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Happy Birthday, Mom!

Little of this, little of that

Blog winter0809 078 The following are links I ran across trying to track down a place (other than in front of my TV) to watch the Presidential Inauguration on Tuesday.  Not many in my neck of the woods, other than Walnut Creek, oddly enough but FYI for anyone else that might be interested in the area. Possibly the Sunday papers will have some more that aren't already sold out.

San Francisco: Inauguration West at the Metreon in SF Morris Day & The Time?  Cool.

San Francisco Public Library in the Koret Auditorium.

There's a special viewing in front of the Civic Center.

Barack Obama Presidential Inauguration Skaters' Ball San Francisco.

Burlingame Public Library

Inauguration Day at Lark Theater, Larkspur (although it's sold out)

Lesher Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek (sBlog winter0809 076_editedold out)

Oracle/McAfee/Whatsis/Oakland Coliseum, Oakland CA

Barack'n Roll Inauguration Party, Oakland CA (East Bay Young Democrats)

 This is Dad's cardigan. The bizarre patterning is a purl diamond pattern that I really wish I hadn't bothered with but no way am I redoing it now. I'm hoping it blocks out. I'm reasonably sure it's never been blocked. Just stuffed into a pillowcase.

The sleeves are plain stockinette and cross your fingers I have enough yarn because I think it's Pingouin, not that I have a ball band, and I know I got it on sale at Betsy's in Lafayette when she closed her doors. (After a woman who must have thought she was in reverse drove a few feet into the store, barely stopping at the counter at a bearing post)

If it is Pinguoin, it's scarcer than hen's teeth. So it's going to get stretched w/Cascade 220, if it comes to that. 

Don't even start on the bizarre shaping. There are ends to be woven in that make no sense to me at all. I'm trying to figure out when I did this. I'm pretty sure it's not the first year I learned to knit, but it might as well be. There's a lot of short rowing going on though, thankfully. Dad is, well, Santa Claus shaped.

Blog winter0809 077  Mary Tudor in her corrected (and heavenly lit) state. See? I did reknit some of it. I just haven't knit much more.  The shaping looks a little......more like shaping. Oh! Did you see the Virtual Yarns drawing?

Lisa at Knitting by the Sea came up with what I'm going to adopt as my slogan for the year (sshhh to all of you who are asking incredulously - year?)

TELEVISION: Did anyone catch Battlestar Galactica last night? Wowza. Poor Psychon USA.  I'll be watching you later.

Sunday night "Keys to the Castle - France" in on HGTV. I can't wait.

24 on Monday - I wasn't going to watch this season but I injudiciously flipped it on and was immediately sucked in. Just pray that Audrey doesn't show up this season, I'd like to be able to get through the whole season for a change. House is back Blog winter0809 079_editedon Mondays at 8pm, finally it's not up against NCIS on Tuesday (a repeat this week). I'm still enamoured w/Leverage at 10pm on Tuesdays, I just wish they'd tone the pairing up down a notch. Wednesday at 10pm the second season of Damages has started. Glenn Close is just mesmerizing. Thursdays: Bones at 8pm on its new day. Grey's Anatomy at 9pm although geez. Is it possible for this show to do ONE storyline that I don't feel like heaving shoes at my TV set?  Burn Notice starts its new season at 10pm. Finally! (Thursday, ( also my mom's birthday. Hmm. It may be too late to knit her anything.)

Hez sez: "mewp mewp mewp". But very, very quietly. (translated mostly means no way is she going to come back in the house *this morning, she was trapped! all day! in the house! when it was sunny out yesterday. The horror. 

*this morning being days ago. Yes, we've been suffering through 70-80 degree weather all week. I know you feel for us.



Luckily I think Audrey is still busy with Lipstick Jungle. Thanks for the tip on the Burlingame Library. I don't really care about watching the inauguration, but it's nice to know where I could if I wanted to.


