No Camera, No Topic, No Knitting
Walnut Creek

Boxies and pictures of boxies

Mmip_569 Boxies? Anything like doxies? Probably not. Hmmm. Promising, a box full of newspaper and tissue wrap.......containing.....

Mmip_572 Mmip_570 Mmip_574 Mmip_575

I'd edit that picture down but then you couldn't see the Minneapolis favorite Chocolate Passion Mousse mix or my coffee cup or the chocolate chip cookies I'd baked or half the vital paperwork parking on the kitchen island and there where would you be? Mmip_573

Knit rad, baby. Knit rad.

And from La, look at all those goodies: handpainted yarn by Claudia, tea, some yummy soap (well, not edibly yummy), notepad, circular needle (ASIDE: Do you know that if you have 80 kabillion unfinished projects, ten to one, that's where one hundred and fifty kabillion needles have disappeared to? It's true. I thought I had a million dpn's. I do. They're stuck in a million projects. But I'm planning on finishing them. Eventually). Mmip_576

So spoiled! It's good to be me.

I'd show a Hezekiah pic but as I spent yesterday stuck in bed having the worst combination of vertigo and migraine and was completely ABANDONED by her, phhhhffffffft on her.

She did deign to join me last night and snuggle under the covers.



The words "Minneapolis" and "chocolate mousse" together caught my eye!

*adds one more thing to list of things to look for while in MN*



Which to drink, eat and knit first? Too many choices!


Wait, what's this about Minneapolis and chocolate mousse?! Hope you're feeling much, much better today. Surely that wonderful box of goodies helped. :)


Love all the goodies! Mmmmm, chocolate mousse - you may have just inspired my latest pregnancy craving! :0)

Literary Feline

Look at all those goodies! I hope you are feeling better, Carrie.


Great package. Nice to have a full mailbox.
Um, I Had your email addy but lost it. I didn't do anything to my foot - I broke my tailbone (coccyx) and sprained my wrist and gave my head a concussion - but my Feet are fine. LOL


Yummy goodies! Both edible and inedible. Hope you're feeling better. Migraines really suck. I'm a little disappointed in Hez though. What are cats for if not to comfort us during our misery? Kiki has been a little standoffish too. Must be a bad time for fluffy cats.


I think your needles have gone off to roost with my tape measures and darning needles. I hope they make a happy family.


Fantastic package! I'm sorry about the migraine. I've been having some killer headaches lately too. I'm thinking it's from all the wild temperature changes.


Great yarn!


ohhh what fun! Enjoy :-)


Vertigo AND migraine? It hurts to even type that. . .

Feel better. Don't eat the soap.


Cats are fickle that way -- no attention and they up and away. Hope you feel better. That's some fine booty you have there!


You are richly blessed indeed. Have fun with your new toys.


I always get vertigo when I get a migraine - is that weird? I'm so glad you liked all your stuff! Enjoy it now.


I understand your needle angst! I'm needled that I keep on losing my dpns. Actually they're stuck in my 100 projects. I swear I need to buy more needles...


Wow, that's quite a goodie stash! Sorry to hear about the vertigo and migraine, Hez where are you!!!????
Huggs, G

Kim D.

What wonderful packages!

You do remember about the connection with Chocolates and Migraines? i'm not suggesting that you don't eat the chocolate, but only that you take the migraine medicine first and then dig on in.

Nancy, aka Bookfool

Neato boxies. You had some fun!

Psst! I tagged you for a meme. Don't feel obligated, though. :)


What a haul! :)


Carrie- Nice haul-

Cats. what can you say. Hez is a good-time Charlotte.


Whoa! What a lucky girl you are and it couldn't have come at a better time. Look at those goodies!!!! So sorry about the head. Hope it feels better. I feel your pain! Migraines are truly the worst. So, I just got Eleanor of Aquitaine today at the library. Hope it is as good as her others, but I go to sleep, too. Takes me FOREVER to read one of hers. FEEL BETTER!


Oooo, that's some good swag! Lucky girl.

You know, that's exactly why I have so many needles of the same size - they keep getting used up in UFOs... *sigh*

:( Bummer about the migraine! I had a bout of vertigo on Friday, maybe it was in sympathy?!

The Purloined Letter

Look at that beautiful yarn!

It is pretty common to have vertigo symptoms as an "aura" for a coming migraine. Icky, isn't it? Hope you're feeling better.


Lots of pretty treasures.


And here I thought I was the only one whose needles disappear into the same place where unfinished projects go!


What nice goodies. Lucky you!
Sorry to hear you were under the weather. Hope you are feeling better now.


Great swag! I'm so sorry to hear you were laid up in bed though. Typical of a cat to desert you when you needed her most though. :-P

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