2008. Stick a fork in it. It's Done.
Little of this, little of that

I Resolve to - - - - well. That was quick.

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Inspiring resolutions! Intriguing justifications for not resolving! Good thing there isn't any governing body that will actually check up on us. Therefore:

1) I resolve to organize and catalog my stash. 

Great start for the new year, eh?  I pulled it all out (well, most of it. I stumbled across more during the day but cowardly left it in hiding).  The plan was to sort it by stitch gauge, all the heavy wool together, the finer gauges in one bin, the theory being I could pull something together and do a little stash busting BEFORE I bought more of what I've got a lot of. (Who is cringing in horror at that sentence structure? LOL).  

The plan devolved into separating the stash more or less by season, the summer stuff going up into the closet, the winter stuff close at hand so that when I had the urge to cast on something new, I don't have to ransack the house to find a suitable yarn. There's now a bin for Yarns I Cannot Conceive of What On Earth Can Be Made From Them but They're Pretty......

I even managed to get one bin (more or less) up on Ravelry. I had to take pictures, the blank squares were too reproachful. The Excel spreadsheet is awesome.

And oh yeah. I found some abandoned projects. The Keyhole striped summer tank. Several mittens. A ribbon tape pullover swatch. The vest I was making for my Dad when he started losing weight. Like the rest of the world, he's put it back on and since he's been on a futile quest for a cardigan, it's getting sleeves and pockets, hopefully by his birthday on Sunday (but doubtfully).

2) I resolve to eat more mindfully.

That second Snickers bar I ate at 9:30pm last night? I ate it thinking the entire time, I really don't need this. Mindful and in touch with my health!

3) I resolve to be less impatient with others.

This is going pretty well, although I've taken to holding my thumb and middle finger together in what I fondly presume is Zen style while driving through town and intoning things like "I am at peace that if you drive any closer to me, I'm getting half your estate in the divorce"  or "I am at peace that I am sharing the road with selfish moronic drivers who wouldn't recognize a turn signal if it was BEATING ON THEIR HEAD".  

4) I resolve to save a considerable portion of my income.

After I buy books and yarn. I'll just get used to going without food and shelter. After all, the Apocalypse is coming, at the very least the Next Great Depression. Stock up now! Hmm. I should look for sheep.

Okay, enough of the good intentions.

Mary Tudor's sleeve has been frogged and I'm at the beginning of the 2nd chart repeat instead of at the end of it, but now she's spending time in The Tower for treason because she did not knit up fast enough.

The Curve of Pursuit needs to be about two squares bigger to be as big as I want it to be. I need more  yarn.

My sil's scarf is going to be really gorgeous, if I ever finish the thing. I love the cable pattern but it's complicated! I've got a million stitchmarkers hanging off of it still.

Adding a sleeve to a vest where one more or less randomly decreased is a PITA. I'm going for the pick up and knit down version now, I hope it's loose enough. (It should be, but while math doesn't lie, gauge does).

TV is coming back! Damages started Wednesday nights at 10pm on FX. Leverage, my new favorite show is on at 10pm on TNT. Psych and Monk started their new season last Friday 9 & 10pm on USA. Burn Notice returns Jan 22nd (my mom's birthday. Uh oh. If I finish that cardigan for my Dad for his birthday will my mother expect one too? Yes. Yes, she will. Luckily the odds of me finishing the cardigan by Sunday are roughly the same as winning the Lottery and I don't buy tickets).

Reading: The Nightside novels by Simon R Green. I'm reading them pretty much in reverse order, which is kind of fun.
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It's so nice of Typead to be concerned about my gainful employment. It's so slow to load, it's impossible to do anything on it at work but I don't particularly want to jump on the computer all the time when I get home either. Not to mention, at home, I have a furry apendage hanging over one arm which means I'm typing one handed.

Hez sez, "You're not going to keep typing on that thing, are you? I want to sit in The Chaaaaaiiiiiiir."



Still laughing at your 10th day of the year resolution report!

Any hey - shouldn't you be working on your dad's birthday present?! ;)


Lovely resolutions. I'm with you on the stash organization. I organize my stash nearly every other week, but I need to tie it into the Ravelry spreadsheet to stop my dumping half of it out when in search of one particular thing.

limedragon :-: Harriet

That was an interesting end to your post... Hez's glowy eyes!


You don't need sheep. You've got a cat.

You're still loving Leverage? I'm on the fence about them at this point. We've revisited an ex-wife and an ex-girlfriend. Plus seeing how the blond girl grew up. They are running out of characters. I'm starting to worry about this show.

Amy Rea

Oh, you and I share mindful eating habits!


Stash diving is so much fun, eh? :o)

Cheryl S.

I love the bin for


Some small goats would be good for keeping the grass cut and provide cashmere. And they could could hang out on the roof of your dwelling to fulfill that evolutionary need for mountains.


I don't think it's un-mindful to be perfectly aware of how snarky you feel. Like, you are a suffering member of the human race, and you are a jerk - what's un-mindful?

I'd love to do a stash inventory. First, though, I'd like to knit some of the stash...


That's my eating problem as well, I know I don't need it, but I keep on eating it anyway. Well, making it through one or two days (or bins) of a resolution is better than nothing!


Don't care about new shows/seasons. I want all my recordings of Mentalist, the Unit, NCIS, etc. ... over 400GB of stuff went when the hard drive died :-(

Account Deleted

Burn Notice and Psych are starting up again? Me likes!


What a lovely stash you have! Poor Mary Tudor, she never meant any harm ;) Good luck on your resolutions!


Typepad's latest trick, which I experience on other people's TP-hosted blogs, is giving me the following error message when I click to post my comment: "blah blah cannot accept this data blah blah". It has happened twice, on Norma's blog and on Cookie's blog. I have to copy my comment, reload the page, paste my comment, and click to post. That has worked... so far.


