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Booking Through Thursday

Btt2_2 This week's Booking Through Thursday question is:

  • Do you read e-Books?
  • If so, how? On your computer, or a PDA?
  • Or are you a paper purist? Why?

I don't read e-books. There's something about holding a book and being able to flip through the pages at will that is irreplaceable to me. Maybe if I had something more portable I could read in bed with the lights off, but so far, eBooks haven't caught my eye at all.

And because I'm massively behind on BTT, just to catch up:

Do you have any foreign language books and if so can you (still) read them? Other than a couple of books that I plan on teaching myself Latin with - someday - no foreign language books at all. I used to be able to read the occasional French or Spanish passage but my foreign language skills have gone the way of the dodo without any practice.

It happens even to the best readers from time to time… you close the cover on the book you’re reading and discover, to your horror, that there’s nothing else to read. Either there’s nothing in the house, or nothing you’re in the mood for. Just, nothing that “clicks.” What do you do?? How do you get the reading wheels turning again? I was in exactly that mood the other day after finishing The Devil's Mode by Anthony Burgess! Nothing was clicking at all. I picked up a Margery Allingham mystery, 1968 by Mark Kurlansky (I swear, one of these days I'm going to finish that book!), a bio on John Dee, Every Book A Reader by Nicholas Basbanes.......the last two are the only ones I got more than a few pages read. I still haven't really gotten into either of them, but then again I've had a stupid (mildish) migraine the last few days and haven't done much of anything. (It seems to be finally going away, knock on wood.)

Where DON’T you read?? I don't read in the shower (but I do read in the bathtub), I don't read while I'm asleep (although I've probably slept on my share of open books), I don't read in the movies but I have left the theater a few times and read while waiting for it to end.

Little Cat. Big Lizard.

The saga of The Little Cat and the Ginormous Lizard will come to you without the graphic footage I took, mostly because most of the pictures I snapped of The Incident didn't come out. Evidently I can't take pictures while moaning things like "Ewww! Put that down, Hez, before it eats you! Oh, please don't make me have to pull it off your head. I don't know if I can."

Blog_pix_393_edited The Little Cat, foraging.

Alligator_lizard_2 What the little cat found: the picture of the alligator lizard is NOT the one she caught. But close.

What I tried to catch on camera was the alligator lizard in her mouth while it was wrapping itself around her head trying to escape. I thought it was going to put her eye out. At the very least. Eww. Eww. Eww. She was very proud of herself, as she should be. However, she did let it go (so she could play with it) and I made her come in the house. Bodily. She was very unhappy with me. Oh well.

All the lizard references I found didn't tell me what I wanted to know - if my cat ate it, would it kill her? They were all under the (wrong) impression that I was planning on feeding it. Ha.

Book News: I finished Devil's Mode by Anthony Burgess and now I'm at a loss as to what to read. I really enjoyed those short stories. In fact, I was reading the third one in the book and musing "What did Anthony Burgess write? His name sounds so familiar......"  (Yes, I probably shouldn't admit what a dunce I am, but some things are hard to hide.) Uh. Duh. A Clockwork Orange.

I got that sparky (& elusive) I'm So Smart thrill reading the short story the book took its title from. In that story, Claude Debussy meets Mallarme at the train station where Mallarme is on a quest to see Father Hopkins at a monastery in Scotland and drags Claude along with him. A priest there is playing with the consonants in his speech absently while telling them poor Gerard is dead. I'm thinking Gerard Manley Hopkins loved to play with words that way - HEY! The dead priest was Gerard Manley Hopkins! It's so nice to get a reference. Usually - completely over my head. For example most of the rest of that story as it had to do with the - ah, augmented fourth and the diminished fifth - chords - that were once forbidden. Satanic? People are crazy.

Knitting News: I finished the Horcrux socks! And they fit!  The picture I took was terrible, so I'll take another one later. I cast on for the Blog_pix_396_edited Jaywalkers (only a months late for FiberFlix) but Bellamoden and Tiphanie are going to keep me company, and I've got all the beads strung for my Beaded Socks. Blog_pix_394_edited That's Irving Park colorway and it is NOT that pink at all. OTOH, see the nice new comforter? Not solidly brown! Branching out!