I did watch BSG, and all I can say is I nearly peed my pants with all the excitement.

That's a figurative pee-my-pants btw.


I'm loving the pillowcase camoflauge method for unloved knits. Don't worry, the sweater will block just fine - I'm holding positive thoughts for Enough Yarn. Hmmm, it may be time to place my first AS order. Except I don't really like the grand prize sweater :-) Now the books, I could live with.

Amy Rea

I'd vote for Morris Day and the Time.


Hey, you are making real progress with your knitting, I for one am impressed!

Oh, to be able to enter the Virtual Yarns contest. But alas, I am currently unemployed, so no extra purchases for me ...

That is a particularly pretty picture of Hez, btw.

70-80 degrees, huh? This morning it was -9 here ...


The sweaters are look great. One a month, though? Crazy insane ;) The Bones move is throwing me off completely, but if they'd just move Leverage to a 9:00 slot somewhere, I'd be happy as a clam... And I'm ready for some more winter before summer starts!


Pthththththth....(That is in response to the temps in your part of the world.)


I love the afghan at the start of your post and I didn't see you mention it anywhere. Where did you get the pattern? And Mary Tudor is looking lovely btw :)

Cheryl S.

Whew! I feel like I just ran a marathon after reading all of that.

At least you have the option of watching it on your TV. Sadly, I do not have cable.

Bookfool, aka Nancy

Hohoho. Dad's Santa shaped! Funny. I'm with Cheryl -- not much of that makes sense to me, since I don't do TV, but it all sounded great. Lots of twitterers were watching Battlestar Gallactica, last night.

Great Hez pic! She looks very fluffy, this week.


I was iffy about "24" too. I won't mind so much if Audrey shows up - but his daughter would make me throw my shoes at the tv. (Love the shoe-throwing, esp. now that someone made one of my dreams come true.) We just started watching "Damages" - got to catch up on season 1. How did we miss that?
And "House"? I would watch that any hour of the day or night. ANY.


Morris Day! You have to go see it with Morris Day & The Time!

Yes, sadly, I really am still 15 deep down. /sigh

Fingers crossed for the yarn/vest/sweater thingy!


Hope you have enough yarn for your Dad's cardi, although the Cascade solution sounds great. Mary Tudor looks fixed... great job and you're getting close to the end!


We love '24' - so glad Chloe is back - gotta love her facial expresssions.

As for your weather - it was 11 degrees here today.


Good luck with finding a good place to watch. That is a very fine slogan for the year, I must say. :D I'm thinking good yarn thoughts for you, too.

Kim D.

Okay, Miss Enabler, what color and pattern did you pick to order from VS?

I like the Crotal, Summertide or Spindrift. Help me decide.


Suffering, eh? Actually, I'd probably have heatstroke after getting acclimated to winter here...

Curve of Pursuit looks great!

Carrie K.

We wait and watch 24 on DVD - my husband hates waiting week to week. And we both dislike Audrey, too.

BSG was amazing - do you buy Ellen as the 5th Cylon? I'm thinking that may be a red herring.

So, so glad House is coming back - I've missed him!

We also watch Psych, Monk, and Burn Notice on DVD, so we're a season behind.

limedragon :-: Harriet

I did not need to know about the VY sale... tempting... but I am not crazy about any of the colors that we can choose from. I'm sure I would change my mind if I investigated more color photos on Ravelry, but I should and am walking away now. : )

The cardigan will block out beautifully! Thanks for the TV updates, too!

Miss T

There's nothing like pulling out an old project and discovering that it's been cooking up surprises for you the whole time it's been in solitary.


You may someday be the trigger that causes us to get a satellite dish. Not yet, though.

Riverside Theater in Minneapolis is showing the inauguration; don't know if it's sold out. You would love a trip to the Great Frozen Tundra, wouldn't you?


Carrie- Mewp?


