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It Had Better Be Friday

Because I am DONE with this week. (Well, it was Friday. I'm good with it being Saturday. Can it stay Saturday?)  Blogsummer08 087I've spent the better part of the last three weeks packing up the old office and unpacking in the new office (which I love. I have a HUGE desk now, most of whose surface is pretty much covered as usual but more spaciously.) But yikes, what a PITA. Not only was I having to do actual physical labor, I had no online access the first week and It turns out I had practically no work access either because most of my programs are web based. Who knew? And then new wireless mouse and keyboard were giving me fits. I was practicing a little percussive maintenance on the mouse when I finally tried new batteries last night. Oddly enough, new batteries were helpful.

Now I'm spending the better part of my days trying to get all the non profits done by next Monday and then, hopefully catching up on my blogs. Google Reader has declared that the latest shall be first. (Okay, I can actually change that, but it's handy. I lurve Google Reader. But wow, posting is out of control this month. What happened? it got dark and everyone took to their computer?). Blogsummer08 089_edited

TV: Life moved to 9pm on Wednesdays. The show might be on the bubble but it's pretty good. They can't think too badly of it, moving it to Wednesday from a Friday-Night-Kill-This-Show slot, where Fox is putting The Sarah Conner Chronicles next week. I can't say I blame Fox, while I'm still watching the show, I mostly feel like slapping John Conner upside the head and sending him to his room. Who wants to watch some mewling whiny teenager? Save the world, moron.

I hear My Own Worst Enemy was cancelled. That's another show I wanted to like and was watching but really made no sense at all. Sons of Anarchy is my new favorite show. [Warning, that page has a loading time and a really, really annoying chugging soundtrack] And LIfe on Mars is the other, although I really wish I could see the BBC version.  I'm also being forced to watch Gray's Anatomy for Kevin McKidd who was just added as a series regular.

Blogsummer08 090_edited Knitting: There's some progress on Mary Tudor's sleeve, amazingly enough.  Have I shown a picture of the beaded scarf Joan sent me? A little progress there too. (Not that you can tell by the terrible lighting and it'll need to be blocked when I'm done, but the beads!) The cabled cardigan is seamed and the collar safety pinned on while I figure out how to attach it (I want a reversible kind of i-cord). 

A mindless knit  was required for a Knitting Retreat aka Continuing Education last Monday and since I cannibalized the original Curve of Pursuit yarn for the cable cardigan, I picked up some burgundy Cascade 220. I wanted burgundy in the first place but the LYS didn't have any. [Yes, that flaming red is dark burgundy IRL]. And I'm surreptiously knitting on the super secret cable scarf for my SIL (hopefully she likes hunter green but there is no way I'm knitting that pattern in black, you'd never see the cable work). Blogsummer08 093_edited

The stupid weather is back into the 80's - I want winter! But I'm loving Standard Time.  I drove over the Benicia Bridge right around 5:30pm and the full moon was just enormous, lighting up the Mothball Fleet and the Suisun Bay. Glorious. I'd've taken a picture except for the whole life threatening aspect of it.


The Wolfman by Nicholas Pekearo. A werewolf with a conscience. Grittier than most but an excellent read.

The Last Queen by C W Gortner. A fictionalized account of the life of Juana of Castile, aka Juana the Mad. I knew she was Catherine of Aragon's sister and therefore Henry VIII's sister in law and that she was madly in love with her husband but I hadn't realized just how long she had lived or how her children were raised. Interesting.

Blogsummer08 068_edited The Habsburgs: Embodying Empire by Andrew Wheatcroft. I'd picked the book up to find out more about Philip, Juana's husband but they were barely mentioned. The Habsburgs? were a wee crazy.

The Suspicions of Mr Whicher by Kate Summerscale. I was practically halfway through this book before I realized it was non fiction. It did read a bit dryly but I thought that was a novel choice. It's the story of an unsolved crime involving a young child in 1860.  - Wilkie Collin's The Moonstone was loosely based on the crime. The beginning of the Age of the Detective and the last gasp of a man's home was his castle.

The Plague Tales by Ann Benson. The book tells the story from alternating viewpoints of a 14th century Jewish doctor Alejandro Canches (Hernandez)  in the court of Edward III and Janie Crowe, a doctor living  in a futuristic 2005 (the book was written in 1997), a post newfangled plague world where millions have already died from a mysterious flu - which makes the 2005 characters actions particularly perplexing, however they did move the plot along.  A not half bad read (thanks to Alejandro) but The Doomsday Book by Connie Willis along similar lines was far better.

Poison Pen by Sharon Lowe, the first in a new mystery series featuring Claudia Rose, a graphologist (as is the author). The book was a fun romp, after I got over Lindsay Alexander being bad, more or less. [It took me awhile to realize I kept thinking of the Alexander Lindsay Wildlife Museum that has evidently dropped the "Alexander"], Peculiarly enough, I keep trying to analyse my handwriting now.

