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Eight Centuries Later

Bobby Brady?!

How concerned should I be (since it's pretty much my profession) that I can't seem to add a column and get the same number twice today? Does it have anything to do with having to enter those horrid little spam codes eleventy billion times on comment screens? (I understand the need for them, I just hate them. Possibly because I have to enter them eleventy billion times.)

Found at Educating Petunia:

You Are Bobby Brady
Ultra competitive, you will do almost anything to win. From pull ups to pool sharking, you're very talented.
And while everyone is aware of your victories, they still (affectionately) consider you to be a little brat!

Okay, that's just weird. For one thing, while I might cop to being competitive, it's not like I'm all that good at anything. I blame it on question #3. First I'm Anne Rice and now I'm Bobby Brady.

I'm beginning to question the wisdom of Blog Quizzes.

Blog_pix_498_edited The picture is of Hezekiah hanging her arm over the edge of her ex cat tree, lounge-style, which is her favorite way to lounge.   

Even if there hasn't been much talk about TV, there's still massive viewing going on. Current addictions: The Closer (wasn't that proposal from Fritz perfect?), Eureka, Burn Notice, Dr Who & Psych. Well, also the daily addictions: Designed to Sell, Knitty Gritty and Uncommon Threads (Uncommon Threads is fueling my crochet ambitions. Drew Emborsky was on Tuesday? last week? and I'm all squealing like I know him and don't just read his blog) and mindless flipping to random shows. I watched the Contra Costa Library series on our local channel late one night (awesome for an unending purl row) about Obesity and Children. They don't play outside anymore and no one walks to school. Okay that and supersizing and neighborhood schools being miles away and sponsored by Fat Food. I mean, fast food. And electronics. Probably global warming too, they threw it in the lecture, but I wasn't paying enough attention to figure out how it fit in.

I've tried to watch Saving Grace, but I just can't get into it. Last week making out by the dead deer they just shot -  before the opening credits, eww. I'm very unhappy with The Dead Zone for killing off Walt, I don't know if the show is good or not this season, I quit watching it. I really liked that Walt and Johnny had an adult relationship. Oh wow. I completely forgot about The 4440 this season. Any good? I taped The Company last Sunday but haven't watched it yet. It's got a great cast.

I caught Damages last night. Rats, I meant to watch this when it premiered. I liked it, but I couldn't quite follow what was going on. It's another one with a great, great cast. Glenn Close. Ted Danson. Nestor Serrano (ever since Witchblade, I look for him.)

Real Andrews, which is why I started watching in the first place last night. Taggert! From General Hospital! Never mind that my decades addiction ended about....wow, a decade ago. I still consider General Hospital family.

This is a pic of where I keep the short dpn's, highlighters, uh, pencils, my pink pen, scissors....etc....etc.....Mmip_012

And THIS is what Birdsong sent me! For second place in her contest. Awesome. A cute kitty card - a Black Sheep Lantern Moon measuring tape and a very cool project bag! It's made something like a jewelry holder, lots of little pockets but do you see that very cool knitting fabric? And the spools at the end of the draw strings? Thank you, Birdsong! Mmip_001

And this is what I'm working on. I WILL finish, hopefully in the next couple of days, but yowza, there's a lot of stitches. It's eating skeins like.....Dan Ackroyd must be eating doughnuts.Copy_of_blog_pix_506_2

Mary Tudor last night was almost easier in comparison to seventy kabillion purl stitches. (One row, Marina. But one more row than before! And amazingly enough, I found the highlight cross off chart. Which is why I knit the row, it seemed destined. So, three rows this month so far! Cinch to finish her by Sept. Blog_pix_027

Gratuitious Carmel Beach/Sophie picture.



I forgot about the 4400, too! Til you mentioned it, just now.


The 4400 lost me a long time ago (Isabelle = stupid) and so did the Dead Zone. Oh well.

I did the quiz too and cam out as Jan. No surprise there!

Carrie K.

I loved Fritz's proposal! We watch The 4400 after it comes out on DVD, so we're still waiting. We've also been loving Numb3rs on DVD.


I came out as Marcia! Goodness, the assessemnt of Bobby is quite harsh!

Literary Feline

I came out as Greg Brady: Outta sight! Suave and all American, you tend to be clean cut and upstanding.
You're friendly with most people and a huge flirt (sometimes even with family members!).

I don't think anyone would call me a flirt. Suave? Haha

You gotta wonder about the way animals rest sometimes. They get into the most interesting positions.