I was going to make the Beaded socks in this lovely cabled figure 8 like pattern from Barbara G Walker's 2nd Treasury but it looked AWFUL in the multicolored Peaches & Creme yarn I was using as my practice swatch/future dishcloth. This probably qualifies me for Future Crazyville, but I loathe the way purl stitches look on multicolored yarn lately.

Wednesdays are Not Wordless. In My World, No Day Is

Mom is home! Yay. She had what her doctor called a "99.9%"  blockage in her right coronary artery. She had two stents placed, stayed overnight and came home yesterday. I finally got a decent night's sleep.

And! I knit all the way to the heel flap on the second Horcrux sock. Go me! Hopefully I'll get it done tonight, when I cave and watch the season finale of Lost.

I was wandering the library last night and am I in an odd reading mood. I must have picked up and put down 20 different titles in the new book section. Not one caught my eye. Not the novels, the mysteries or sci fi. I'm enjoying the What If? book but it's 843 page hardback. It doesn't even fit in my purse, and that's saying something. I finally settled on Anthony Burgess's The Devil's Mode and a couple of books on the Constitution and the Supreme Court. Mind you, I have plenty of TBR books at home and The Queen's Conjurer is in my carry around book, but....but....wait. Do I need a reason to get more books? From the library? I do not.

Tomorrow: The tale of a tiny cat and a huge lizard.

Dscn1979_edited I'll be a bit missing the next few days - I've spent the weekend w/Mom in the ER and she's getting another angiogram tomorrow am. She's doing well (considering) and was actually well enough for me to skip out on her for a bit and drag the BFF to the Maker Faire for its last couple of hours Saturday. What a blast.

The Etsy table! Glamscience! Wow, the baby stuff alone was amazing. And the Make It Take It's were all over - yeah, not so odd considering where the Faire grew from but still so much to do! (And no, we didn't, we didn't get there until 4pm and wanted to make sure we saw it all.) Now I wish I'd made a glitter bracelet, and the BFF was enamoured of the Paint Your Jug. She kept spotting them all over. Did I say it was amazing? It was. Next year I'll hopefully get to go all day long and do tons o' stuff and see everything twice at least. (Okay, the giant nose picker I'd skip, but he's hard to ignore. And I did not take a picture of him. Yurg.) 

The Cage is for the Combat Robots.....


Dscn1981_edited Dscn1979_edited_2 Dscn1983_edited

P.S. You know what knitting project one should not bring to the ER? One that involves laceweight yarn (even if it does fit nicely into your purse) and a set up lace pattern that you can't do without having to count more than 30 stitches.

What's worse is I had the half done second Horcrux sock sitting at home, I just couldn't find the instructions fast enough. Oh well. Tomorrow. That and the apparently-not-so-secret-cellphone-cover. You'd think putting it on a blog wouldn't be telling. Ha.

Thursdays Are Not for Thinking

I am finally going to do all the memes I've been tagged with!  I actually asked BarbP way back in Feb? March? for a letter - (she gave me L) on the Letter Meme.

The Sheriff of Knittingham and The Barefoot Cobbler both tagged me this week with the List 7 Trivial Things About You That You Haven't Mentioned On Your Blog (like that's possible), not to mention  Diane of Needles on the Move nominated me as a Thinking Blog awhile back - wasn't that nice? If misplaced. But shh, don't tell her.

So. First. The Letter thing went something like list ten "L" items.

