What Happens In Stitches West, Stays in Stitches West
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Bookfool, aka Nancy

Hez will probably have to stand in line. Maybe I should have you do my taxes. Everyone says I need a "tax guy", now. You'd think we had money or something.


Poor Hez. I agree with her completely.


aw, pretty sleeve!


Pretty, pretty MT sleeve! Poor Hez. Tax season is no fun for anyone.


Wait, why is there tangled yarn?!

I agree with Hez - more treats! Less DST!


did you run out of yarn??? gorgeous sweater!

i'm so thankful we don't do the DST thing.


Now I know I can't trust you ;-) Thought you were going to wait for me to do sleeves. By the end of March, I should have 8 to do!


Pretty sweater! Poor Hez.


That's not all the yarn you have left, is it? I love that sweater.

Roving! In a cool bag! Spinningz?

I hope Hez doesn't talk to my four, we may have a treat rebellion. :D


Gorgeous sweater! Hez, it could be worse. Gracie says to tell you that the vet betrayed her this week and said no more treats. Only carrot sticks.


I know you'd like to think that's what Hez is saying, but, truly, she's ashamed of the sleeve thing.

Miss T

Wow, beautiful! And I'm truly impressed you can work on that during tax season!


Whoa, roving? Really? Do you have a spindle too? My guess is that the little bits of yarn are what is leftover after reknitting the sleeve with decreases. Poor Hez is a tax season widow.


I see roving and a gorgeous bag. Maybe DST didn't prevail after all.


Ack. Poor Hez...Poor Carrie - tax season...be gone! Oh. Well. Not too soon since I haven't gotten mine done yet!


Please tell me that doesn't mean you ran out of yarn!


What's going on with the yarn? Has something happened we need to know about? o.O

Hez is right. You should stay home and tend to her needs.



I'm with Hez. This whole "spring forward" thing does not make me feeling springy at all. The sweater looks lovely!


Hez sez: "I can has cheezburger, NOW, or else!"


The sweater is beautiful - but I (like some others) hope you didn't run out of yarn!

I have to agree with Hez - I'm not ready for the early DST. It sucketh.

Crafting Jen

I can't wait to see it finished!

Hez, I'm having trouble adjusting, too. But I don't wake up to an alarm to help me change over.


Beautiful sweater!!

Yeah, I hate waking up in the dark!


Looking beautiful, your Mary T, and I agree with Hez, more treats!


I'm with Hez.


What are you going on about? You've done a ton of sleeve! Marina will be so proud of you, *sniff*...

Hez, I couldn't agree more. DST? Whatever. Extra hour of "light"?? We're all TOO DAMNED TIRED to enjoy it!!!


Carrie- Yes, please do direct us to the complaints department.

What up with the yarn?


Your sweater looks beautiful. I hope to some day knit like you.
Sounds like you had a good time a stitches. Whenever the tax season gets to you, just close your eyes for a minute and go back there. It might help you get through this dreaded time.


Mary T is "moving along" nicely. I'm guessing those little balls of yarn are the left-over bits from having a wider sleeve last time.
(I had to do that one time, and that's how my "sleeve yarn" looked until I re-knit it.
Good luck on tax season... yetch.. a necessary evil!


Uhg, that reminds me I have to print out my taxes and get them filed. They are all done but that! Why do I procreastinate, I'm even getting refunds.

Mary Tudor is soooo gorgeous.

Cheryl S.

Beautiful sweater, even if I don't understand the pieces of yarn.

Traveling through different time zones is a good way to have DST slip by practically unnoticed. At least, until you wake up in the morning and it's dark.


Love your Mary Tudor; it's such a fun sweater to knit (most of the time).

I agree re Lost. I've been watching it, but as soon as it's over I forget everything that happened and the next week I'm clueless.

Literary Feline

Hez is right! LOL The sweater looks wonderful, Carrie.

I meant to respond to your e-mail when you asked about my husband's family, but I got sidetracked. They are hanging in there. It's been rough for them, but we've all pulled together for support and we'll get through this one way or the other.

My cat Parker has taken to lying behind my laptop on my desk. I can't tell if he's hiding or wants me to reach around and pet him. :-)

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