The Optimist's Daugher by Eudora Welty Bridget reviewed this book (back in early Sept if you want to look up her original review), thought I might enjoy it, and she was right. It's a short story about a young widow dealing with her younger stepmother and her life during her father's final days and funeral. It's hard to describe (for me, coherently, like everthing else)  but I came away feeling that I knew so much more than the story seemed to say. Eudora Welty was a genius.

Okay all that and it's all TV, books and some knitting pix? Harumph.



Oh, yeah, Monday would be the drop-dead date for extended 990s, right. And you moved right before that? Ouch. Better than right before October 15, though. Congrats on the new office. November is NaNoBloMo, that's why everyone is blogging so much.


I just started watching Life. So far so good! Life on Mars I'm still on the fence about. The British version was so so much better.

Literary Feline

I wouldn't mind a couple of weeks worth of Saturdays, one right after the other. Do you think that would be possible? :-)

Your new office sounds wonderful, Carrie! Good luck getting caught up. I think that Nano-something or another is going on this month and so a lot of people are trying to post at least once a day.

I'll have to check out The Wolfman--thanks for the heads up! I have a copy of The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher here to read. It's supposed to be really good.

I'm behind on my TV watching this season. I think my DVR is near full. I need to catch up.

Have a great week!


MaryT is looking fine! Still have time to finish it before Christmas ;-)

Remember how I said I only had ~3GB to move to my new computer? Then how did I manage to use over 400GB in Oct.? But still managed to miss the first episode of L&O-SVU in the current series?


Wonderful pictures - you've been busy!

I have The Last Queen to read as well, maybe it will be next. I just started a new John LeCarre last night, which is pretty interesting so far.

Glad you enjoyed the Welty book. I think it's pretty amazing - there is a lot more there than you think!


I'm reading "Mr. Whicher" right now. I do wish she wasn't putting in so many mentions of detective novels. Did she think the Kent story wouldn't pad out an entire book?

And if you tell me whodunit, I will never speak to you again.

I'll only communicate with Hez.


It seemed like a long, yucky week for a lot of us - thank goodness it's over! I really like the Curve of Pursuit, that's a great idea for the back of a sweater. :0)


How do you *do* all that?! All that reading and knitting and TV watching, and.. :) I love the beaded scarf in particular, and the sweater's looking great. And yes, I would give a limb for some actual winter around here. It was in the 90's yesterday, and promises to be just as hot today. Sigh...


Ah, yes, certain wireless mice will consume batteries with shocking avarice. Love your Curve of Pursuit! Oh, and the blog thing? It's NaNoBloMo (or whatever the abbreviation is). Aka the doom of the dedicated blog reader...


You know I love the red/black knitting (is this the infamous Mary Tudor?)! I have Life on my TiVo but can barely keep up with The Shield, Dexter and Sons of Anarchy this year, so I hope to get to it before it's cancelled! I was not at all surprised to see Lipstick Jungle cancelled, but My Own Personal or whatever it's called, hadn't even been around for a week or two, right? Oh well, I don't have time for it anyway.


Good news! It's Sunday! ;^)

Sons of Anarchy end their first season this week, I think.

What no cat photo?


Moving is never fun but with no Internet work access? Yowza.

One of these days I'm going to pick up a real book. :D Thanks for the reviews. I really enjoy the Henry VIII and Elizabeth I period.


I love Life On good!


Ugh, moving of any sort makes me ill. :-)

Mary Tudor is looking beautiful!


Beautiful, beautiful and WOW! shocking red. :D You knit? I didn't know! I think I might do that too... but I don't remember clearly.

I love the cooler weather we're having here. I can't wait to see how the winter goes.

Happy Sunday and hope your week starts nice and easy.


I, too, have tried percussive maintenance on my mouse (let's ignore how dirty that sounds)...doesn't really work. Surprising.

Nice knit starts...I really like the Curve of Pursuit pattern--can't wait to see that one progress. Liking the burgandy (taking your word on it) and black.


Why, oh why, does percussive maintenance never seem to fix anything? Although it does make me feel better. Hez looks sweet in that pic. I need a good book, Carrie. Name another one of your all time favorites for me!

Tim Rooch

Portia has tried percussive maintenance on Nerissa, but the little one just runs from her. I guess she got the technique from Halo, who regularly thumps Portia's noggin when she gets too divalicious for anyone's good.

My Beloved bought a lovely kitty treehouse today. Our local non-chain pet store buys them from a crafter in West Virginia. The girls all enjoy it, especially Miss Thang, Portia, who has figured out all sorts of ways to ascend and descend. Pics to follow, as soon as MB sends them to you.