  • Libraries. Oh how I love libraries. They've saved me a kazillion dollars over the years and since Contra Costa Libraries are all hooked up, I can get any book that belongs to any of the branches shipped to my local branch. They even did away with the 25 cent holding charge (although seriously, why? Libraries aren't exactly swimming in cash and a quarter? It seems like the absolute least we could pay. But no, the least turns out to be free. )
  • Lutheran. I've been a Lutheran all my life. Oh now I remember how I got bogged on this one! I like being a Lutheran, I like the tie to tradition and I don't think I couldn't not believe, but I do cop to cherry picking it. And if we ever go to greeting each other during the service (instead of before where I can avoid it) I'll probably quit. What is up with that anyway? It's way too early to be nice to people. And they frown on you clubbing someone with a hymnal.
  • Ligonier, PA. A cute little town in PA that I dragged my mother and brother so that I could go to Kathy Zimmerman's Knitting store (she split the space with her father in law so it was split lengthwise, hardware store on one side, knitting on the other. It was fabulous.) I felt guilt, until I realized that my brother and my mother were having a great old time running into and out of every freaking store in town. I finally grabbed my knitting and a book and told them I'd be waiting for them in the Gazebo. I think they finally showed up four hours later?
  • Like. I word that I overuse constantly but drives me crazy listening to someone else over use.
  • Lectures. I love lectures! (At least the ones that don't start out with "I am soooo disappointed in you: " I also tend to speak in Lecture, but I don't mean to. And I LOVE to give out advice, but honestly, I don't care if you follow it or not. It's just advice, not orders. (I might however, say I told you so. Because I did).
  • Lattes. Caffeine. Foamed milk. What's not to love? But I can't drink a latte until after I've had about two cups of regular (black) coffee.
  • Lounging. My favorite activity in the whole world, because I can do so many other favorite activities simultaneously.
  • Letters. I used to love getting mail when I was little because it was mostly letters from my pen pals. (Nowadays it tends to be bills). But I still love reading letters, The Gentle Art of Making Enemies are letters from James Abbott McNeill Whistler to various people.
  • Late. I am either late or early. I mean, really late or really early. And I'd rather be late in a lot of ways, but I hate waiting for people so I tend towards early in the whole Golden Rule bit. Unless I'm late.
  • Lists. It turns out that I like to make lists myself better than I like to come up with a list. A list of say, ten things starting with L. I make lists for everything. Things To Do. Books I want to Read. Yarn I want to Buy. Places to Go. Why I Should Get Divorced. Grocery Lists. Food I Could Eat And Lose Weight On (If I Could Just Follow It For More Than Two Days.) I just don't actually work from them.

Seven Trivial Things I Haven't Mentioned on The Blog

Oh right. If I haven't mentioned it, it's probably a big black secret and fat chance I'm going to spill it now, or on the blog. Trivial goes without saying. Ah, I know! Because it just happened.

  1. Jericho was canceled. For the first time in a long time, I really feel like tossing my TV set. I didn't even watch CSI NY last night. It's not just the show, which I did really like, but I'm getting beyond burnt out getting attached to shows and characters and having them canceled or killed in the case of characters because that's the new "edgy" thing to do. I might just read and listen to podcasts from now on.
  2. I really didn't watch much TV at all for years. In fact, my first roommate and I didn't even get cable hooked up but it sure was entertaining watching people trying to get reception on the TV set. (Impossible.)
  3. I drink black coffee first thing every morning.
  4. I just stop wherever I am in a book and not at say, a paragraph end, page or chapter. Generally speaking, I have no idea what chapter I'm on, but I usually know the page because I can never find a bookmark and dog earing a book, while I don't find a heinous crime, is pretty useless.
  5. I used to think I was a morning person but it turns out that Sheba was.
  6. I like mugs. Nice cylindrical mugs. Not the sloped things, or the tall glasses. Mugs. I briefly thought about joining the ACS but it was a little too steep considering I took a single chemistry course in college and I was mainly eying their coffee mugs.
  7. I am so two minds about memes! Part of me loves them and part of me just hates them. Tagging isn't any easier either. I'm not tagging this time but feel free to swipe 'em!

Actual Knitting Content: This is what I was attempting to make The Niece. It was a cellphone cover with her initial on it and a diamond brocade pattern on the back but it was just too big and really, wouldn't the toe up cast on for a sock be perfect for the bottom? So one of these days. It's frogged now and a dpn was sacrificed. (I think I put the What If? book on top of it. Whoops).



Tuesday Tidings

Thank you all for the nice comments on my penguin! Except of course, for the neo nazi troll who didn't even notice. Typical.

I just spent the last four days with the weirdest migraine. All of the pain, none of the light sensitivity, but I couldn't wear my glasses for five minutes. Mind you, sans corrective lenses, I see mostly colors and amorphous shapes. Oddly, that didn't translate into being able to knit, but I could read. Finished Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell, Emerald Isle edited by Andrew Greeley, The Unicorn's Secret by Steven Levy, started What If? edited by.....someone and picked up 1968 by Mark Kurlansky again. (Still on Chapter Four! Think good thoughts for me, maybe I can get to Chapter Five this time!)

