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It Had Better Be Friday



Congratulations indeed!


Woot woot!

Miss T

Hear! Hear!


Woo Hoo!


:::big sigh::: USD weakens & stocks plunge ...


Yahoooooo from Canada too!!!


I cried. Hard-hearted Hannah that I am - I cried. <3


happy happy happy

Bookfool, aka Nancy

President-elect. Just being picky for the fun of it. :)

Jeanne B.





Whoo-hoo!! We had champagne and cried, and enjoyed every minute of it :)


It is truly a historic event. The first African-American president, I'm so glad I got to see the day.

Tim Rooch

I've been crying off and on since Tuesday night. As I told some friends I saw going into work Wednesday, I didn't realize how tense and upset I'd been these last eight years. (It's not just hormones. I've been having hot flashes for two years and never got weepy before.)

Peace out,

Tim Rooch


I feel bad for those of you in states that legalized discrimination at the same time the whole country elected a black man.

My county went for McCain, with at least two votes for Obama.The state overall went for Obama.

Had a referendum forbidding or restricting gay marriage come up, we would have also opposed it. Our 22-year marriage (and many said it wouldn't last) is not threatened by gays marrying. Love is where we find it. Divorce and affairs are the big threats to traditional marriage.

A dear friend from my undergraduate years married in Canada. She and her wife had two children through artificial insemination. They live in Arizona. They are now officially second class citizens. This is as wrong as forbidding people of different ethnic groups from marrying.

I hope at least the California Supreme Court can declare Proposition 8 unconstitutional. I don't know how it will fare in other states.

Yes, I'm a dirty fracking hippie, but this seems like such a petty argument when we face a global economic crisis, a global environmental crisis and terrorism.

Peace out,


woo hooooooooo


We are really happy with the result over here!!!


I have never been more excited about and election and proud of my country for doing the right thing and electing Obama! Here here!!! And he's pretty hot, too..... ;0)

The buffalo? The day those things are in the road is the day I will get trampled to death for trying to "pet" them. Really, I will just be trying to get some buffalo down....but don't tell anyone. LOL


Right there with ya! And Tim Rooch's post and the gay marriage thing is so true! But I would like to throw in that marriage is a "religious" institution and thereby should be out of the hands of the government. Separation of church and state is a line that has been so blurred that it has become almost invisible. Anyway, if gays can't marry, why can straights? Why not Civil Unions for all and take "God" out of the equation. I am not threatened. Why?


I think I stopped pinching myself two or three days ago...

Literary Feline





YES indeed!!!!!
We in Canada are so excited and happy about this election(and a bit envious too..)
I watched that night with such happiness...

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