Is It Possible I Have Two Left Arms?
2nd Annual St Brigid Bloggers Poetry

Books. And Cake.

Book_cake_1  (The picture of the cake books are from Colette's Wedding Cakes. Last week's picture of the color coded bookstore was (temporary) performance art from Adobe Books in SF.)

From Booking Through Thursday:

  1. What are your reading habits? Do you tend to read at specific times during the day, or does it vary from day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute?

It varies. It used to be every spare moment, but since I've taken up knitting they vie for attention.

I read at signal lights sometimes (or sometimes I knit - signal lights are insanely long), I usually read before I fall asleep and depending on the book, I read every waking moment I can snatch. Ufochallenge_2

Thank you for your condolences on the late, not so great Retro Cardi. Can I count it as my February UFO? Not that I don't have plenty - ah, more to choose from. Dressmaking details on a knit raglan. Sheesh. Blog_pix_275_1

Oh, and thank you for all the lovely excuses er, reasons for buying Scout's Messenger Bag! You have all been entered unknowingly in a contest for a Nicky Epstein book. There will be two winners, to be announced shortly.

Speaking of cake, Blog_pix_269

Oddly enough, there was no mention of Brigadier-General Jack O'Neill in the article.



Carrie- Any time you need some enabling, I'm happy to oblige.


Cake cake cake. Mmmmm...


I'm quite intrigued by Booking through Thursday. Oh dear, I feel another along coming on... :)


Is there anything better than a yarn enabler?


Cake! I need cake!!

Thanks alot - now I'm fiending for cake!



I think I'd rather have the cake than a new bag, but that's just me - I love cake!



Buy the bag. You deserve it after unravelling that sucker.



Oh, my, I would LOVE a cake like that! Right this minute, actually.... :0)


Oh, the angst of reading versus knitting. Before I took up knitting I read in the evenings while my husband clicked away at the remote - then couldn't stand the volume changes and had to move to another room. Knitting soothes me so much I have been able to return to the living room with him. So, knit in evenings, read all other times - even at stop lights.


Interesting idea for a wedding cake - especially for bookworms ;o) (no worms in this book cake, please!)

The frogged yarn still looks yummy!

Holly of HollYarns

I am wondering how you are liking the Woman in White? Twice I tried, but could get into it. I really enjoyed The Moonstone so I was hoping I'd have a great experience with the Woman in White. But no such luck. Oh well, there are plenty of other books to read!


er I guess that bag of used wool means there is not a happy snipped. There, there poppet. A friend of mine was telling me about a drink called Jigsaw, apparently after you have a couple "you fall to pieces." (I'm cracking myself up - missed me didn't you. Yeah I know - NOT)

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