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Flu & Tax Season - What could be more delightful?

Well, tax season is delightful to me, I enjoy doing them but the flu? Not so much, especially since this is my second round with it in something like 3 weeks and this time not only do I have the ever popular running-like-a-faucet nose but the slight fever that's causing massive body aches and chills and it's not like I can stay home and sleep the day away (but I'm not that sick anyway. Just icky feeling sick.)

Also? Whining.

I'd post a picture of the cute dishcloth and skeins that I won from  The Barefoot Cobbler's Resolution Contest (A resolution that I totally ---shhhh, have not even attempted yet) (The resolution was To Get a Jump on my Christmas Knitting/Presents, which I am so going to do. Later.) but I'm not really sure where I put my camera. (It's somewhere. Probably at home on the bookshelf). And then she nominated me as a You Make My Day blog! Along with The Fairy Godknitter, the lovely mrspao at mumblings and Knitted and Purled which leads me to believe that you are all very sweet but misguided. Snark! Gossip! That's me. OTOH, snark & gossip makes my day.....

I am completely wimping out on passing it on - I sat on my cat this morning, for Pete's sake. I am not to be trusted. (In my defense, she'd burrowed under the covers and I had no idea she went back to bed.) Hezekiah is fine, by the way. Fit as a fiddle. (Is it possible that this cold has morphed me into a hale and hearty 70 year old retired admiral from the 1800's? Because that's the voice in my head. Shhh. I'm blaming Jane Austen).

Oh, but I'd be really remiss if I didn't review the two (yes two! Two whole books!) that I'd read in January. Becoming Charlemagne by Jeff Sypeck and Unspeakable: The Story of Junius Wilson by Susan Birch and Hannah Joyner.

Unspeakable: The Story of Junius Wilson broke my heart. It's the story of a deaf black man born in the early 1900's and his lifetime stint in a mental ward in the South. His family, the medical staff, the law, the government, all had a hand in keeping him locked up for their own various reasons. I loved that I understood the logic and emotion behind all involved in the decisions, it scared me silly to think that it was so easy to do. We've come a long way, but have we really? I highly recommend this book.

Ooookay. Well, I do love breakfast. And pancakes.



Poor Hez! Another "accident" and we'll have to report you to the (R)SPCA ;-)

Book reviews? Where are my new TV show reviews? Lipstick jungle tonight?

Hope you feel better soon!


Sorry to hear you've been so sick... I just assumed you were "quiet" because tax season was kicking in! Poor H - you're both having quite the year, aren't you?!


Sorry to hear you've been sick! Hope you get better soon! My reading has been slacking lately too...Unspeakable sounds like something that I'd really like...onto the wishlist it goes!

The Tell-Tale Heart

I was searching for my sweetie (The Purloined Letter) and came across your blog. Thanks for the lovely review. I'll be sure to let Hannah know! I'm sure I'll be back to read more of your booklist.


I hope you feel better soon! Flu and taxes do not a good combination make.


Poor you! I hope you feel better soon! :0)


I'd be whining too! That fever/chills thing is the worst. After the garage door thing, you'd think Hez would be more careful. Glad she's fit as a fiddle. I'm 10:02 a.m. too! Although I like a full lake of syrup.


I'm sorry you're ailiing again - I like my pancakes with a little powdered sugar, and a little jam. Syrup (unless it's real maple syrup) is just icky and butter belongs on toast.

Just reading your description of that book brings me to tears and makes me think of others who were shut up as was this man - Virginia Woolf's half sister, for example, and the Kennedy sister. Perhaps we have made some progress.

Sleep. Breathe steam. Sleep again.


Flu + taxes + flat cat = no fun! Hope you feel better!


Me too. I am 10:02 am. I was thinking I was probably noon or some other late hour!


Hmmm...3:15pm. No surprise there. Feel better soon.


Holy crap, I'm 6:49 a.m. I always say that's a time to stay up until, not get up at. I suppose the purpose of the quiz is not to determine your favorite time of day. Hez should take a suggestion from Cinder and just sleep in a cupboard (Cinder did that yesterday, all day). It would be safer :-)


Poor Hez... she's going to think you have it in for her! Glad she's OK. I can't believe you're sick again!!!
Of course, if it had been me, the way I felt right before I quit my job, I would have wanted to just stay home knit and eat pancakes rather than go to work... especially when the weather was COLD!
Get well fast!

Literary Feline

I hate having the flu. It's a real bummer.

Thanks for the review of Unspeakable. It sounds like an interesting book. I've added it to my wish list.

Have a great weekend!

Tim Rooch


Healing thoughts sent your way.

I'm midnight. I was hoping for 2 a.m., since I'm usually awake then. Ehh, midnight's okay, too.

I was sick off and on from the end of November through the first of January. I'm currently one of two (out of about 30) people at work who aren't sick. I'm hoping they have one of the viruses I already conquered.



Poor thing. :( You've had more than your share of sick lately.


Okay --- "10:02" seems too precise, wouldn't you say?

I am DEFINITELY going to get a copy of the Junius Wilson book.

Whine away. That way, between you and Hannah, I'll have stereo!

Really --- feel better. Let me know if I can do anything for you.


Hopefully you are starting to get better? My fingers are crossed for you.


Feel better!

And please stop sitting on other family members! :-)


Carrie- Are you taking your vitamins?

I like a good diss, and Brigitte is the greatest for that.


oh baby girl... that's SO not cool of the virus world to infect you again... nothing like the combo of cotton head and rows of numbers I say, to make my day... hope you feel better soon, and just say No to any further virus visits


Heh, Lorraine knows me well!

I'm 10:02am too. Poor Hez...Mae got rudely woken up from her nap this morning, stuffed in the carrier and taken to get needles in the butt.

Bummer on the flu! :( Know anything about Canadian taxes? Wanna do mine?!


Get well soon!!! Sitting (almost) on a kitty, all of us 'feline-owned' have done this, glad there was no damage, to either of you!!!


Get well soon!!! Sitting (almost) on a kitty, all of us 'feline-owned' have done this, glad there was no damage, to either of you!!!


Holy Smokes, I'm exactly 10:02 am as well! :)


I'm also 10:02 am. I do usually see that hour...but not much earlier!

Hope you feel better soon. Sucks being sick more than once in a season. Blah.


Hope you feel better soon. And hope the cat isn't flat :-)


I'll send some positive thoughts for you to feel better soon :)


Better to have the flu now than April 3. Hope you are feeling better by now.

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