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What Happens In Stitches West, Stays in Stitches West

Blog pix 1028 Weren't those amazing discounts? It was as if the vendors were giving it away. It's so helpful in this economy too, when making your own handknits or spinning your own yarn saves you so much money. (Hmm. Why can I can see all the knitters/spinners convulsing with laughter and everyone else who don't buy yarn, knitting needles, looms or spinning wheels  nodding sagely?)

Dizzy Blonde - Michelle The knitting appetite was whetted by the colorway Michelle (Pfeiffer in Tequila Sunrise by Dizzy Blonde Yarn by La, a thoughtful lovely roommie gift from the (in)famous La. Yeah, and not just a skein of her hand dyed yarn. She also gave me a goodie bag with wine charms, darling chocolate lambs (who may or may not have made it home) and more, not to mention the inroom eats she brought - sheep cheese (which amuses me greatly to say because I am a dork), grapes and crackers and possibly some Margaritas.  

I didn't even remember to bring toothpaste and shampoo much less thoughtful gifts.  

Blog pix 1042_edited Fickleknitter, the other roommie,  FORCED me to buy this. I wanted to save my money for the coming Apocalypse but......you gotta buy what you gotta buy. When  you check out her blog, check out her patterns. Castigation caused quite a stir - it's a gorgeous shawl and she needs to write it up the pattern. She's wearing her Crop Circles shawl.  Blog pix 1026      

We took a break between the crush of the Market and classes and had lunch w/JazzDiva. I managed to not have ANY dpn's on me after switching purses so five minutes before my class w/Ann McCauley started, I was braving the crowds at the vendors booths for dpns (and scored some nice Lantern Moons). Her sweaters are just beautiful.

Blog pix 1038 At the Student Banquet Saturday night, I sat next to Debbie New.  Did I realize this when I sat down? Noooo. I asked her politely if she made her Tiffany style calf length vest (it did look familiar but c'mon.) Thankfully when I realized she was The Teacher At the Table, I immediately knew who she was. (The link will take you to Laci's in Berkeley for a slideshow exhibit of some of her definitely outside the box knitting. Just amazing.)

Blog pix 1040 The slideshow at the Banquet was a good idea to display all the socks entered into the contest, but honestly I couldn't see the details at all. The student fashion show was much more fun to watch. There were socks, scarves, a sock scarf, an incredible knit lace tablecloth, of course sweaters, a gansey, a top down EZ Percentage system raglan modeled by the husband and recipient. Katherine of Aragon by Jade Starmore. One woman knit a sweater w Tragedy and Comedy masks that Rick Mondragon asked if it was a Perry Ellis design.  SKIRTS (this amazes me for some reason). That is my sole picture of the banquet, it's all the teachers up on stage. It turns out while my iPhone takes pretty good pictures outside and close up, it's not so good at long distance and indoors.

After Saturday's crowds,  I was amazed that there was anything left on Sunday but a copy of Handknitting With Meg Swanson was still at....The Yarn Barn of Kansas? Village Spinning & Weaving? both vendors that had a knee deep line all day). I also scored Colette from White Lies Designs and I got it signed! The Wagtail yarn might be destined for Colette, or maybe a shawl. AFTER I finish knitting Mary Tudor So I'll start it roughly June 2013. (Oh please no. I don't want her to go another year).  

Blog pix And to top off all that good stuff, there was a nice little package of yarn in the mail for me from a certain Brigitte, along with two Law & Order books and my new favorite coffee mug (pictured: old and new)

I've been swamped at work, and now that I've gone and played for the weekend, it's even worse. Who knew?

Blog pix 1033 Hez, just happy to see me. "I cannot even LOOK at you!" I thought surrounding her w/Wagtail yarn in Mulberry would cheer her up but nooooo.  



You're alive!

I thought for sure all that yummy yarn would do you in. Sounds like a great weekend!