We don't watch TV during the summer time unless it's on DVD. I've seen the first two seasons of Closer but that's it. I like the show and maybe we'll get around to watching more sometime down the road.


Love the gratuitous shot!


Just as I was afraid, I'm Jan, my least favorite Brady. I protest these results.


I like Saving Grace. It is is a little bit funky. But I agree. I wish they would tone out the sex/make-out scenes. The opening of the first episode made me think I was watching Showtime at 2:00 in the morning.


Oh, great goodies from Birdsong!!


Jeffrey Donovan is so-o boyishly cute!

Three rows in 8 days isn't so bad! If you finish the body this month, you'll have the whole of September for the front and necks bands, and sleeves.


Your desk is so neat and tidy. Unlike my slightly organized clutter - ahem.
Took the test and...Bobby! Just don't get it! At least I'm not Marcia! With your desk, you should be. LOL
And, hope you printed out the pattern. It is super easy.


Your desk is so neat and tidy. Unlike my slightly organized clutter - ahem.
Took the test and...Bobby! Just don't get it! At least I'm not Marcia! With your desk, you should be. LOL
And, hope you printed out the pattern. It is super easy.


Your desk is so neat and tidy. Unlike my slightly organized clutter - ahem.
Took the test and...Bobby! Just don't get it! At least I'm not Marcia! With your desk, you should be. LOL
And, hope you printed out the pattern. It is super easy.


Heh heh...I'm Jan Brady! Cool! She was actually my favourite.

Yay for the gratuitous shot of Sophie! It's been awhile...


But think about it. . . Have you ever seen Anne Rice and Bobby Brady in the same room? Hmmmmm?


I am so lame I recognize NONE of those TV shows. Here, pass me the coal oil lantern, wouldja, honey?

Kristi aka Fiber Fool

I haven't been watching my shows much because I keep trying to leave the basement cool during the day so DH and I can cool off down there at night. I have the entire season of The Closer sitting there waiting for me as well as several others. I think I'm going to go watch some stuff soon though as we're nearing full! Yikes!


Jan Brady for me. I found those questions a little bit obvious, though, no?


I'm questioning the wisdom of blog quizzes too. I'm Jan for Pete's sake! I hated Jan.

Fritz's proposal was completely perfect. I cried, Kevin cried, it was a lovely moment. I'm not getting into Saving Grace either. She's kinda annoying. And I haven't watched The Company yet either. People mag. gave it 4 stars.

Are you watching Damages? I've recorded about 4 episodes but haven't watched yet.


Hmmmm....does Hez like her new cat tree? Once again...how do they sleep like that and not fall off?


Bobby Brady??? WTF? I had you pegged as Marcia :-) It's better than being Alice anyway (or does she really count as a Brady? I say yes). What a great contest prize! Hez is looking very panther-like in that picture.


Loved the proposal from Fritz! I ws jumping through the screen yelling "Say YES you idiot!!" "Damages is well worth watching but from the beginning as it jumps back and forth in time a bit. It's VERY good. Yes you can give up on the 4400 - LAME and the Dead Zone - LAMER! I only saw a bit of The Company but will have to catch up before Sunday (damn comapny still in my house!)


Are you trying to tell me that blog quizzes are not 100% accurate? You mean, I'm not Jan Brady, or Flannery O'Connor, or the color green? Who am I? :)

pixie girl

Have to take that quiz. Love lounging Hez. I've been missing Dr. Who and am quite annoyed with myself.

I own that stripey pen of yours, too:)!


so maybe Hez has gotten the hang of perching on her new cat tree now? ;)

Very neat project bag indeed!


Hezekiah sure looks comfortable.
I'm so glad that Eureka and Psych have new episodes. They are fun to watch.
Nice project bag, and love the sheepie tape measure.

limedragon :-: Harriet

I'm waiting til some of these (The Company, 4400) come out on DVD. Is Burn Notice any good? I keep missing it.


wow! that's an impressive list of shows. good thing you have such cute company (your furbabies are so cute!) I can't get into Saving Grace either, but am trying to catch up on Closer.


Okay- Marcia Brady on Dr. Phil, Greg Brady on infomercials and Carol is advertising Polident.
Is this a parallel universe?


I was a bit down on the 4400 last year, but I think it's much better this year. Definitely less Isabelle, although Kyle is being kind of annoying with his extremely pointy nose.

I haven't watched Saving Grace yet, but maybe now I won't bother.

The Closer is great, I really enjoy it. I love Fritz, although I don't know that I was wowed by the proposal or anything.

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