Thankless Thursday

Your Life is 46% Off Track
Right now, you're taking things one day at a time.
Some things are going well, but you can't help but wonder if you're getting the most out of life.
It's time for you to slow down and reflect a little. You can change your life - but it's up to you!

Well, that's depressing if you're a half empty kind of person, which? Yes. Also a Worst Case Scenario expert. Think of something, anything, and I can tell you in under a minute why you will be in mortal danger or at the very least, up a creek without a paddle if you do it. OTOH, if I'm proven wrong, all the better! Narrowly averted catastrophe! If I'm right? Both prepared and......well, I was right. 

Booking Through Thursday: Btt2

Last weeks question:

Almost everyone can name at least one author that you would love just ONE more book from. Either because they’re dead, not being published any more, not writing more, not producing new work for whatever reason . . . or they’ve aged and aren’t writing to their old standards any more . . . For whatever reason, there just hasn’t been anything new (or worth reading) of theirs and isn’t likely to be.

If you could have just ONE more book from an author you love . . . a book that would be as good any of their best (while we’re dreaming) . . . something that would round out a series, or finish their last work, or just be something NEW . . . Who would the author be, and why? Jane Austen? Shakespeare? Laurie Colwin? Kurt Vonnegut?

I'd love to read another Sarah Caudwell mystery. Thus Was Adonis Murdered, Shortest Way to Hades, The Sirens Sang of Murder, The Sybil In Her Grave. Just well crafted mysteries. The why would be she just didn't write enough of them to suit me. More is better.

And this week:
  1. Do you cheat and peek ahead at the end of your books? Or do you resolutely read in sequence, as the author intended?
  2. And, if you don’t peek, do you ever feel tempted?

Cheat? Cheat? It's my book! I can read it any way I want. That said, sure, I cheat. If I'm really bored with the book, I'll skip to the last section and see if it picks up, or if I'm tied up with suspense (I hate that), I'll read the last few pages to see how it all turns out.

Blog_pix_073 Hez is very happy. It was 105 Farenheit/42 celcius at 4 in the afternoon yesterday (and pretty much the same today).

I think that's roughly the temperature of Hades. She thinks it's Heaven. Cats. (Please do not look at the deck. A certain someone decided to use indoor paint on outdoor redwood.)



Hmm, my life is only 16% off track, so I'm obviously doing something right!


I would love to read more Roald Dahl. His short stories (and kids books as well) were so well crafted, I'm sorry I've read them all.

I don't usually skip ahead in my books but the Jane Austen I have been reading has really inspired my wanting to cheat and read the Wikipedia summary so I have some clue as to what is going on.


I have a confession. I always read the end. I know... blasphemy.


Oh I am always getting bored and skipping ahead! Then, if I don't finish it, at least I know what happened. I just skimmed the end of the book I'm reading now, too. *sigh* I think it's a bad habit - but I'm just a snoop at heart. I'll peek at anything. ;)


105!!! Wow. It was only in the 50s here yesterday and today. I love Hez pictures even if I do think she's a bit nuts to lay out on a deck in that temperature with all that fur, but who can resist that face?


Why would Hez use indoor paint on the deck? Silly cat.

It's 90 here...I'm mellllltttttinnnnnggggg! The cats are drooping.

No air conditioning.


Not to worry, my life is 68% off track ;-) But you sure can't say that about my knitting!


Wow, it was only 101 here. How was it hotter where you are? I thought you were by the coast. I look at the end of a book sometimes, and I don't call it cheating either. Mostly I just want to make sure that the ending is worth slugging away for (although with Jane Austen it's kind of dumb because she always gives you a happy ending!). So just because of those happy endings, I would definitely be in the one more book from Jane camp. My kitties are jealous of Hez - I won't let them go outside when it's this hot, although they would love it.

Literary Feline

I love that photo of Hez. :-)

I'm a little more off track than you according to the survey at 41%. And here I thought my answers were relatively positive. That just goes to show you, I guess.

There seem to be a lot of cheaters out there, although I'm not among them. If I decide not to finish a book, it is usually because I don't care how it ends.


I'd like more Vonnegut and I'd like Tom Robbins to write more, quicker!

I don't read the end -- I want the suspense, the anticipation. So, don't tell me the ending!

