case I've gotten it wrong) and voila! My entry of the most boring calendar ever. Woot Woot!

Blog_pix_134 Hezekiah at play. Blog_pix_139 She was really grumpy I made her come in out of the rain and the dark last night. Nice that I spent the day worrrying about her getting wet, the little pill. She's feinting for the fish and then biting the hand that feeds her.

Does this look the slightest bit comfortable to you? Blog_pix_140 She's sleeping. I woke her up petting her. Someone needs her tummy combed.

TELEVISION: House was better than I expected, considering I hated the Edward Vogler (Chi McBride) arc. I thought I'd dislike Michael Tritter (David Morse) but I actually felt sorry for the guy. House, in the immortal words of Chicago, "had it coming to him."

Jericho is getting good. I can understand The Guy Who Checked Out The Outside World being a little on edge, but he just kept making the most boneheaded decisions. Renege on a deal with the local fence because he may or may not keep his word? Take on the escaped prisoner & his cronies in the middle of the street? He was facing them and an alley. They were facing Main St filled with Trick or Treaters. Brilliant. I like the apocalyptic premise but it's the townspeople and what they do that's really the hook. The town's also not entirely populated by Pretty People, not that they're hard to look at.

Dr. Who tonight! I've completely spaced on Battlestar Galactica this season.

The Charlie Rose Show is doing a series on science that looks interesting. Evidently it's not every day though. Secrets of the Dead starts its new season on Wednesday. I taped over the Nova episode on Blackholes! Argh!! For some reason, those are the shows I like to knit to the most.