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Baths and the Beach

Hezekiah got a bath last Thursday!  She seemed somewhat distraught about the whole process. Blog pix 1163_edited  Luckily, she didn't roll around in the dirt after I left for work, she settled for glaring at me balefully from the nice hot cement walkway.

By the time I came home, she was dry, clean and sassy. She might not have enjoyed the process but she loves the outcome.

I'm attempting project monogamy on the advice of Cookie and so only took Mom's stole to the beach.

There is no discernible progress.

I might have cast on too many stitches and it'll be a ginormous stole. Good thing I found more skeins.

I did KIP quite a bit. On the beach. At the lodge. By the Bay. More at the lodge. There was a really sweet garden in the back and there must've been five hummingbirds there at all times, along with chickadees, finches and.....y'know. Birds. Chirpy cute birds.

Blog pix 1181_edited This may be the only photgraphic evidence of my two day trip to the Point Reyes Seashore. There's no cell phone reception there (at least not for my iPhone - AT&T) so consequently, I kept leaving it behind (and also let it die). I did bring the camera but I still can't find the camera cord. Bah.

The beach was wonderful. Deserted and cool.

Oh, here's a handy beach tip. If your sunscreen says it expired in 11/07, it probably won't work. My face, feet and shoulders are fried. Luckily it's not a bikini kind of beach (not that you'd catch me in a bikini these days) so my rolled up jeans and tank top meant that I could still sit and lay down. Very important on vacation.

Marshall Store We drove up the Tomales Bay to eat at The Marshall Store in Marshall. Well, we actually drove up the coast and ran across The Marshall Store, which was a stroke of luck. They had the best oysters and fish tacos and cheese........if they hadn't been closed Tuesdays, we'd've gone back to slurp oysters on their bar overlooking the bay.

(Picture cadged from their site.)

 On the way home we stopped and had a picnic lunch at Samuel P Taylor Park. There was a visiting group of maybe fifteen 7 to 9 year olds that were wading in the river and tracking a water snake's progress. (Alas, it was a snake in the water and not a figment of their fervid imagination which meant there was no way on God's green earth I was going to take my shoes and socks off and wade in the water myself.)

Some of my blood tests came back. Other than having iron levels that are fluctuating from low to practically zilch, I seem to be okay.  I had an ultrasound yesterday that the tech pronounced good. (inner organs, not pregnant! As if. )  I've got two more tests to go so cross your fingers for me.

Wow. Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson both dead today? 

Ten on Tuesday

Before I read everyone else's and cadge their better list,

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Things You'd Bring On A Deserted Island:

How long am I on this deserted island? Does it have electricity? Decent housing? A deserted library? Yarn store? No wonder I don't do these. So many variables. Assuming that I'm shipwrecked, for say, a month and it has a decent deserted cabin/cabana/quaint mansion sans pythons etc, I'd take:

  1. My pillow

  2. Hezekiah

  3. Books. The rest of series or a classic I've always meant to read? War & Peace?

  4. Knitting. Finally I could finish Mom's stole and Dad's cardigan. This should hold me for months. In fact, I shouldn't be allowed off the island until I'm done.

  5. My linen and hemp stash. It could come in handy for fishing nets and new clothes & it's always good to knit from the stash

  6. Coffee. (A place without Starbucks? Hard to imagine)

  7. a huge brimmed hat

  8. sunglasses

  9. the new iPhone coming out this week

  10. a big beach towel

NCIS tonight! Repeat, of course but at least it's the latest season. Hawthorne premieres tonight at 9pm on TNT. Pardon, I meant HawthoRNe. Oh for pity's sake. I do like Jada Pinkett Smith though. Too bad Mental is opposite it. For a show that looked peculiar and silly, it's turned out to be pretty good so far.

Other than Burn Notice and The Closer, that's about all I've been watching other than NCIS repeats. Oh! Anyone else watching The Next Food Network Star? I love that show.

Knitting continues on WIP's, all for other people, all interminable. How is it possible to knit for hours and have nothing to show for it? I'm not even frogging. Just knitting and knitting and getting nowhere.

Currently readingThe Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester, after finishing Jumper by Stephen Gould. I have a feeling for once, I'd like the movie better.

Should the Weather Veer 30 Degrees in a Single Day? And other questions.

Stefanie at So Many Books tagged me with a meme. Oh, the horror.

Rules: Try to answer the following questions, and leave your answers in the comments section. If you feel like it, create ten questions of your own with multiple choice answers and ask people to see how well they know you. Tag five others to do the same.

Hmm.  I seem to have either made one answer correct, or one answer wrong, somewhat randomly. (Possibly all answers are  wrong or right...and not mine.)

  1. I am currently working…
    a. On an assembly line
    b. as a life coach
    c. as a tax preparer
    d. Working? I'm independently wealthy. That's why I have so many FO's and books.

