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Poetry For No Reason

Marina Ivanova Tsvetaeva / December 12, 1923

You who loved me with the falseness
Of truth - and the truth of lies.
You who loved me-beyond
Anything!-Over the edge!
You who loved me beyond
Time-Right hand, wave!
You love me no more:
The truth in five words.

I love that poem.

Found surfing around:Programmable Robots - WHAT year? exerpt: Yet the trail doesn't stop there. It led me even further back past the automata of the Byzantine court and ancient Rome to ancient Alexandria. It was here that Hero, one of the greatest Greek engineers, constructed a programmable robot that pre-dates da Vinci's by 1500 years. Its control system turns out to be unique; more like knitting than a computer circuit. Nevertheless, there is clear evidence linking Hero's design to the programming languages used in, say, Honda's latest humanoid robot Asimo.

Ha. Knitting is everywhere, which, considering its mathematical properties, isn't all that surprising.

Joan at The FairyGodknitter is having a comment contest, the deadline being August 13th, her birthday. Go comment!

I'd show knitting pictures and progress but there isn't any. Well any discernable progress. Queueing my projects I've noticed that my WIP's are.....old. Old-old. They've had birthdays old. I've got to stop starting new projects and frogging them with wild abandon. 

Books_by_color_2 I hopscotched around on the book reviews of the books read last month and missed my absolute favorite:

The Secret Lives of People In Love by Simon Van Booy. Short stories written with evocative charm. I love his turn of phrase and his imagery. Stories with sentences like [and here I just opened the book to a random page because every page has something as beautiful as this is] "I cannot walk farther because something sweeps through me - something so sad it renders the world broken and perfect all in the same feeling." I was always aware that I was reading, his choice of words conjures up visions outside the story, but at the same time, I was also being told a story. No matter how small the story, a grief struck young man and his father, they just.....reverberate. I can't think of a better word.

I read the library's copy of the book, then bought my own copy. (I found this book through Bookfool's review. Thanks, Bookfool!)

.......[skipping books I've already talked about].....  Sacred Cows by Karen Olson. I enjoyed the angle of Annie being a journalist investigating and her relationships. Her cop boyfriend and the Boy From High School was a little awkward, but I suppose it would be. I take it either journalists are still the hard drinkers they were in The Old Days or Annie needs rehab. I picked up Secondhand Smoke (the second in the series) at the library last night. (Reviewed & Recommended by Musings of a Bookish Kitty)

Urban Shaman by C E Murphy, (Chris of Stumbling Over Chaos read & reviewed) Another hardboiled dame. Joanne Walker (or is she?) has a near death experience and her world will never be the same. (Which is cheating a bit because things were going a little haywire before that - spotting a damsel in distress from an airplane? Yup. She did.) Kind of a tough girl version of Charles de Lint. She's a police mechanic but circumstances force her into wearing the badge for real and battling Herne the Hunter and the Wild Hunt of Celtic lore. Another book where I liked both the heroine and the people around her (you know, along with the storyline and the plot).

Time's Children by Rebecca Ore. I'd probably like this book a lot better if it didn't forcibly remind me of Kage Baker's Mendoza series. Clearly there are differences, but that those controlling the time travel inherited the time travel mechanism from the veiled future is the same premise. Although I'll see. I'm only about a quarter of the way through it.

Submissions are due August 10th for the Book Carnival - The theme this month is Surviving the Dog Days of Summer: Books That Take Your Mind Off the Heat.



Finally got Mystery...out from the library but I definitely need some reading suggestions from the Book Carnival once the theme selections are finalized. Also consider yourself tagged for the Blogging Tips Meme.


Yea, you better! Especially since you have only 54 days left to finish MT. You're still finishing it in September, right?

Nancy, aka Bookfool

I would never have thought to just open the book at random and pull out a quote, but you're so right that Simon's book is that beautifully written. I'm so glad you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Love your description of Urban Shaman, too. I read Urban Shaman, but haven't read the two other books in the series. However, my son latched onto Shaman and insisted I buy the other two, which he gobbled up in no time.

I've got to get my mitts on Sacred Cows.


What a lovely poem! I have to read poetry aloud, or I tend to skim and totally miss the point and the beauty of the language. Urban Shaman sounds very interesting!

Literary Feline

My first impression of Annie was that she could stand right up next to all her male counterparts in the drinking department. So many of the fictional male protagonists in mysteries drink a lot. I'll be curious to know what you think of Secondhand Smoke when you get to it. It will be awhile before I can. Hopefully in the late fall.

I have never heard of CE Murphy. I'll have to check that series out. It sounds good.


Awesome poem


Time's Children...why does that ring a bell? Think I must have read it.

Um, yeah, so what's up with Mary T? You are NOT frogging her!


Carrie- Poetry is a bit of a mystery to me, unless they're dirty limericks.

I am reading the worst dreck- I think I'll review it on my blog just to warn people!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool

I'm reading totaly fluff that requires nearly 0 brain power to read. In the heat it is all I can handle :-)


I keep reading about "The Secret Lives of People In Love" so now I think I'm going to have to break down and pick up a copy. Sounds great!


"They've had birthdays old"? What a great phrase!!!


Thanks for sharing the poem - I love it! And I'm glad you enjoyed Urban Shaman. :)


I love the poem.

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