70 to 80 degrees. I wish we had that problem. Looks like it might be above 25 degrees here today.
Nice knitting.


i watched BSG. i'm ready for MORE! i'm hanging off the edge of my seat i tell ya!

yay for burn notice!

Literary Feline

I wish I wasn't going to be stuck in training all day on Tuesday. Why couldn't everything be done on Monday when so many of us have the day off?

I'm with you about being ready to heave a shoe at Grey's Anatomy. Why do we watch again? LOL

I hope you have a great week, Carrie.


I didn't watch BSG! I've been out of the loop for so long, I don't know that I can get back into it. :(

Hez is so pretty. I can hear mewp-ing from here.

Speaking of "cool" weather, it's actually cooled down to -8C here this morning! That's after we received a foot of snow on Saturday/Sunday.



Loved BSG - I watched all the pervious episodes in two weeks a month or so ago so I could get fraking updated!! 24 - good; Damages, great; Burn Notice - just so damn good looking it won't matter!


Heh.. I love the slogan. :D Schweeet! So, what are you going to do on inauguration night?


Mary Tudor looks great! I admire your ambition. And I love the blanket in your first picture.

I have to work tomorrow, but I will eat lunch at a restaurant, so I can watch the oath of office and speech on a big screen.

We accidentally got sucked into 24,too.


Beautiful blanket! Hope Hez doesn't get dizzy from laying on it. . .


I'm just going to stick with the tv myself and them I'll be off to work tomorrow.


Personally I will be soooo happy when Gallatica is finally done, could they drag out the end any longer? Its insane!

I love that blanket.


That afghan is so cool! MT's sleeve is looking both lovely and shapely.

Kevin and I had a slogan a few years ago. Fitness 2000! And then: Fitness 2001! And so on.

Beautiful picture of poor, trapped-in-the-house Hez. On the other side of the country, we had to open the heat vent in the spare/cat's room when an ice glaze formed on their water dish.


Mary Tudor is amazingly beautiful! Wish I could afford a VK kit right now, le sigh. Will have to live vicariously through you and the other Alice knitters until such time as I am rich enough to go there. Anywho, tell Hez to enjoy her weather as Jack is still getting snow.


Ok, question: DO hens have teeth? Any at all? And I am pretty sure Audrey is busy (thank the gods), AND Mary Tudor looking lovely, even with a half sleeve... Happy Inaugurations Day!


Hez is the most adorable cat ever created! We've had balmy weather here too. Right now it's 62 degrees. In January! In Colorado! Unbelievable.

Tim Rooch

I considered getting up early to watch the inaugural festivities, but a cold nixed it. I watched enough recaps on MSNBC.com to catch most of what I missed. Amazing what a group of good crys do to the nasal passages and to the spirits. I feel much better.

I'm impressed with the update on the scarf. As I prepare to go to bed before work this morning, it's 13 degrees F, up from minus 6 on Sunday. We keep the house at 56 degrees and still our gas bill is about $250 during the cold months. At least we don't have a mortgage.

Happy birthday to my in-laws


Tim Rooch

And yes, your brother got this cold, too. It's short but violent. I skipped a day of work to spend in the little room upstairs. He's going to try and get through with Imodium or whatever he can buy at work.


I really appreciate your making me a scarf. When you finish it, know that I will think of you with thanks every time I wear it.


You are back up to 70-80 degree weather. Geez. Well, at least all the snow stopped here...but we haven't been above freezing yet for weeks.

I just picked up a sweater that I hadn't worked on for 3 months and didn't have a clue what I had been doing--I feel for you with your dad's cardigan. But I do like that patterning and I like the color...interested to see it in the finished form.

That blanket looks great!


I suddenly feel so close to you... our TV watch list is sooooo close to the same! All you're missing is NCIS!
Oh, and Mary Tudor? stunning.


I'm looking forward to BSG :) Mary Tudor looks great.

Carlyn Beccia

We have identical cats! Is yours part Koon?

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