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Giant Woolly Pillowcase

I've finished the body of Mary Tudor [insert whooping and possiby tears of joy] grafted the shoulders together (to my satisfaction if not perfectly - tinking grafting i.e. the Kitchener stitch is a pain) and as I was looking fondly at it..... I realized I have knit a Giant Fancy Woolly Pillowcase. Seriously. Behold the photographic evidence.Blogsummer08 055_edited

Now I know exactly what Marina is saying when she talks about the front and backs of the sweater charts not matching and why she's so justifiably proud of her seams. Mary Tudor's front and back are pretty matchy thankfully  (which no way am I showing you  now, not only did I semi fudge the shoulder seams but it's completely unblocked. I was just so .......struck by the Giant Woolly Pillowcase appearance that I had to share. Nothing reallyBlogsummer08 057_edited prepares you for spending a lot of knitting

time and then.......Giant Woolly Pillowcase. Huh.) 

This is the first Alice Starmore sweater I've gotten darn close to actually finishing. Except for, you know, sleeves, collars, buttonbands. Stuff like that. Pfft.

But now I'm supposed to cut the thing? Is that right?  Again.  Huh.

And now for the Quizzes.

From Knitty Banter

Your result for The Best Thing About You Test... Intelligence is your strongest virtue (Ha! I knew it! Well that or my humility)

Intelligence (also called intellect) is an umbrella term used to describe a property of the mind that encompasses many related abilities, such as the capacities to reason, plan, and solve problems. And you? Your brain shines. All 7 virtues are a part of you, but your intelligence runs deepest.

It is likely you're a smarty-pants. And it's likely (but not necessary) that your discipline score is high also. It takes a certain resolve to maintain all those neural thingies.

Intelligent famous people: Einstein, Shakespeare, Da Vinci.

Your raw relative scores follow. 0% is low, and 100% is perfect, nearly impossible. Note that I pitted the virtues against each other, so in some way these are relative scores. It's impossible to score high on all of them, and a low score on one is just relatively low compared to the other virtues.


  • 40% Compassion
  • 67% Intelligence
  • 63% Humility
  • 44% Honesty
  • 25% Discipline
  • 29% Courage
  • 33% Passion

Take The Best Thing About You Test at HelloQuizzy

Quiz #2  Your results for Reincarnation Placement Exam...

Deep Space Explorer

Hmm... You're a tough one to place. Your answers indicate that you like technology and education. You enjoy intrigue, adventure and chaos. You're fine with hard work and civilization. This all bodes well for an interesting, adventurous life. (Did they not see the part where my ideal work week was 20 hours?)

Deep Space Explorer What makes it difficult, however, is that you don't seem to be much of a 'people person. (Well, maybe, maybe not. That island would have been fine but did they say that I'd have books and yarn? They did not.)

If you were more of a people person, we would have commissioned you aboard the Starship Enterprise.(That could work and I can give your four reasons why. Scotty, Bones, Spock and Trip.) But since you don't care much for the complications of dealing with your fellow man... we have another deep-space mission, more tailored for your tastes... a way for you to enjoy the benefits of high-tech civilization without having to put up with civilization itself. Let's set you up to pursue the solo career of a deep space explorer. You can go ahead and hibernate through the boring parts of your mission, and not worry so much about being a few decades out of touch with your fellows by the time you get home. In fact, you pretty much don't have to deal with people at all, but you can still enjoy a high-flying adventure of a life. Far, far away from the madding crowd, you get to play with your scientific instruments, serve your glorious civilization, and do interesting things with strange discoveries in exotic places.

The career might work out all right. Look what it did for Charlton Heston.

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The quiz seemed a little masculine gender specific.

Blogsummer08 056 Hez sez: "It does look like a Giant Fancy Woolly Pillowcase. I told you it made a great napping blanket."

Collective Wisdom desired:

1. The correct spelling of woolly.

2. A non knitter (who has expressed a desire to learn) will be trapped in the wilderness in a cabin in Yosemite. Any ideas for a  good first project?



Irish Hiking Scarf. Have said nonknitter learn cables before anyone tries to tell her (him?) they're hard.


That is one fabulous wooly pillow case. You should find a way to incorporate the body of mary tudor (haha!) into your daily wardrobe. If it were me, I'd wear it as a cape or a turban.


I've been reincarnated as a robot.
Thank you very much.


Mine is honesty. Interesting.


But really, it's the most beautiful pillowcase I've ever seen! :0)


Yay! Gorgeous sweater - you give me hope for Scotland! Of course, knowing that it will end up looking like a woolly pillowcase is rather defeating. I'll try to forget that visual!


Socks... before someone tells them it's hard. Or colorwork. Maybe do a swatch or two and then BAM! Socks. :D


LOL - at first I thought you had knit that leopard pillowcase!