I'm still recovering from all the fun. Thanks for being such a good roomie!


well.... at least you got home safe with all your loot! I did not attend, since there is a buying freeze on yarn... well, actually that's a lie, but I was afraid I'd spend WAY too much if I went... too much to be explained, to the other person who lives here with all my yarn.... Hez just needs to get a hobby, maybe she'd prefer crocheting? (don't tell her i said that)


So - you had fun then??


Sounds like you had a great time. And saved money. I'm all for the rationalization.


I'm definitely going to have to do that next year. I didn't go this year because I didn't want to buy any yarn, but the dinner, etc. sounds fun!


A whole weekend & that's all you bought?

Miss T



You got fun pictures of the event! I would've had NO CLUE that was Debby New. Whoops... Hmm, having La as a roommate sounds dangerous...

You which mug from Brigitte I think is fabulous, right?? :)


Sounds like you had a really good time!


Sounds like you had a great time! It also sounds like a dangerous "field trip" to take. All that fabulous yarn....


I'm going to Stitches South! Ha!


I loved this post. Fiber, food and beverages, shopping and new knitting skillz makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. :D Looks like you had a very nice time.

If I were surrounded by that Wagtail yarn, *I* would be quite cheered, sorry Hez.


Wow. That just sounds amazing. I've never been to one of these kinds of things. Do you think Sock Summit will be like that? Because if so, I think I'd better start gearing up now.


It looks and sounds like you had an amazing time! Hope work eases up soon.


Oh c'mon Hez! Smile for us...You did get a pressie from your Auntie Brigitte, after all.

Wow, they had a banquet too? Nice.

Colette is a FABULOUS choice.


Forced spending --- the nerve!


Carrie- I have been coveting Dizzy Blonde yarn for a while now.

Iamnotgoingtogetaspindle- write it out 100x.

Cheryl S.

There were amazing discounts on margaritas? Awesome.

Oh. Maybe that's not what you meant.

Sounds like you had a great time, though!

Account Deleted

I love that bag! And is that a SPINDLE I see within? Come over to the dark side, Carrie! I had a class with Debbie New once - she is great! Glad you had such a good time, and such a wonderful roommate!

Amanda Cathleen

sounds (and looks) like you had a grand time! Poor Hez, she'll come around


There's no reason to save your money if the apocalypse is coming, now is there?

And, if you continue to neglect Hez, you will go straight to Hell, Hell, Hell! Pay attention to Hez. She's got The Man's ear.


I was wondering what happened to you! Looks like you had great fun and got all kinds of goodies. Should keep you busy for a week or two ;)

Tim Rooch

"What happens in Stitches West stays in Stitches West?"

I don't think you left too much there. Oh, the title was supposed to be ironic. (Slaps self on forehead with M.A. in English diploma."

Your little bro is in bed with a bad cold, so he doesn't know we have a container of grizzly bear stew in the freezer.



sounds like a weekend to die for! so glad you made it out alive. ;-)

Nancy, aka Bookfool

Are you in any of those pictures? Do NOT say, "Yes, I'm the yarn."


What a great weekend and during tax season no less! Poor Hez. Never gets to go anywhere. Love the bag. No sense in saving money for the apocalypse. It will be all about bartering anyway.


I'm very jealous! I'm trying to convince my sister to go to Stitches East, but it'll have to be in 2010.


Sounds like you had so much fun! It was fun running into you and La at the market.


Sounds and looks like it was one fine time!


Sounds like you had an altogether terrific time... now I'm envious and wishing I had saved my pennies and gone. Maybe next year... depends on the economy, eh? I love the little bag, with just the right needlefelted sentiments. That pattern will definitely work for your romantic side, though. Hope Hez has gotten over it.


Sounds like a great time! One day I'll get to one of these fiber festivals!

Ann McCauley

I had the best time at Stitches West!! So glad you liked my sweater designs ;)
Lots of happy knitting to you! All best - Ann McCauley

Mr. Cheddar's Mom

Sounds like toooo much fun!

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