Thankless Thursday
Summer Solstice


Magic - the theme of my Knitflix swap package from Phoebe at Knit Happened - check it out! Jalapeno popcorn, The Illusionist, Mmip_481_edited_2 Ann Pratchett's The Magician's Assistant, a set of Magic 8-Ball stitchmarkers, a small notebook called My Favorite Books, handpainted yarn named Hawaiian Sunset - doesn't it look like a sunset? Well, really it looks like a Tequila Sunrise, but close enough. ;)  And some Magic Paul Prudhomme seasonings. Mmip_488_edited_3

An extreme close up of the Magic 8 Ball stitchmarkers on the helmet-in-progress. It'd be an FO by now too, if I hadn't frogged the darn thing four times. It's not as if it's going to a beauty pageant but when the decrease lines jump a stitch or halfway down a lonely dropped stitch is hanging off a cliff waving like a semaphore, it's gotta be repaired.

Mmip_485_edited_2 I have an FO! It probably qualifies as a UFO Resurrection, it was abandoned sometime over the winter.

Topi from Knitty, hanging out in the tomatos. (The watermelon was store bought, I'm sad to report. And there's nary a tomato on the vine because tomatos are SLOW! SLOW! Er, ahem. )

My plan is to finish it tonight while continuing to watch the Stargate SG1 marathon until the final [sob!] episode on Friday. You know, now that The Closer marathon yesterday is over. Anyone else catch the season premiere? That Gabriel is going places.

My plan is also to finish up GG and maybe do a row or two on Mary Tudor and possibly, possibly finish one of the Jaywalker and/or beaded socks, but you know where good intentions will get you.

Wildly casting on for a new project(s). Mmip_489_edited_3

This was what was slowing the traffic on the street - not even the freeway (although it's right by a freeway on ramp) on my way home tonight - drive safely out there! 

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight......


Look closely at that picture (you'll probably have to click on it to get it big enough.) Sweet, eh? She can't just lay out with me in the backyard. She's got to hide in the bushes. The bluejay might make fun of her. 

My other plan is to read Midsummer's Night's Dream on the summer solstice for the finale of Carl's Once Upon A Time Reading Challenge.



Nice haul!

Now my picture questions. I can see the truck upside down. But what's the tan thing? A camper top? And how the hell was the truck going fast enough to flip all the way over like that on what looks to be a city road?

And in the jungle -- is that a dog or a cat? I think a dog, but...


Carrie- Nice haul. The Illusionist is supposed to be good.
Come September, you'll hate the sight of the tomatoes.
Hez makes a great jungle cat.


Did I read that correctly? "maybe do a row or two on Mary Tudor"? Will she be ready by Christmas?


Nice haul is right! And I'm with Marina - what is this "Mary Tudor" you speak of?! OK, I'm just kidding - yay you!

Ugh, what an accident! Hope everyone was OK.


I LOVE that package! Magic 8 Ball stitch markers...too perfect! (And so is The Illusionist...sigh...)


I missed the marathon!!! I could have been watching Fritz all day! But I didn't miss the premier.


The Illusionist is a very good movie. The Prestige is another good movie about magic.

Of course she had to hide! What if something worth stalking came wandering by?


Good work on the UFOs! I can see Hez's eye but I cannot connect it to a body of any shape. Good hiding, Hez!


I haven't seen the new The Closer yet but I've got it on my TiVo - and as you may have seen I get to watch all of Season 2 on DVD soon!


I'm mad for the 8-ball stitchmarkers! I keep an 8-ball at work, & I call it my executive decision-maker.


I was home from work Monday and quite happy about the Closer marathon. That Fritzie! He's so patient with Brenda's quirks.

Hez is a good hider. I can't make out head or tail. That's quite a wreck slowing down traffic. How DID they manage that?


I'm excited to see Mary Tudor again. Are you sure there is a cat in that last photo?


What a cool swap package - particularly the magic 8 ball markers!

Our tomatoes are still green, but they're getting there.

Hez looks quite mysterious ... which is, I'm sure, just how she likes it!


Does Hez hate the jays too? Cheddar just glares at them and mutters, "I'm gonna git you, sucka." There is another cat in our complex that looks kind of like Hez and I always call her Hez when I see her :-) Yikes, that's a scary accident. Your point is taken.


Brilliant, brilliant theming on the Knitflix package. Enjoy!


Great package! My son consults the 8-ball for all tricky decisions. He's mad at it right now. ;)

Hez blends in very well, although I do see his cute kitty ears and eyes.

You have some fun summer things going on right now.


My goodness, Carrie, that was quite a smash up! I hope no one got hurt.

I haven't seen 'The Illusionist' yet, but I heard it was good. Let us know.


I can't believe the series finale of SG1 is this weekend already! It seems like they just came back from hiatus a few weeks ago! :(


Ah, yes, those intentions...


What a great package! Ann Patchett is a wonderful writer.


Nice Magic haul! Yep, I saw The Closer on Monday. Loved it. Can't wait to see where it's all going...


Intentions! Don't let them bite. That might hurt.

Yow! Accident! Scary!

Hez! You're hiding so well I can barely even see your presence......!

Exclamation points!


Intentions! Don't let them bite. That might hurt.

Yow! Accident! Scary!

Hez! You're hiding so well I can barely even see your presence......!

Exclamation points!


Great package! I love Hez's hiding place.

Nancy, aka Bookfool

That looks like one heck of a scary wreck. I was wondering about the tan thing, as well, but I'm afraid to know.

I almost bought The Illusionist, today! We're planning a movie binge to help fill the time while hubby is away. Have you watched it, yet? I'm curious whether you enjoyed it.

BTW, I always love your photos of Hez.

pixie girl

Excellent package - I'm loving the eight-ball stitch markers :)! Love the hat on the watermelon - gotta love yarn on fruit - think of the fiber content!! What an awful accident...

Hez the almighty hunter, awaiting her prey, or perhaps a nap:)!


You've been getting the best goodies! I desperately want to see macro pictures of the magic 8ball stitchmarkers...

Carl V.

What a horrible accident. Makes me sick seeing that picture.

On a happier note, that is a great gift pack! I really enjoyed The Illusionist quite a bit, especially because it is more of a romance/mystery with magical underpinnings. Have fun!

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