That looks like my craft room and bedroom today. I pulled out all my yarn...from all the nooks and crannies...and started making a list of what I had and organized it my weight. My husband walked in while I was doing it...I told him not to judge me! Hey his golf clubs cost more than my yarn!

Jeanne B.

I'd look into organizing my yarn stash, but I'm afraid to open the closet door.


Burn Notice - nomnomnomnom!


I like your resolutions. Maybe I need to rethink that no res thing.


I love the stash photo! Excellent resolutions. :D TypePad is becoming quite an irritation. It seems to load fine for me but the lack of an email address for replying is annoying. They told me to enable the Connect thingy but I'm a bit paranoid to do it.


They seem like very sensible resolutions. But as you said its good that there are no resolution police - because otherwise the 40 goals I just set would have me in the jail the rest of my life.


Funny! You drive like me only my girl asks if I'm talking to myself.

Miss T

You were aware you were eating the candy bar, at least!


Mindful and hedonistic. . . I think there's the possibility of a new religion there.


I. Love. Leverage.


Resolutions? Didn't make any myself. Too busy knitting. Too busy blogging. Started a new cooking blog to go with my other one. Guess I did make a resolution...Keep the yarn out of the food!


i'm constantly amazed at the resolve people have when they catalog their stash on ravelry. my stash is a secret stash meant for my eyes only. i just can't see myself revealing it to the world!

of course if anyone dares to sit in judgment in the case of you and your stash, you can always sic hez on them. ;-)

Literary Feline

Sometimes all the fun is in the list making, even if it's new year's resolutions. :-) I've been curious about Damages. I may have to see about getting the first season and giving it a try. I hope you have a good week, Carrie. I'm feeling about ready for a nap. :-)


It took a hurricane to get me to catalog my stash! I needed to get everything in plastic containers in case our house flooded. But there is a great reason to catalog it on Ravelry--someone just bought a bunch of yarn that has been sitting in my stash forever. It's great yarn, but I hadn't planned to use it anytime soon.

And I'm with you on mindful eating.


In my world acknowledging that you still have resolutions on day 10 is progress! :) Looking forward to your day 20 report!


Wow. Can I come over and play? Your stash is...awesome. I bow before you.

So. The resolution thing. See, that's why I don't bother! The only thing stopping me from having another Snickers bar before 9:30pm is the heartburn it'll cause all night. *sigh*

Did you see the new Closer episode?


Great post, I always love reading about new year's resolutions! I never really make any as I find the turn of a year a bit too random a point to make them - but in a way we all have our ongoing little resolutions and it is nice to see them written down. :)


Carrie- At least it wasn't a deep fried Snickers bar.

That would have been so much worse.


RE: #4 and in fact all other resolution #s: Please also keep in mind that the Mayan calendar ends the world in 2012, and so worrying about the bank account, the health and where you will be living, it's all moot. Buy and read books, buy and play with yarn, and you know, let Hez sit on your lap... that's my attitude today anyway...


I don't know why it took me so long to realize it, but darned near everything I do meets some goal or other in some way. But I truly appreciate the careful wording of your resolutions - being "mindful" of what you eat is so completely open to interpretation :-) You could totally finish that sweater. Or not.


I like your resolutions, particularly the plan to get a sheep as insurance against the coming apocalypse -- it's a plan I haven't see anywhere else (wonder why?). Good luck finishing that cardigan before Sunday! ;)


Hey... this is the first time my "out there" time zone has been an advantage! Typepad works really well when everyone who doesn't live in Alaska or Hawaii has gone to bed!
Sorry about Mary being in the TOWER, but it sounds like most of your knitting is going really well. Good luck on your cardigan...


Love resolution #2. Sometimes it's all in the way you look at it. heheheh


So far, so good on the resolutions, eh? Reminds me that I have some stash to put on Rav. So much easier to look at it from my chair that digging through the mess that is my yarn storage system. Knitters and tiny cottages are not a good combo.

Is MT still in the Tower? Oregon has been in the Basket of Badness while I did the gay fornicating deerhat. (Both deer have antlers.) Did Hez have lasers installed where her eyes used to be?


Well..did you make the Sunday deadline? I am thinking about the yarn stash vs TEOTWAWKI - (aka The New Great Depression)...and I agree - I need more yarn.


I was eating Reeses Puffs cereal straight out of the box the other night while playing World of Warcraft in my flannels and knee-hi socks. Younger daughter came into the room, shot one disdainful look at me, snorted, and walked out.

It made me pause for a second of introspection before I forgot all about it and shoved another handful into my eagerly waiting maw.

I guess what I'm tryin' to say is, "healthy, smealthy." I resolve to eat better and become more motivated every year, but do I do it? Heck, no! I'm having too much fun being a junk-food loving, wardrobe challenged geekazoid to worry about such mundane things.

Cats like yours know what's REALLY important anyway. Just enjoy The Chaaaaaiiiiir while you can.



All those resolutions make so much sense. I'm sure I couldn't stick to them all. Mine are pretty easy. Find a job and loose some weight. In this order. :)


I had a friend come round the other evening and who was slightly overcome by the size of the stash. I'm not sure organising would help me but I'll enjoy seeing if you keep your resolution :)

I just got my online shopping delivery - Hersheys kisses and Aunt Jemima's cornbread so diet resolutions aren't going to work either...


That's a heck of a stash. I'm impressed.


You are cracking me up this morning Carrie, THANK YOU!!! I have a rare case of the flu, the first time in 4 years and I am not a happy camper. Your post and all the resolve you are showing has given me much to snicker about (where's MY SNICKER bar???) Hez, we love ya!! :<)

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