Holly of HollYarns

I almost never look at the end of the book. I like to be surprised!

It got up to 90' here in the mountains today and I thought I was going to croak! Glad I'm not there for the 101'.

Hez looks adorable. I can't believe she is handling all that heat, though.


I'm doing better than I thought, only 34% off track!

That picture of Hez is fantastic! Only cats can be that happy when it's that hot ...


Hey! My life is 46% off track too. I guess as long as it's under 50% I'm OK. I can't get over how happy Hez looks when it's 105. Our golden retriever gets all droopy and pant-y at about 83.

I read the last couple pages under same circumstances you do; if I'm bored or overly suspensed.


Woo! I'm only 12% off track! Yay!!!

Hez looks sooooo relaxed! That's a great picture of her.

Heh, I remember reading an intro Stephen King made in a book I read, where he says "shame on you if you skip to the ending!". Oh please.


LOL - expect the best, prepare for the worst.

I do a lot more preparing than expecting. ;)


I've seen rabbits lying on blazing hot bricks - it makes me wonder if they're *really* warm blooded!

I've been told that looking at the index of a book is not cheating, so - I don't cheat!


I absoluely HAD to skip ahead to the end of Pet Semetary because it was scaring the crap out of me!Other than that, I'm pretty much a straight-througher. Can't wait for July 21st and HP7!


How can a cat, covered with so much fur, look so happy in 100 degree weather? I only have half that much fur and I'm miserable. Thank goodness for air conditioning.


seriously, Hezzie looks like she is this close to furry heaven, kneading her little paws, making muffins! she looks positively blissed out in that picture! what a cutie!
it's also funny bc it looks like she's wedged herself under the rocking chair? :o)
geez, i can hardly stand the heat over here near the water and here you are stuck with the hades heat!
it's supposed to cool down this weekend so hope you have a good one!


Would never think a fuzzy kitty would like it hot! Wow. I think I'll skip that test, however, note the results did say it was your life (like your book) you control how you read it ;) 100(on)-46(off)=54(on)!


Carrie- I didn't do the quiz- too scared.
I'd LOVE to read more Trollope- Anthony, not Joanna.
Hez is looking extra fluffy.


Hez looks totally content. Cats, eh? Indoor paint on the deck? Eek. I confess, I sneak a peek when reading, although I still haven't read a book in months - too much work when leads me to not want to concentrate on a book. Hard to believe I used to read 3 books a week. I'm only 17% off track - I'm very happy with my life.


Umm. I admit that with some *boring* books, I would peek. Was reading the Scarlet Letter and I peeked at the ending.

Oh well.

amanda cathleen

HOLY crap that is HOT!!
Hez looks happy though, silly cat ;-)


I'm at about 37%, but I kinda knew that. I think it was higher about a year ago...I'm hoping to lower that some more over the next year...


I will only read the end if I really really really have to know if one of the characters is going to die. I think the last time I did this was with The Yearling in January, so I'm pretty good about it!

I just wanted to give you some more info about the Scheepjes yarn, in case you were interested. I've been trying to find a seller online, but all I can find are the variegated yarns at twice the price I paid, so you might want to check out your local shops. It's from Holland, so as far as I can tell (my Dutch is a little shaky), Scheepjes is the company's name. The sock yarn I used appears to be called "Invicta Extra". I paid $4 per skein, and each skein is 210 meters, so it's really a good deal. It is 75& virgin wool ("scheerwol") and 25% nylon ("polyamide"), and it appears to be both washable and dryable.

Nancy, aka Bookfool

I started to do that test and realized I was going to come up waaaay high, so I ditched it. I don't want to know just how awful I rate my own life!

Love it that you don't consider it cheating to peek at the ending of a book. Neither do I. Really, it startled me to find that so many people consider flipping ahead so horrifying. For my part, I think I've simply reached a point in my life that I don't want to waste my time on a book that I'll end up hating (unfortunately, I still do so, occasionally).

pixie girl

Hez is A-DOR-A-BLE!!!!! So darling and in cat Nirvana!! I skip and skim and then go back to read it "properly." Have to go take the quiz now.


Mysteriously, my life is only 18% off track. I guess Brigitte must be our inspiration, huh?

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