Assassination Vacation was a *fun romp through history. Jinxy McDeath? That would be Robert Todd Lincoln who was present for three, count 'em, three presidential assassinations, including his father's.

*Yes, fun. Not normally the way I'd think of assassinations. I blame Sarah Vowell.

Emerald Isle is a compilation of stories about.....well, Ireland. It covers the fae and the folk, so ka-ching! Scored both on Carl's Newonce Once Upon A Time challenge. My favorite story wasn't the Newford one by Charles de Lint or the Saberhagen tale (which is why I picked it up ) but Judith Tarr's The Hermit and the Sidhe. Well, I was fond of The Merrow stories too. Myth and magic. My favorite things. Ray Bradbury has a story in it, along with Tanith Lee and a host of others. There's something for everyone, I only found a couple of the stories dull but that's mostly because I am FRIED on Dracula/vampire stories. Evidently.

The Unicorn's Secret is the story of Ira Einhorn a "guru" of the 60's and 70's who sounds like a really smart intelligent well read guy who is such a chauvinist psychopath that he managed to kill his girlfriend and live with her stuffed in a trunk less than 20 feet away on his second story balcony for 18 months before the private dectectives her parents hired traced her probable whereabouts. He fled the country and is believed to be living in Paris.

I also picked up The Gentle Art of Making Enemies by James Abbot McNeill Whistler for 3m's 15 Decade challenge and the book turns out to not be a gentle treatise on enemies and the like but that Whistler's fight with a member of the press for his art and his reputation. Fascinating stuff. He also has this weird thing for butterflies, but maybe that's just me. 

Edited to add: Anyone catch this in Arts & Letter's? I didn't even know there was a fight.

Penguin Obsession

Firstly, why isn't penguin spelled with a "q"? I keep typing it that way.

Thanks to The Barefoot Cobbler's recent contest, I finally stopped dragging my heels and knit up a penqui penguin washcloth.  It went like thisMmip_438 Mmip_457_edited

Oh, in that one you can helpfully see the pattern I was using.  202 More Log Cabin Blocks. Mind you, if I'd charted it out, this might not have happened.

Completely warped and twisted. Gah. I tried intarsia and then knitting the flippers in somewhat like the bodice insert of GG but since I pretty much winged the flippers to begin with (Ha! pun!) and didn't lay it flat to check it as I went, it was just.....bad. Mmip_464_edited_2

Oh well. Hezekiah helps me pick out the winning flippers  "Whatever." [flounce]


So  I frogged the blue yarn (horrible contrast too. I'll have to get a lighter blue when I make the next one - from the chart I graphed. It occurred to me - Log Cabin. Linear. Easy to chart. So we'll see how actual planning works out.)

But here 'tis Penguie. A little crooked, very homemade looking, but not savagely embarrassing. Mmip_471

Posting For a Deadline

Just so I'll have my unfinished dishcloth official for The Barefoot Cobbler's contest, here's my so-far pic. It's already not going to look like that because the bottom part is not happening. At least not anyway I'd envisioned it.


Spent the morning running through the town of Clayton's Art & Wine Festival going through all the boothsMmip_444 (not the wine) and this followed me home.Mmip_450_edited Isn't it cute? (Speaking to those of you who aren't covering their eyes in horror at its orangeness).  Since it was also gale force winds (more or less) allergies pretty much folowed me home too. Ah-choo!

Hez says "That keyboard clicking is making me crazy. Shhhhh."


Thursdays Are Not for Thinking

Thinking of titles anyway. (Oh, you should have seen how I spelled Thursday in that title. Gah.)

First! Go visit Fraro at Bellamoden and enter her contest (which is merely a feeble bid for comments and amusement on her part as she recovers from surgery). (The lengths some people will go to! Surgery! Might as well indulge her......)

Btt2_2 Question of the Week: No, not THAT kind of RIP Reading. In. Public. Do you do it? Why or why not? (Booking Through Thursday) (their new site)  (Personally, I think of Carl's RIP Challenge last fall whenever I see RIP now. Did you sign up for his Once Upon A Time Challenge?)

Yup, I read in public all the time. I read in restaurants, lines, in my car at stoplights (if I'm not knitting. And don't honk at me. It's annoying.) (Also, why is it that people will leave five car lengths in front of them at a red light so that they block the right or left turn lanes but will tailgate you doing 80 miles an hour?) (I may have asked this before. I may ask again. It's currently driving me crazy.)

