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Caffeine. Not Enough In the World


Ha. I must've lied on that quiz. I love getting up early, and on occasion, I like staying up late. I DO NOT like however, combining the two. I feel like a zombie. Up until midnight two days in a row and wide awake at 5:30 am? I'm one of those people who need something like 8-9 hours of sleep a night.

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Today’s question - mine! So cool. Thanks, Deb!

What’s the most desperate thing you’ve read because it was the only available reading material?

Other than fishing/car magazines? The backs of cleaning products in my [insert blood relatives name here] because there was nothing else to read in her house. What the - - ? Related to me? This is what hell is going to be like.

If it was longer than a cereal box or an advertisement, did it turn out to be worth your while?

Well, yes, actually. I'm not sure I've ever really read the instructions or ingredients on your basic cleaning supplies before. Who knew?

And a knitting update: Blog_pix_439 The helmet! (Or De Helmutt) As modeled by Leo with his faithful sidekick, Wolf. I picked up the wolf mask at a Ren Faire eons ago, along with my ever popular reversible red on one side/black on the other cape.

De Helmutt took approximately 3 balls of chunky 100% wool yarn and is basically a giant heel turn with a flared edge. After fooling with him for a lot longer than it should've taken, I think I've got a pretty good feeling for the smoke ring/wimple that's up *next. (* Next being relative.)

Blog_pix_445_2 Here's my Jaywalker's "progress". In my defense, it's my Knit At Stoplights/carry around project (there's a great picture of me on it at knitting at the 40th Anniversary party last weekend) and it's being alternated with the Beaded Sock(s).

And lastly, Golden Gate!Blog_pix_440_edited  Knit and seamed at the shoulders, all the ends woven in - I'm going to try Barbara G Walker's knit from the top down sewn in sleeves and see how that works.......please, please, PLEASE! do not point out that the border appears to be hella wonky ......I actually attached the d--- thing, saw that it was off center by about 9 stitches, frogged it, re-centered it, reattached it, sewed the one side and was attaching the other when I realized that I ------ didn't do the garter stitch edging on the cast off end. It said "repeat rows 5-28" and I did. I did not bother with the "knit the 9 rows of garter stitch you did at the begining, stupid, to make the border symmetrical."

This is the cheese that I am in love with. I am so in love with it I would marry it (if there weren't human/cheese laws against it.) White Cheddar from Ireland. Yum. Blog_pix_432_edited (Thanks to Kristi aka the Fiber Fool for some photo pointers. And yes, this is the best one. Yes, I'm sure it's my camera. No, it can't be the photographer.)

Check out the Happy Haunted Turtle's haikus!

I think I've posted this pic of Hez before. I keep trying to get one with her pointing her paw but the camera is too freaking slow. Blog_pix_289

Tonight I'm off to two free events! Music in the Park at 6pm and then Beach Reads for the Thinking Guy/Gal at the Lafayette Library at 7:30. However the Lafayette Library is across the street from the Yarn Boutique.....so I might have to pick up some 8 st gauge sock yarn for Kristi's Mashup Madness socks.



I can't believe that I'm only 77% addicted when I start getting really bad headaches if I do not get a few cups down before 9:00am! Must be because I'm not fussy about what & how I take it ;-)

Golden Gate? Lovely colour! Ditto the Jaywalker and I'm trying my best to ignore a couple of things.

Hope you're having a good time!

Literary Feline

Those coffee quizes need to add a feature for those of us who don't drink coffee. But then, I suppose that makes us automatically 0% addicted to coffee. Not caffeine though. That's an entirely different subject.

I'm with you about not liking to stay up late and then get up early. I've been doing that a lot this week and I'm wiped out. Luckily I'm on vacation and can take a nap during the day, but sheesh. My loveable cat won't let me sleep in no matter what. I have tried to explain to him the concept of a vacation. He just doesn't get it. More time to play, he thinks. Aie!

I get to the point of reading instructions and ingredients too when there's nothing else. I try and always have something real to read though.


I can't figure out which border you are talking about, so it can't be too wonky. Enjoy your evening out....


I know nothing about knitting, so forgive my ignorance, but I like that pink thingy a lot!


