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The Dark Tower & Carrie

I spent the better part of the last few days holed up, grumpy and *reading. Since I seem to be frogging everything I knit, I decided to save time and NOT KNIT.


(Well, okay, so I did a bit of the border for the Lace Edged Top aka Golden Gate. But that's barely knitting. At least I didn't frog the whole thing.)

Then this!Carrie_graffiti_yarn_2  that you can get here, and more: such gorgeous yarn! Luckily there's The Dark Tower to go with it (black yarn). Bellamoden dyed it especially for me, yarn for Eunny's Endpaper Mitts. So perfect, eh?  A nice stained glass effect.....

I'm also a little partial to the Farenheit 451 yarn.....Farenheit_451_2

And because the quiz colors are too, too perfect with the Carrie yarn, stolen from Kniting in the Shadows:

You Are Sunset
Even though you still may be young, you already feel like you've accomplished a lot in life.
And you feel free to pave your own path now, and you're not even sure where it will take you.
Maybe you'll pursue higher education in a subject you enjoy - or travel the world for a few years.
Either way, you approach life with a relaxed, open attitude. And that will take you far!

Yes, yes, that's me in a nutshell. Relaxed, open attitude. Quit laughing, BFF & Brother & SIL.

*Read: Little Ice Age by Brian Fagan, fascinating and thankfully I've been deciphering celcius vs farenheit the last few years because otherwise it would've been a lot less understandable.Blog_pix_657

Secondhand Smoke by Karen Olson, the second in her Annie Seymour, journalist series. I enjoyed this one out more, maybe after finally getting into Saving Grace on TNT.

Winter Moon by Mereces Lacky, Tanith Lee and CE Murphy: Short stories by three good fantasy writers, I picked up the book for Banshee Cries by CE Murphy as it's the 1.5 book in her Jo Walker series. A nice way to spend the afternoon.

Am currently reading The Possiblity of an Island by Michel Houllebecq. Found through Dewey.

** Read previously and didn't post a review: Restitution by Lee Vance, read & reviewed by Joy who didn't care much for it but thought that it was the financial angle - I actually picked it up because of the financial angle and while I didn't dislike the book, the characters seemed very flat and plot driven. There were a few characters (notably the women) who would switch gears completely in a single conversation.




That kitty photo makes me want to end every post with a kitty photo! But that'd annoy the dog lovers, I'm sure. :)

I'm midnight.


Just let me tell you, I can so relate to the knit and frog knit and frog cycle. Hang in there- it would seem that it goes away. I'll have to remember to stop knitting when it happens. I, instead, made myself crazy by repeating the cycle!


Thank you so much, ma'am!


Not knit? And you don't even have a broken wrist!!


Pretty yarn! I have knitting spells like that...where it makes more sense just to not do it, to save yourself some time. It'll pass.


gorgeous yarn you and oh for the life of the cat!


What was that person smoking when he/she created that quiz ;-) But that bit about paving your own way could be true. A little bit of frogging never stopped me from knitting!


Pretty yarns indeed! And I LOVE that kitty picture! That's a picture crying out for a caption, that is. Glad you're enjoying the Walker books!

Literary Feline

The yarn is gorgeous, Carrie! The Farenheit 451 yarn is my favorite, I think. :-)

It sounds like you have done some fun reading lately. I hope to get to Secondhand Smoke before Karen's third book comes out in a couple of months, but we'll see. I see you read a book with a Mercedes Lackey story in it. She's one of my favorite fantasy writers.


Sometimes all I want to do is look at all the pretty yarn, especially if I'm grumpy because the tension will be all fouled up. The yarn is beautiful! So is the sleepy kitty.


Beautiful yarn! Beautiful kitty too. Hey, thanks for your review of the The Lost Constitution. I started it yesterday and I cannot put it down.


Pretty fluffy hazy Hez ;) The yarn colors do look quite exciting! I always admire those who can read so many books - I used to read so much :( but I'm starting in slowly on the Agatha Christie collection I bought off Ebay now.


Aw, Hezzie! *tickle tickle tickle*

Lucky you, that's some purty yarn! So, it's catching then this loss of knitting mojo thing then... it seems to be making the rounds. :)

(I am a Sunrise...)


If you don't feel like knitting, at least you are reading, so all is not lost ...

Nice yarn, and I love the names she gives her yarn!

Ahh,Hez looks so fluffy ...


Carrie-Cool yarn- did you want to join me on Funk island- even though I'm midnight?
Hez, what a sweetie!


What a beautiful kitty and very pretty yarn.


Nothing like sci-fi for a good grump fest, topped off with some other gems. (And for when you are feeling less grumpsome, try Longitude, by Dava Sobel - a good factual read, on clock-making and sea-faring.)

And now, with that sumptuous yarn in the house, and of course Hez, you just have to start smiling.


Very pretty yarn. (I like the picture of the Kitty)


Great Yarn! Now, get over your Frogging and Knit with it! Hez is so pretty. And, I am midnight. Yes, I am...


Great Yarn! Now, get over your Frogging and Knit with it! Hez is so pretty. And, I am midnight. Yes, I am...

Nancy, aka Bookfool

There's a new CE Murphy book out? Uh-oh. Don't let my son know. I'm trying not to buy books!!!!

Love Hez in black and white.


That is very pretty yarn. I only managed to knit one sock in total all the time I was in the US because I just felt like reading instead.

Thank you so much for the package - it arrived whilst I was away. My manners have disappeared completely with the jet lag. I love the Lorna's Laces and the lovely book you sent :) You are lovely!


sometimes we just need breaks from things, knitting included.

Thati s some gorgoues yarn, Im' very curious how it'll knit up.

amanda cathleen

that yarn is breathtakingly lovely! I can't wait to see how it works up.

pixie girl

I want to go to Funk Island and Grump, too. Hez is darlingly cute, as always! I'm a Sunset too, and though I may be young, I am not relaxed by anyone's standards. Ah well...

pixie girl

Oh, and I forgot - your lovely yarn is wonderful:)!

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