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No Camera, No Topic, No Knitting service. Non-sense? Something like that. I just finished twelvish days or so off of work and accomplished NOTHING. It was lovely. Of course now I wish I'd knit more - it's COLD today. Why didn't I finish up my cardigan? other than it's been in the high 70's and why didn't I finish reading Queen Isabella: Treachery, Adultery And Murder in Medieval England over the weekend? Because she's putting me to sleep at night. Treachery, adultery and murder has never been quite so dull. Maybe it's all the minutae.

Oooh, I did manage to knit TWO dishcloths. But then I managed to delete my ENTIRE photo album from Adobe Photoshop file. It must've been duplicated though because the pictures didn't disappear. I think. And I can't find my camera....but I think I left it in the trunk of my car. So you'll have to wait to see the pictures of the groovy yarn stuff that I won from Deb's contest and what La sent me out of the blue. W00t!

raidergirl3 is doing a clever fun little book meme It's Tuesday, Where Are You? (that I found via Book Mine Set.)

Marvelous Monday

Meaning I'm off work and finally blessedly alone. Except for a certain cat in my lap who was highly displeased with me earlier but has decided to forgive the flea medicine. I had good intentions.

Four days off and nothing to show for it. Read a little, knit a little, slept way too little - what's with insomnia when I can finally sleep? I've been a zombie. Still am, but a slightly more awake zombie today.

I don't even have any pictures to post. Oh! It turns out that although it's absolutely lovely outside [insert pictures of lilacs and roses] and they're gorgeous to look at, I'm still freaking allergic to them.

This Time Next Week I'll be......

Well, I don't know where I'll be or what I'll be doing, but I guarantee it will not involve adding machines, tax forms or for that matter, a desk. It should be involving all those right now but I'm losing my will to live. I mean, work.

And next time when I run into Craftylily at Peet's, I won't be running late to the office and desperate for caffeine. I've ran into her twice this last month! She has a very cool decal on her car but she'll have to post a pic of it because I........was running way late and needed caffeine to think of taking the pic.

Blog_pix_848_edited If you look closely (or click on the pic) there are cows peacefully grazing on the left side of the hill. And look how GREEN! Wow. It's why I've always thought California cows are happy cows. At least the ones by my house seem to be. Chatty bunch though.

Julia of Knitting History and I were chatting (aka emailing) about the purpose of The Queue on Ravelry. My view is that The Queue should fulfill all the pattern needs/wants/desires that I, my next eight lives (well, hey. I am a Leo after all) and any reincarnations to follow me might have. (Although there might be a problem with the passwords.)

Other people should fill their queues with good ideas for my queue. No? Your thoughts?

Speaking of queue, a certain person who shall remain nameless athough she is X(Heather)at X (Lectio) and who made an ill-advised bet with me (ill advised on the grounds that I am never wrong and if I am.....well, see above) and she was wrong! Wrong! Jake did not join into an unholy alliance with Constantino. I was surprised Eric didn't though. And now she owes me mittens.

And, most importantly, I was right.

I thought I might knit her Mitts for a Dystopian Future if, by some sheer chance of random chaos in the Universe had I been wrong. (But mittens for a dytopian future. It's cold where she lives. There's this stuff called snow? I'm not sure if you've heard of it.) That or FrankenMitts. (Both of which are in my queue, but just in case you want to see and have never heard of Ravelry)

Clearly Heather has nothing to do (note the fluffy rip & read reading list she has there) and clearly I don't actually need mittens (see green hills above) but that has nothing to do with anything. Okay, I admit it. (Since it's fairly obvious.) I just wanted to gloat.

And not figure cost basis for a few brief moments.


Hez sez: "What? Who did you say you were? My mother told me not to talk to strangers."

Mostly Books But Also The Possibility of Me Walking In Front of a Bus

If it's April 1st then that means that April 15th is actually going to arrive, doesn't it?

Doesn't it? Because seriously, if it doesn't, that bus looks mighty inviting. Maybe I'll just board the bus, as opposed to stepping in front of it. Terrible thing to do to a bus driver. Way too much paperwork.

Look at all the lovely Tess Monaghan's that the lovely Knitted & Purled sent me eons ago. The end of February in fact. I'd never read Laura Lippman's mysteries before, I really enjoyed meeting Tess.

Blog_pix_820 For a change of pace, no quiz. A book meme! via Teabird:

1. What book are you reading right now? Science Friction by Michael Shermer.

Wow, I drafted this awhile ago. I'm actually reading The Man Who Never Missed by Steve Perry as my carry-'round and Fraction of the Whole by Stephen Tolz.

2. What was the last book you read on a plane? Mysteries of Udolpho by Ann Radcliffe. Finally, a period of time where I just sat down and dove into it. So much better than indulging in my normal "we're all going to die" airplane chatter.

3. What was the last book you read on a roadtrip? Most of the road trips I do the driving. But I've listened to audiobooks occasionally. The most memorable one was a trip up Hwy 1 with my ex best friend listening to a Jude Deveraux romance and the book ended at EXACTLY the moment we pulled into the motel parking lot. Hwy 1 gets really creepy at night when it cuts back inland and I swear, we saw a cemetary on the coast that evening (twilight, naturally) that has never been there since.

4. What was the most unusual place you found yourself reading? Unusual? I read anywhere, any place, any time. Once, trapped in an elevator, but IMO, that's a pretty normal way to occupy your time when you can't get out of a tiny stifling place suspended nine floors above ground.

5. What books would you take to keep you occupied on a two-week vacation to the beach? Whatever books I'd take to keep me occupied on a two week vacation in the mountains, or in Europe or on the way to work or......whatever I was reading at the time. The real question is, what knitting projects would I bring?Blog_pix_843

More books to indulge in my favorite knitting stitch obsession - Annie Maloney's books at Needlearts Book Shop. And the packaging was so darling too, brown paper package tied up in ribbon. I torn it off for the books inside in a hot second though. The cables are just amazing.

. Blog_pix_838

The progress on V - notice how there's only one buttonband?  (Well, maybe you can't notice, considering the quality of that picture, but there is only one. Now.)

Before? Cleverly, I'd knit one on each side.

In fact, not just knit it, I actually said "OMG, I don't have the buttonband on this!"

And dropped stitches to knit it in.

About fifteen rows later I noticed that I was knitting a buttonband on both sides. GAHBlog_pix_840. It took me most of the month to get that far too.

Hez sez: "Why are you knitting and reading when you're home when you've been neglecting me so horribly? by never being home? I refuse to even look at you, you neglectful thing."  She utterly refused to pose in the tulips outside too, even with cat treats as an incentive.