  2. I was born and raised in…
    a. Birmingham, Michigan
    b. London, England
    c. Oakland, California
    d. Swift Current, Saskatchewan

  3. I have a sibling who occasionally puts in his/her two cents in the comments of this blog. My sibling’s name is…
    a. Timmy Rooch
    b. Ezekial
    c. my sister in law
    d. Justin Timberlake
  4. The bookstore where I spend most of my book budget is…
    a. Clayton Book store
    b. Amazon
    c. Half Price Books
    d. I never buy books
  5. I have …
    a. a stash (of yarn) that you would just die if you saw
    b. a library that will one day topple and crush me
    c. a secret crush on ___________
    d. very little patience
  6. I sometimes read books on a…
    a. crowded highway
    b. whim
    c. Kindle
    d. peaceful ocean voyage 
  7. My favorite food is …
    a. coffee
    b. lima beans
    c. peanut butter
    d. salmon
  8. One of my favorite activities is…
    a. Activity?
    b. knitting
    c. Rearranging books on bookstore shelves
    d. Wandering around in an aimless daze at the mall
  9. I also enjoy…
    a. gardening
    b. racquetball
    c. skateboarding
    d. reading
  10. One of my favorite television shows is…
    a. NCIS
    b. Burn Notice
    c. Supernanny
    d. SG1

I'm tagging Elspeth at KniTV, Purling Dervish, Shut Up & Knit, Latitude 61 Land of the Midnight Sun and Chartroose at Bloody Hell, It's a Book Barrage. (ooh, terrible week to tag Chartroose. As if timeliness mattered. ;)

Unmade bed cover Bridget at The Ravell'd Sleave picked up today's Booking Through Thursday and I had to try it myself. First fifteen, off the top of my head:

  1. The Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

  2. Loose Change by Sara Davis

  3. The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas

  4. The Periodic Table by Primo Levi

  5. The Cinderella Factor by Barbara Tori

  6. Bleak House by Charles Dickens

  7. The Unmade Bed by Francoise Sagan

  8. Gospel by Wilton Barnhardt

  9. Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh

  10. Who By Fire by Diana Spechler

  11. Catherine of Aragon by Gerald Mattingly

  12. Benton's Row by Frank Yerby

  13. Hell is too Crowded by Jack Higgins

  14. 1632 by Eric Flint

  15. Bimbos of the Death Sun by Sharyn McCrumb

You can see that I have a vast and edumacated palate.

Speaking of - Burn Notice is back on tonight! 9m, USA followed by Royal Pains (proceeded by a repeat Bones at 8pm on FOX.) Sadly there are NO repeats of NCIS tonight. I might have to read.

News of My Demise Shouldn't Be Much of a Surprise

Blog pix 1141 Or: How I Survived Two Weeks of Pain. I don't know how really ill people can stand it. I'd give you the TMI version but suffice it to say that one week I was doubled over in agony and the next week I had the most awful non-migraine headache ever. I never thought I'd miss a migraine but at least w/a migraine I'm out in a dark, soundproof room and it lasts maybe 3 days tops. This headache was sufficient to make me wish I'd never been born but not enough to stay home from work, especially with the IRS looming over a client or two.  

Unfortunately the IRS was all I could handle a day. I dragged myself out of bed, dressed, worked, came home, went to bed, rinse and repeat. I missed concerts, birthday parties, two friends from out of state, two weekends - the Maker Faire! Grrr!

Blog pix 1148 New month, new health. I'm back to my regime of exercise and good eating and maybe it was my iron plummeting that caused the headache (it was something like 12 when I saw my doc which is why I've got a gastroenterologist appt coming up). Cross your fingers it works this month.

I was watching Unwrapped: Deep Fried  Monday night (what? Doesn't everyone?)  and it ocurred to me how mind numbingly dull it must be to work on an assembly line. As much as my job fries me (hahahaha), it's good to think. (Although I'm sure you can't totally zone out - easy way to lose a finger/arm/limb/etc).

Also I really want to go to the Minnesota State Fair and eat a deep fried candy bar. Blog pix 1149

Books read in May:

  1. Suits Me: The Double Life of Billie Tipton by Diane Wood Middlebrook (L) (1998) 326 pages. Wow. Her life as a man was both easier and harder. Just goes to show how dumb gender stereotyping is.

  2. The Periodic Table by Primo Levi (1975) (233 pages). Excellent, excellent book by a chemist who lived through the Nazi regime and told about it in this charming novel/autobiography.

  3. Cattery Row by Clea Simon (L) (2006) 238 pages. Music and cats, what's not to like? And the ending is fabulous.

  4. 1632 by Eric Flint (L) (2000) 597 pages. I really liked this time traveling geo-shifting tale although it's sent me on a binge of historical background digging. My knowledge of 17th century Germany is vague at best.

  5. Blood Will Tell by Dana Stabenow (L) (1997) 257 pages. Another mystery w/Kate Shugak. I was seriously bummed by one of the character's death in this book. So much so that I haven't brought myself to pick up the next in the series yet, but that won't last long.

  6. Her Husband: Hughes & Plath-A Marriage by Diane Wood Middlebrook (L) (2003) 350 pages. Hmm. Maybe they were a match made in - - poetic justice.

  7. A Concise History of Germany by Mary Fulbrook (L) (1990) 263 pages. Nice background on Germany! It covered too little of the early centuries, which is what I was interested in and too much of WWI and beyond but very helpfu.

Now that I'm done with Mary Tudor, I'm at a bit of a loss. Okay, what I really should be knitting is my Dad's cardigan and my mother's stole but they are boring. Notice how even after knitting this repeat eleventy billion times, I can still manage to muck it up (by the cast on edge). It's a design feature. I used to have two skeins of the yarn too and now I can only find the one. I'm hoping the other is somewhere in my stash.

Blog pix 1151