You did hear about Marianne's happenings on July 7th? Door prizes and I think a sale?


I here ya about the sleep! I am the same way. If I don't get my 9 hours I am miserable. I can stay up late or sleep in, but I can't do both!

Lately...I've been staying up late.

amanda cathleen

hehehe love your De Helmutt model! Hez didn't want to try it on?


Only 71% addicted?! Damn. But worse - I have only a 27% chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse! OH NO!!!!


I'm a tea girl myself - more coffee for the rest of you! De Helmutt is an inspired name (although shouldn't it be Der Helmutt for the appropriate Germanic umph?) The Jaywalkers are a fabulous color - you've gotten a lot done at those stoplights! I think Golden Gate looks great, garter stitch or no. I'll have to go to the fancy schmancy cheese shop to see if they have the Irish cheddar. No worries on the photo - I think I still have the lock on worst possible blog photos (and I'd really like to blame the camera but I think it's me).


I like your Jaywalkers and Der Helmutt is so sweet! I like cheddar the best out of all cheese :)


I'm 63% addicted. Which doesn't seem right, somehow. There's a guy at work who roasts his own beans in a hot air popcorn machine...he's probably, oh, 97% addicted.

OK. GG looks fantastic!! What are you moanin' about girl?? When do we see the modelled shot?!?!

And the cheese? I hear you. I think I'm going to head down to the cheese shop and pick some up today.


You're killing me here: a lion, white cheddar and a sleeping cat all in one post?!

Where's that cold compress. . .


I'm 83% addicted to coffee. I think it was the pot-a-day that clinched it. But really, in the summer--I have a cup (okay, a big mug) with breakfast, then I mix some milk & sugar with the rest and put it in the fridge. Add some ice, and YUM.

Okay, maybe just me.

As for BTT--after I ended up reading the owner's manual to the car from cover to cover, I learned to leave a book on trivia in the cubby for those unanticipated waits. I do feel pretty knowledgeable about the car now, though. :)


I think Golden Gate looks smashing!! BTW - "Burn Notice" was FAB!! loved it!


Well, I'm supposedly 48% addicted - and I only drink about 2 cups a week, so go figure!

Love the helmet (and the model).

You made me laugh out loud with your cheese comment. Though I know just what you mean ...

Hez kills me!


Carrie- Being a Vampire and all- I need at least 12 hours- preferably 14.
And I switched to tea, but I'm sure I'm still addicted.

Everyone needs a vice.
Cute top btw!


I didn't take the quiz since I am a tea drinker myself. Coffee upsets my stomach. Enough said. The cheese looks fabulous. Yum! Sounds like a lovely evening out.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool

Ooo, that cheese does look devine!


I'm 83% addicted (I think it's higher since I started drinking iced coffee in addition to my hot cups). I do rather like the white cheddar, but I think my favorite is from Italy. It's called Robusto and it's really delish.


Your sweater looks great! I wouldn't have even really noticed had you not pointed it out.

Yum, Irish cheese I think I need to go buy me some this weekend.


Just wanted to stop in and say "HI"! :)


I love Irish Cheddar. I love any cheese that can be described as "nutty." Your sweater looks great, too.

pixie girl

I haven't taken the quiz yet, but I will and have high hopes of scoring well :)! Awww...you linked me - thanks!! The helmut is fab, as is irish Cheddar! If anybody notices the "wonkiness" of your sweater, methinks they're staring a little too closely at your chest (which is good or bad, depending on who is doing the staring). Ms. Hez looks snuggly, and I think directions on cleaning items or shampoo bottles were my most desperate reading moments!!


Is that the helmet from Knitters?


I love your Helmutt model! And GG looks good to me, as does the Jaywalker.


Oh yes, I'm addicted to caffeine too - don't need a test for that! Even when I try to cut back for a good cause it comes back to bite me :( Your Golden Gate looks great - I'm not looking closely because I've yet to produce a wearable garment that wasn't for the foot or hand ;)


You are one busy lady! ;o)


Hit anyone who comments on the wonky. Brain them.

Such progress on the Jaywalker!

And mmmmm cheese mmmmmmm.

John Mutford

I tied with you at 88%.

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