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Happy Birthday, Mom!

Taking Tuesday off has completely thrown off my calendar. I missed a meeting last night and worst of all, I completely spaced my mother's birthday today until I saw the date on the calendar!! Argh! I'm a terrible daughter. Happy Birthday, Mom!
OTOH, we spent the day together on Tuesday watching the Inauguration. I approve of Michelle Obama's Inauguration Day dress. I'm sure she'll be so relieved. Not so fast, my First Lady! Your ballgown wasn't as beautiful, mostly because the lights made it impossible to really see it and she looks better in classic lines rather than frou-frou. Forget the adorable flubbing of the oath,the closing of Gitmo, what the Obamas really need to do is take a couple of dance classes. Her dress was a little too long.
I must have Aretha Franklin's hat.
Regardless of your political leanings, the Inauguration was amazing. The crowds at the Mall! The parade! I thought it was disrespectful of both the new President and the citizenry that most of those in the Presidential parade stand bailed quickly, but it did look like there were gale force winds ripping through it. It might have been a wee bit cold in the Mall too. I hope this truly does usher in an era where people "....are not judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."
As you might have guessed, I opted to watch from the comfort of my couch, thankfully. Flipping between all of the cable news stations and a couple of local ones to see how the locals were taking it, I think I managed to get a nice close up and detailed coverage. The parade did me in though it was Mom's favorite part. She loves a parade.  I could only handle watching four of the TEN Inaugural Balls. What an exhausting day. And yes, I'm talking about watching it.
I did manage to knit more on the Curve of Pursuit but didn't finish it or even the square I'm on. They went much faster in the beginning. Hmmm.  
Dad's cardigan? The sleeve gauge is way too tight so I had to rip it out and pick up some bigger circs (and who knew that saying "I need to buy some circs" would be so confusing to some people?) which is good news  because the yarn will go farther.
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No fad reading at all? I read The Da Vinci Code and Harry Potter. At least a couple of them. OTOH, I haven't read Twilight or The Historian or ..........I  can't even think of any other bestsellers.


Cheryl S.

Did you buy your mother a castle for her birthday?

Oh no, wait - I forgot. She's supposed to buy it for YOU.


Happy Birthday to your mom!

At least, you remembered before the day was over.

Imagine how tired they must have been yesterday with all the actual doing and stuff. I'm tired just thinking about it.

Thanks for the quiz. Now I have something to post today. *L*


T. Myers

I need Aretha's hat, too!

Literary Feline

I think you're the first person I've come across who liked Aretha Franklin's hat. LOL I thought it was nice too, actually. I had to record the inauguration since I was in training all day Tuesday, but I did come home and watch bits and pieces of it later that night. I really only watched the actual swearing in ceremony and the President's speech and then shut the TV off. The parade and balls didn't interest me. Does that make me a bad American? My husband didn't care at all. He's worse. :-) I didn't get to see the First Lady's ball gown. I'll have to see if I can find a photo of it.

I ended up being a dedicated reader too, with obsessive-compulsive bookworm hot on its heels. And my word is "Think" also!


Tuesday was quite the day! I only watched the actual inauguration ceremony and the Bush send-off, and Pastor Lowery's speech was one of my favorite parts. Aretha's hat was pretty darn awesome.


Happy Birthday Carrie's Mama!

Bookfool, aka Nancy

No, no! I want Aretha's hat!

Bookfool, aka Nancy

Airhead hit the "post" button before saying Happy Birthday to Carrie's Mama.


Aretha's hat was awesome! If you're gonna wear a hat, wear a great one.

Why don't you contact The Office of the First Lady, and see if they need an extra advisor? I think they would be missing the boat not to hire you ...

Happy Birthday, Carrie K's mom, and many more!


Happy birthday, Carrie's Mom!!

Hey! Not only was I a dedicated reader, my word was "think."


I liked Aretha Franklin's hat too. Personally, I was somewhat bored by the idea of sitting through the inauguration, so I was happy to see the highlights online. And I know my "Republican friend" wasn't too happy to watch it. She actually got laid off this week, so now she can blame Obama for it ;( even though she thought it was inevitable, being in the financial industry and all.


Happy birthday, your mom! And if watching all that was exhausting, can you imagine living it? Wow...


Happy Birthday to your mom!


Happy Birthday to Mom!

Love for me.


Happy Birthday, Carrie's mom!


Happy Birthday Mom!
(and my word is "why")


I really and TRULY had already claimed Aretha's hat, ask my mum, I was on the phone with her when I saw it... she hated it, I adored it (truly I did). OK, so my word was Fearless. Not sure that totally applies, but I'll take it for today!


Happy Birthday Carrie's Mom!

Well, there were many Canadians watching the Inauguration too. You should have seen the people crowded around the monitors in the Food Court at work... So wonderful... I covet Michelle Obama's jacket. The guys really want to meet the First Puppy, whenever he arrives home.

I am a Dedicated Reader too.


Happy Birthday, Carrie's Mom! I agree on Michelle's inauguration dress. Loved it. Did not love the ball gown. And she kept having to reach behind her and re-arrange it. That seems like a design flaw. I'm thinking perhaps only Aretha can pull off Aretha's hat.


I think you'll have to take a number to get the hat. I saw an article today that requests are flooding in.


happy birthday, carrie's mom!

i really disliked michelle's ball gown. it made me twitch. o.O


Another thinking dedicated reader! So is Nora. We need to all join forces and rule the world. Wait, Obama can do that for us.


Aretha's hat was very unique!
I could definitely NOT wear it, but it looked terrific on her.
My word is also Think and I'm also a dedicated reader.
That being said, The Historian is surprisingly well written and very interesting. For once, I won't hold anything against it for being a past best seller.


Carrie- I loved the hat too.

My word is fearless, what a crock, eh?

Oh, and happy birthday Mom!


Michelle's gown looked like a gigantic chenille bedspread. She's too stately to wear ungainly looking clothing with funny nubbins sticking out all over.

I hope the media doesn't go on and on about Michelle and the kids like they seem to be doing now. I don't care about what she does, but I deeply care about what HE does. Enough of this first family gobbeldygook!


Wasn't it great! I cried and cried. Partly because of Aretha's hat, but whatever. I loved the end of the benediction. Amazing!


Happy Birthday and Hugs to your mom! :<)

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