Wednesday Means Everyone Watch Jericho Tonight
Posting For a Deadline

Thursdays Are Not for Thinking

Thinking of titles anyway. (Oh, you should have seen how I spelled Thursday in that title. Gah.)

First! Go visit Fraro at Bellamoden and enter her contest (which is merely a feeble bid for comments and amusement on her part as she recovers from surgery). (The lengths some people will go to! Surgery! Might as well indulge her......)

Btt2_2 Question of the Week: No, not THAT kind of RIP Reading. In. Public. Do you do it? Why or why not? (Booking Through Thursday) (their new site)  (Personally, I think of Carl's RIP Challenge last fall whenever I see RIP now. Did you sign up for his Once Upon A Time Challenge?)

Yup, I read in public all the time. I read in restaurants, lines, in my car at stoplights (if I'm not knitting. And don't honk at me. It's annoying.) (Also, why is it that people will leave five car lengths in front of them at a red light so that they block the right or left turn lanes but will tailgate you doing 80 miles an hour?) (I may have asked this before. I may ask again. It's currently driving me crazy.)

GRRRRR!!! The rest of my post just disappeared. And evidently, the auto return key. Gah. Okay, here goes some weird spacing, mostly because half the post isn't showing up on my screen published. Joy.

And yes, I'm going to keep fooling with it.

If I knew HTML better, I could probably fix it in that edit.

I think I know why I'm so fond of non fiction. The titles! Take the one I'm almost done with,

A New World: An Epic of Colonial America from the

Founding of Jamestown to the Fall of Quebec.

Now that is a title.

I enjoyed this book. Arthur Quinn in his preface said he wanted

to write it in the style of Virgil's Aeneid and if I'd ever read that

I could tell if he succeeded, but alas, never read it.

So whether he managed to weave disparate tales together as

Virgil did, I don't know, but he covered a lot of ground and time.

I'd known about John Smith, George Washington, William Penn,

the Quakers, the Pilgrims, but not so much the Jesuits or the French

settlements. And even the stories I thought I knew, he expanded on. East_coast_032_3

I found the story about the Acadian Neutrals

particularly interesting. As far as I knew,

Cajun was a truncation of Acadian

and they lived in Louisiana.

It turns out that the Acadians originally were settlers of

Nova Scotia and that area,

were about the only settlers to live fairly seamlessly

with the Indians,

managed to stave off both the British and the French

for a few generations

but ultimately wound up being "resettled" elsewhere.

The Cajuns of today aren't strictly Acadian descendents,

they were scattered too widely.

Speaking of Joy (in more joyous terms), A New World is going to be my first

contribution to her Non Fiction Challenge,

despite the fact that it's not on my original list

and I started it in April. I'm Challenge Challenged.

It's also going on my Chunkster Challenge, at 532 pages

(counting the index which is cheating as far as I'm concerned,

but evidently I'm not above ([disclosed] cheating.)

In knitting news:

Blog_pix_380_2 I finished one Horcrux sock

and started the cuff of the next one.

I really love how this

Koigu yarn is knitting up,

so many multicolored yarns

look horrible in

anything but stockinette. I thought I'd get

farther on the 2nd sock than I did.

I pulled out a dpn with live stitches and couldn't get it back on pattern

by the time the lights dimmed at the Book Gala the other night. 

(Go out and buy Brian Copeland's Not A Genuine Black Man

(I had no idea what San Leandro was like in the 70's),

Frank Portman's King Dork (the scene he read that took place

in French class was hysterical),

Daniel Mason's A Far Country, Monica Wood's Any Bitter Thing and

The Whole World Over by Julia Glass. I haven't finished any of the books yet,

but if the readings and the discussion are any indication,

they're all well worth picking up.)

I finally managed to stop procrastinating

and attached the bodice insert of

Golden Gate and naturally it was pretty easy.

I did have a little trouble

attaching the left side of the insert (possibly the right)

because it turns out that if you hold the yarn in front on one side,

you need to hold it in the back on the other.

And yes, the instructions said this.

And yes, I read the instructions.

What, reading and comprehending are the same thing?

