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Knitters - Yarn Storage Questions

I just bought three humongo flat plastic storage bins (we won't go into how something that size can't hold a teeny weeny stash, much less three of them - I'm just assuming they don't make them the way they used to - outside of mass & matter) and my big question is:

If I take the yarn out of the ziplock bags, will it be okay? If I do, I can fit more into the bins but then again, a moth infestation could be deadly.



I've got most of mine just in the plastic bins. But if the yarn was already in a plastic wrap of some sort I have also left it in that just for extra security.

pixie girl

I'd probably keep it in the plastic as well. But I'm no one to talk - mine are in baskets (some covered, but not all), and I am asking for trouble. And yet I do nothing. Maybe the plastic bins will be like the TARDIS - bigger on the inside? Now, that would be helpful for me.


I have mine in some bins in a closet. In the summer I put som moth balls in the closet and put up with the smell a few weeks. I haven't had any problems and we have a lot of moths here. I also have some nice wool and cashmere clothes. I usually put them in a tub and throw some moth balls in there and seal it up real tight...even tape it. Even with out the moth balls, it shouldn't be a problem!


I'm guilty of squishing as much air out of my baggies as possible. If I don't, I won't be able to pack as much in my bins and cupboards ;-)

I haven't come across any yarn that's been "damaged" by all the squishing.


I keep mine in covered plastic bins, too, and I take all the yarn out of plastic bags before I put it in there. No problems. Yet. "Yet" being the operative word.

I bought some cedar blocks and little cedar balls -- ~1" in diameter -- with plans to screw the blocks to the inside of the plastic box lids and scatter the balls throughout the boxes. And someday I will, and then my stash will be moth resistant.

Until then I'm relying on luck and clean living.

Jeanne B.

When the bins were kept in the basement, yes, the plastic bags remained. Ziplocs, tightly sealed, and bins, taped. But now that the bins are kept in this room in a closet, no baggies or tape. I'm considering the cedar blocks, though, just for good measure. So far, so good, knock wood.


Well, I don't have mine in plastic bags - but this isn't a very mothy area... However, it is a humid area, so I think I could end up with musty yarn if it was all in sealed bags. I have one of those Arm&Hammer flow thru fridge boxes in each of my plastic bins, to help with moisture and odor.


Put cedar or lavender packets in the plastic bins. You should be ok.


I keep mine in the plastic bags too. It may be redundant but it makes me feel better.


keep the bags but squeeze as much of the air out of them as you can. Kind of like vacuum packing. I have been very disappointed with the Space Bags. The seal on the top or bottom always comes apart and there goes the vacuum.


They should be fine out of the ziplocs, but open your ziplocs just a little and then sit on them or smoosh them with your hands and hurry and zip them all the way before the air gets back in. Takes up less room.


The comments were great reading - so much collective wisdom. I keep most yarns in plastic bags for the segregation factor, but I am sure you can squeeze enough air out of the baggies to give yourself additional room. Heck, why not go and buy another bin and be ready for future stash enhancement:)


I would have suggested vacuum packing. I haven't reached that stage yet though!


I keep my yarn in plastic bins, too. Some in plastic bags (if it came that way, for example), and some just packed in as it is. I have some tiny cedar block squares, and some small lavender scented soaps that I put in the bins. I have never had any problems.


I keep some of mine in zipper plastic bags, but others are loose.
Experts say not to use the plastic as it doesn't breathe, but you could throw in some lavender- anything strongly scented. Just don't use mothballs.

amanda cathleen

I keep most of my yarn in my coffee table with some lavender. Some more in plastic bins with more lavender. A couple more are in those plastic bags sheets come in. I have clothing up in my attic that I've put in the space bags, and boy do those clothes STINK! I washed them before I put them in there too.


I'm all for squishing the air out of the bags! Squishy squish squish.

Only 3 bins??


I keep mine in the plastic bags, but I think that the bags also make my yarn smell funny, maybe it's just me.


so i asked my librarian friend about this.
she works at a nautical library in SF and they do archival work on old books all the time (aka learned how to archive and store fiber-related materials, just like the yarn we use to knit!)
these are the tips she gave me and i swear by them. if i get a moth infestation, it's because i open and shut my bags and bins so much and i live in an old victorian where moths love to live.
phew. here goes:

1. cedar blocks and lavender satchets don't work. plus the oils from the cedar blocks can damage your yarn. if you like the smell of these items, put some out on your desk to enjoy the smell but avoid damaging your beloved fiber!

2. ziploc bags are effective blockers of moths and other wool-loving bugs. so are the plastic bins you just got. so you don't have to do both unless you want to keep things separated more easily, like one commenter said.

3. the reason ziploc bags and these plastic bins keep the bugs out is because the mouths of the bugs aren't big enough to chomp down on the plastic! gross but cool, huh?! :o) i think she said it was polyethylene plastic...i'm not sure.

4. lastly, the ziploc bags are also good bc they allow for 1-2 air exchanges per day and that is ideal for fiber storage BUT the plastic bins are good too. although they do not do as good a job on the air exchanges, they are fine bc we use our yarn regularly AND unless it's stuck in an UNOPENED bin for 25 years, it's nothing to worry about.

hope this helps and sorry it's so long! lemme know what other info you find out. :o)


I just keep mine in the bins, except for laceweight or other delicate things, where I want the baggies to protect them. I usually have lavendar sachets, because I don't like the plastic bin smell (not because it's very effective as a moth deterrent.

Unless you live in a house with a chronic moth problem, I wouldn't really worry about it.


You can probably get more in if you squeeze all the air out of the bags. But you should be fine just in plastic tubs.


I can go either way, I prefer not to put the stash in plastic bags as sometimes it gets weird smells, but make sure you have some other moth prevention like cedar or lavendar, etc. that I put in a small plastic bag with one end open.

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