Yes, I love hunter green. I pretty much melt over any green that's not too reminiscent of lime Jell-O. I think it's the misspent youth in the Arizona dessert. My eyes still dazzle here in spring and summer. Who knew trees could be so prevalant and so gorgeous.

(I hope you won't think me a scarf slut, but I bought an interim garment from a weaver at the Renaissance festival and have been wearing it during cold, dark afternoons and nights so much that one of the guys at work calls me "bubbe," short for babushka. I think he was a little startled when I twisted that bad girl around my head and neck to demonstrate that I, who have no Eastern European blood, got his joke. The scarf itself is about 12 inches wide and 6 feet long, counting fringe. It cost $30, which isn't bad for faire goods, especially when I asked the weaver how long it took her to create it and she said, 8 hours. Unless she grows her own cotton and dye plants, she also had to pay for materials. I'm glad MB and I have a few discretionary bucks to occassionally support local artists.)

And yes, SiL, you're a local artist, although a continent away. Your work has progressed amazingly. Knitting seems an amalgamation of math and art, both of which become you.

P.S. Another office? Is this a wholly new one or an addition?

Peace in,

Tim Rooch


Forgive my interference, but as winter descends, I enjoy re-reading "Wuthering Heights" and My Beloved husband always re-reads "Little Women." If you're more of a political bent, "A People's History of the United States" by Howard Zinn is always insightful, as is "No More Lies" by Dick Gregory. We also enjoy Nevada Barr mysteries and Mercedes Lackey fantasies.

We had our carpets cleaned last month and the guys couldn't stop talking about how many books we have. I was amazed/disappointed that our 5-6,000 collection (about half of which are in a room they didn't clean) was so impressive, because we're not professors, lawyers nor doctors, just readers who actually have been reading a lot more books from free online sources and from the public library in the past several years.

Peace in,
Joan Rooch

Tim Rooch

And, as Tim pointed out when he read the posts, I did deliberately misspell desert, to make a bad pun with Jell-O. He gets my twisted humor. I still love green, though. That's no joke.

Joan Rooch


Eudora Welty is indeed a genius. And in no way do I envy your 80-degree weather.


Boo on your week! Well, it's over, and now you can start a new one.

The Hapsburgs a little crazy? They were certifiable all right. But then again, all that inbreeding kinda made them a little dull in the knife department. Thanks for the book recommendation.

Yes. Who knew that replacing batteries can make things work?


Carrie- If you want winter, you won't get it in California.

Mary Tudor looks great. As does Hez.

Tim Rooch

Winter, meh. It's snowing here, and we haven't yet raked the leaves from our neighbor's tree that covers our yard.


Yes, can we please have a week of Saturdays?

Your knitting is gorgeous,and you've given me lots of great book ideas.

I might have to check out Sons of Anarchy when they rerun the 1st season. The Shield is drawing to a close, and I need a new show.


Moving totally stinks. I'm always surprised at how helpful new batteries in a mouse can be. Weird. But hurray for large, cluttered desks.

Totally with you on Sons of Anarchy and Life on Mars. Especially SoA. Helloooooo, Jax. Sometimes I rewatch episodes online which is not something I'm prone to do.

I just learned about the Mothball Fleet this weekend! Kevin was watching some 70s movie that showed it. He always likes to show me his old stomping grounds so to speak whenever they show up in a movie.


I feel dizzy - how on earth do you manage all of that!!


Wow, so much on the go! YOur knitting looks great.

Hugs to you and Hez!!!!

Bookfool, aka Nancy

Hez looks like the heat is getting to her.

"Percussive maintenance"? ROTFLMAO!


I absolutely love Life. It's one of the few shows that we watch.


We've just started watching the first season of Life. Really enjoying it.


Your Mary Tudor is looking great although it doesn't sound like you're going to get some winter weather to wear it in until about... January?
New office... how great is that, but I can't imagine no connectivity for a week! Horrible.
Why do wireless mice seem to be bulimic or something. Mine always needs a new battery.


They're cancelling Life On Mars? Nooooo!


Wow! That's one busy life you've got there..


I don't remember ever really having a winter in California. Oh, yes, one! It actually snowed on Sonoma Mt. We went up with a couple of ice chests, filled them with snow and came back down to the park for a snowball fight. Good Times.


Wow - I didn't realize Life on Mars was originally a British show. *Where* have I been? I like it tho -- mostly b/c I like seeing 70s NY and Michael Imperioli look (yet again) like such a boob. And Harvey Keitel can do no wrong in my eyes.

Sons of Anarchy is also a new favorite with me. Guns and bikes...too much fun.

So My Own Worst Enemy was cancelled? I too tried really hard to like it...but...ah well.

The Mary Tudor makes me gasp with amazement!

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