GRRRRR!!! The rest of my post just disappeared. And evidently, the auto return key. Gah. Okay, here goes some weird spacing, mostly because half the post isn't showing up on my screen published. Joy.

And yes, I'm going to keep fooling with it.

If I knew HTML better, I could probably fix it in that edit.

I think I know why I'm so fond of non fiction. The titles! Take the one I'm almost done with,

A New World: An Epic of Colonial America from the

Founding of Jamestown to the Fall of Quebec.

Now that is a title.

I enjoyed this book. Arthur Quinn in his preface said he wanted

to write it in the style of Virgil's Aeneid and if I'd ever read that

I could tell if he succeeded, but alas, never read it.

So whether he managed to weave disparate tales together as

Virgil did, I don't know, but he covered a lot of ground and time.

I'd known about John Smith, George Washington, William Penn,

the Quakers, the Pilgrims, but not so much the Jesuits or the French

settlements. And even the stories I thought I knew, he expanded on. East_coast_032_3

I found the story about the Acadian Neutrals

particularly interesting. As far as I knew,

Cajun was a truncation of Acadian

and they lived in Louisiana.

It turns out that the Acadians originally were settlers of

Nova Scotia and that area,

were about the only settlers to live fairly seamlessly

with the Indians,

managed to stave off both the British and the French

for a few generations

but ultimately wound up being "resettled" elsewhere.

The Cajuns of today aren't strictly Acadian descendents,

they were scattered too widely.

Speaking of Joy (in more joyous terms), A New World is going to be my first

contribution to her Non Fiction Challenge,

despite the fact that it's not on my original list

and I started it in April. I'm Challenge Challenged.

It's also going on my Chunkster Challenge, at 532 pages

(counting the index which is cheating as far as I'm concerned,

but evidently I'm not above ([disclosed] cheating.)

In knitting news:

Blog_pix_380_2 I finished one Horcrux sock

and started the cuff of the next one.

I really love how this

Koigu yarn is knitting up,

so many multicolored yarns

look horrible in

anything but stockinette. I thought I'd get

farther on the 2nd sock than I did.

I pulled out a dpn with live stitches and couldn't get it back on pattern

by the time the lights dimmed at the Book Gala the other night. 

(Go out and buy Brian Copeland's Not A Genuine Black Man

(I had no idea what San Leandro was like in the 70's),

Frank Portman's King Dork (the scene he read that took place

in French class was hysterical),

Daniel Mason's A Far Country, Monica Wood's Any Bitter Thing and

The Whole World Over by Julia Glass. I haven't finished any of the books yet,

but if the readings and the discussion are any indication,

they're all well worth picking up.)

I finally managed to stop procrastinating

and attached the bodice insert of

Golden Gate and naturally it was pretty easy.

I did have a little trouble

attaching the left side of the insert (possibly the right)

because it turns out that if you hold the yarn in front on one side,

you need to hold it in the back on the other.

And yes, the instructions said this.

And yes, I read the instructions.

What, reading and comprehending are the same thing?

It's sweeps! Stargate SG1 had my favorite plot last Friday,

parallel universes.

Samantha was married (and divorced) from McKay! Too funny.

Heroes is really back. I'm sad that it's wrapping up the season so soon.

I want to know who dies! Nathan?

It does look like he gets sacrificed for the "greater good".

Jericho last night was great. New Bern

(the neighboring town) has pretty much forced Jericho

into a turf war.

I do hope the show next season focuses more on

how the town rebuilds post apocalypse rather than

who dropped the bomb and why,

but I'm really hoping that Hawkins doesn't get sacrificed to that end.

Is Lost replaying the same episode for the 3rd week in a row in the 9pm slot?

I thought so last week and last night, I'm almost sure. Phhht.

I actually watched Crossing Jordan.

Lily's life is not that compelling to me. Or Jordan. Or Woody.

I can't decide if I want to watch the pilot of

Gray's Anatomy spin off tonight or not,

but who am I kidding? I watched it last week (off and on)

even when I was sure I was going to heave shoes at Izzie

(I just flipped the channel when she or George came on.

Callie deserves so much better.)


Hezekiah, pretty much

steadfastly ignoring me.