Very pretty!


Lovely pillowcase!

I vote hat. Knitting and purling, circular needles and dpns all in one little hat. A great start to being a fearless knitting. Plus a fast project gives the starter knitter a quick win and that always helps.


I'm sorry, but I wouldn't cut it. It makes a perfectly good pillowcase.

Cheryl S.

I see nothing wrong with an Alice Starmore pillowcase.

Literary Feline

That pillow looks so comfortable. Or maybe it's because I'm feeling really sleepy. ;-) I love the pillowcase.

Humanity is evidently my strongest virtue. I can't say I'm surprised by that at all. Harry Potter is in my category as well. Can't beat that. :-)

60% Compassion
33% Intelligence
75% Humility
44% Honesty
13% Discipline
29% Courage
25% Passion


The problem with a fabulous pillow case for me would be that no one would ever see it. I'd have to carry it to work with me. MT is gorgeous either as a pillow or sweater!

I sadly scored a zero on courage. But very well on humility. Hmmm. Hez is looking extra cute today. Did you see the Closer last night?!?


very pretty knitting! Good luck with finishing it!


This is a great idea. I think I may result to hand-sewing my steeks instead of machine sewing like I normally do. I'm not fond myself of the crochet method, but I"m a little nervous of hand-sewing. Probably why I still haven't steeked my Dale.


I love the "Pillowcase". I have to find one like this for when I have to block my fair isle sweater (which is hibernating since last year). Sleeves are sometimes soooo overrated.

Amanda Cathleen

It may look like a beautiful pillowcase... but girl its 75% done on its way to be a sweater. Just a couple of sleeves, a little button-band, a wee little collar and BAM! a sweater! no longer a woolly pillowcase! start.the.sleeves.


Your "pillowcase" looks marvelous! Good luck with the steeking. I hear that it's not as scary as it seems. :)


The quizzes are fascinating, but, honestly, you had me at the title.


Carrie- Am I the only one to notice the sexy pussy pillowcase? Quizzes be damned, I think that says more about you than anything.


I was very entertained that the only line from this post that showed up in my bloglines was "I've finished the body of Mary Tudor". Now, see, *that's* the start of a novel!

I'm not at all surprised about the intelligence thing -- it fits :)


Congratulations on the Mary Tudor body! I have no compassion and lots of honesty. I think I just scared myself.

Fingerless mitts. Useful, quick, pretty easy.

John Mutford

I'm humble, suckah!


What a great pillowcase! Who needs a woolly board for blocking... looks like a pillow will do fine.
(Might be a bit scratchy to use though... I can never wear a FI next to my skin, they look great but feel like steel wool!)


Hmmm...I think your 'as close to finishing an Alice Starmore sweater' decidedly does NOT look like a giant wooly pillowcase. I think it looks great. You had me a bit concerned with that first picture though--I was hoping you hadn't knit a leopard print pillow-case! :)

Miss T

Beautiful! And a great pillowcase. If you don't finish it as a sweater, it's still fabulous!

Nancy, aka Bookfool

I love a giant fuzzy pillowcase. I think everyone should own one. Plus, one of those silvery gray furry things.


But it's such a gorgeous giant wooly pillowcase!


Ooo, your sweaters are coming along great! And if the cutting up doesn't go well, you can turn it back into a pillowcase =) Fun quizzes!


That's lots of work for a pillow case!


As fuzzy pillow cases go, that one is beautiful!


1. wooly 2. simple hat... done soon and very useful in that environment (I am one who believes it is as easy or easier to learn to knit in the round). As for the quizzes, I got the same as you for Best Thing, but get to live in the Garden of Eden... no deep space on my list! I love the beauty of your piece, and can't really see how it compares to a pillowcase except in current dimension... it IS still a WIP.


Oh wow, um, how did I miss this post?!!

Anyhoo. It's definitely worth it to see your finished Mary Tudor body! Wow, it looks great.

How's Yosemite?


That sweater is stunning - pillowcase or not!


Oh so pretty! I am very impressed Carrie even if Hez isn't LOL...what a gal she is.

Hugs to both of you, G


ooo awesome pillow case, but perhaps a little bit scratchy on the delicate cheek... and as ever fun quizzes (where do you find them all?) Hmmm beginner pattern, stuck in a cabin (and it WON'T rain) I'd vote a neckwarmer/cowl... not as endless as a scarf, and no scary decreases like a hat... I have a BUNCH in my Ravelery queue if'n you want to look...


Yes, me, too - Intelligence at 67%. (sigh) Sometimes I wish it weren't so.
The knitted pillowcase is beautiful...not sure I could take scissors to it, either.


That is the prettiest woolly blanket I have ever seen! Beautiful!

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