It's sweeps! Stargate SG1 had my favorite plot last Friday,

parallel universes.

Samantha was married (and divorced) from McKay! Too funny.

Heroes is really back. I'm sad that it's wrapping up the season so soon.

I want to know who dies! Nathan?

It does look like he gets sacrificed for the "greater good".

Jericho last night was great. New Bern

(the neighboring town) has pretty much forced Jericho

into a turf war.

I do hope the show next season focuses more on

how the town rebuilds post apocalypse rather than

who dropped the bomb and why,

but I'm really hoping that Hawkins doesn't get sacrificed to that end.

Is Lost replaying the same episode for the 3rd week in a row in the 9pm slot?

I thought so last week and last night, I'm almost sure. Phhht.

I actually watched Crossing Jordan.

Lily's life is not that compelling to me. Or Jordan. Or Woody.

I can't decide if I want to watch the pilot of

Gray's Anatomy spin off tonight or not,

but who am I kidding? I watched it last week (off and on)

even when I was sure I was going to heave shoes at Izzie

(I just flipped the channel when she or George came on.

Callie deserves so much better.)


Hezekiah, pretty much

steadfastly ignoring me.



Your Horcrux looks good in the Koigu. I had a couple re-starts on mine, too, but they are done. It helped that I used worsted-weight!

I'm loving Heroes. I may be in the minority, but I'd like the story to end this season. I guess I just want to find out what happens!

What is the Grey's Anatomy spin-off called? I missed it!


I thought Horcrux was written for worsted weight yarn? Any good for a beginner?

You know you're going to watch Grey's! I'm about to pack up and go upstairs to watch L&O reruns.


Congratulations on finishing your Horcrux socks! I hate it when I pull out the wrong needle.
Love the picture of the kitty.


Yay for the Horacrux socks! The Koigu looks beautiful.

I want to start watching so many of those shows!

pixie girl

Lovely Koigu - yay for Horcrux (although I don't really do socks - yet). You nearly have me convinced to read more nonfiction:)! I don't know why I don't watch Lost or Heroes, but I don't, and they seem exactly like kind of shows I'd watch. Weird.

Hez is so cute:)! Ignoring is what they do best!!


Not only are reading and comprehending different, so are reading, comprehending and DOING!!!

Hang in there. . .


No, no, no - you only need to *start* the dishcloth by tomorrow =) I haven't finished mine. I'd better go find my needles. Oh, did I say I hadn't finished it? I meant I haven't started it....

Sorry to leave the response by comment, but do I seriously not have your email address? silly me...


Stop saying Hawkins is going to bite the bullet! So. Not. Going. To. Happen.

Have you ever seen the movie The Mission? Lot of Jesuit/early Canada history (and it has a lot of actors 'before they were big'). My mother's side of the family go back to the early French settlers, one being a "Fille du Roi" - french women who came over from France in the 1600's to marry French settlers site unseen. And within hours of getting off of the boat.


Jericho was great this week. I can't wait for next weeks show.

I don't think they will kill Nathan yet (on Heroes) but I loved the badass Peter became in the future. I hope he gets more of the spine in the next couple of shows.


Carrie- Poor Hex just can't keep up!

I always say that "crazy" is a short drive.


What did you do to Hez that she is ignoring you?


The socks look great - I love Koigu, too. It's so delicious.

No House comments?? Really??

Nancy, aka Bookfool

I think of Carl's challenge when I see RIP, now, too! Yep, I joined that challenge and loved it - hope he does a repeat in the fall.


Hee hee - surgery for comments, indeed! ;) I like the koigu horcrux. Goodness, H is so fluffy, I can hardly sort out which bits are which.

amanda cathleen

look at all that fluf in the basket! *L* That is some lovely koigu you go there.
I hear ya on the drivers, I don't get why people will drive 45 in a 55, and 55 in a 35!?!?!


I should be ashamed of the lengths I'll go to for comments, right? Right? Hee.

Hey, at least I'm feeling better. But I need more comments!


Doesn't everyone read in public? Or is this yet another thing I should be embarrassed about?


Wow you really have been busy - and pretty sock yarn! If you have an HTML problem, I might be able to offer some help for it.

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