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Baths and the Beach

Hezekiah got a bath last Thursday!  She seemed somewhat distraught about the whole process. Blog pix 1163_edited  Luckily, she didn't roll around in the dirt after I left for work, she settled for glaring at me balefully from the nice hot cement walkway.

By the time I came home, she was dry, clean and sassy. She might not have enjoyed the process but she loves the outcome.

I'm attempting project monogamy on the advice of Cookie and so only took Mom's stole to the beach.

There is no discernible progress.

I might have cast on too many stitches and it'll be a ginormous stole. Good thing I found more skeins.

I did KIP quite a bit. On the beach. At the lodge. By the Bay. More at the lodge. There was a really sweet garden in the back and there must've been five hummingbirds there at all times, along with chickadees, finches and.....y'know. Birds. Chirpy cute birds.

Blog pix 1181_edited This may be the only photgraphic evidence of my two day trip to the Point Reyes Seashore. There's no cell phone reception there (at least not for my iPhone - AT&T) so consequently, I kept leaving it behind (and also let it die). I did bring the camera but I still can't find the camera cord. Bah.

The beach was wonderful. Deserted and cool.

Oh, here's a handy beach tip. If your sunscreen says it expired in 11/07, it probably won't work. My face, feet and shoulders are fried. Luckily it's not a bikini kind of beach (not that you'd catch me in a bikini these days) so my rolled up jeans and tank top meant that I could still sit and lay down. Very important on vacation.

Marshall Store We drove up the Tomales Bay to eat at The Marshall Store in Marshall. Well, we actually drove up the coast and ran across The Marshall Store, which was a stroke of luck. They had the best oysters and fish tacos and cheese........if they hadn't been closed Tuesdays, we'd've gone back to slurp oysters on their bar overlooking the bay.

(Picture cadged from their site.)

 On the way home we stopped and had a picnic lunch at Samuel P Taylor Park. There was a visiting group of maybe fifteen 7 to 9 year olds that were wading in the river and tracking a water snake's progress. (Alas, it was a snake in the water and not a figment of their fervid imagination which meant there was no way on God's green earth I was going to take my shoes and socks off and wade in the water myself.)

Some of my blood tests came back. Other than having iron levels that are fluctuating from low to practically zilch, I seem to be okay.  I had an ultrasound yesterday that the tech pronounced good. (inner organs, not pregnant! As if. )  I've got two more tests to go so cross your fingers for me.

Wow. Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson both dead today? 



How did I miss all the info about taking tests? I hope it's not because you're feeling sick?

I need pictures! Those are names I've only seen in knitting books and it would be nice to see what it was that inspired the knitters.

Poor Hez! I don't think our ~15 year old cat could take that much excitement.


Oh, poor Hezekiah! I think my current cats would have clawed my eyes out upon being bathed, although I did have one cat who didn't mind it one bit.

Hope all the rest of the tests come out OK.


Fingers still crossed.

Are you sure what you're doing is knitting? Or should I be asking how wide? o.0

I hope you're sleeping with one eye open.

Cheryl S.

Sounds like a nice beach trip!

Good luck on your tests - hope there's nothing serious going on.


Somehow I've missed that you haven't been feeling well. I'm glad they didn't find anything. What are you going to do about the low iron level? I love to visit NON Bikini beaches! Sounds like you had a good time.
We have to give Biko a bath soon. She smells like a dog. :o) For some reason thsi year she doesn't care for swimming in the pool.


Yikes about the iron - hope they get it figured out quickly! Low iron leaves one very, very, very tired. I'm sure you've noticed.


Awww, poor Hez. Sheesh, poor you! Hope you are feeling better soon - lots of spinach for you, missy. Ahhh, a nice cool beach visit. Sounds good to me.

Susan B.

Looked your current reading and noticed you're reading one of my all time favs - The Stars my destination. Love it, can't count the number of rereads I've done on that one.


Yeah, it's been quite a week. Glad to hear you're knitting away on vacation!


Your trip to the beach sounds wonderful! Poor Hez... baths are an anathema to most cats, but I bet she likes the way she smells a whole lot better.
Hope you feel better soon and get your iron "up" so you have enough energy to knit, of course... and read!


I think in some states, bathing a cat against her will is punishable by death. (The preferred method of execution is clawing if I remember correctly.) Lucky you, you appear to have escaped detection by the authorities.


Ooo ooo ooo gross ooo gross gross gross water snake ew ew ew!!!

OK. Hey! I'm glad your tests came back ok. Were they done as part of some insurance policy taken out before bathing Hez? Hee hee, poor kitty. I would NOT survive to tell the tale if I tried to bathe ANY of my guys.

Mmmm...fish tacos...


Once when I was young a boyfriend and I went water-skiing in the 1000 Islands. There were snakes in the water, which were not noticed until I was dumped by the dock. Haven't been water skiing since.


Wow, I hope Tess doesn't find out that you gave Hez a bath ...

Sounds like a lovely trip, I'm jealous!


Poor Hez! Sounds like you had a nice time. Welcome back. :D

Hey... it's FRIDAY!!! YEEHAW!


I LOVE Point Reyes! Best blue cheese ever too! Hope you are feeling better soon - or at least have an answer to your woes. Did you cry your eyes out over Brenda Leigh's "Kitty"?


Congrats on the not pregnancy.


Oh Hez, what a drag but I must say you are looking sleeker!

Good luck with the test results, fingers-crossed.

Hugs to you, G

Carlyn Beccia

I have a weird love - I love the smell of a wet dog when they are all nice and clean.

Project monogomy is tough!

I have low iron too. do you have to take a supplement? If yes....take with food. Iron is really rough on the digestive system.


Gully Foyle is my name, terra is my nation ... I've read that book a million times, too. Wow.
I'm also an iron-deficient person. Carlyn's advice is right - iron supplements can be hellish.
Glad you're home!

Amanda Cathleen

*L* Looks and sounds like Hez enjoyed her bath!


tests? eek! i'm so glad the results are optimistic. low iron you can fix. oh .. i'm seeing what people are saying about iron supplements. oh dear. *big hugs*

i agree with cookie.. sleep with one eye open.

Jeanne B.

Keeping you in my thoughts for a good report. Oh, my--your poor cat. Mine would kill me dead if I tried that maneuver on them.


Have you checked for puncture marks? Maybe somebody is sucking up your blood, thus the low iron. I am sending very good thoughts out for excellent test results.

Marvelous trip and yummy food!

I'm glad for you Hez likes the outcome. :D


Oh the beach sounds lovely! Oh bathing cats, that is the scareist of all activities.

All fingers, toe, paws, and tail feathers crossed for you.


Fingers crossed for good test results!

Literary Feline

Poor kitty! My dog, Riley, hates baths, but he sure seems to like being clean afterward. :-)

Oh no, about the burn! At least you remembered sun screen at all? I usually completely forget it.

I hope the tests go well, Carrie! And have a great weekend.


Carrie- We don't say the "b*th" word around Kitten-Chow. Hez needs to run faster.

So glad you got some beach time, and even more glad you're not pregnant!


Hope the last 2 tests go well. And ouch! for the sunburn. *going to check the expiration date on mine*


What's the health update? Low iron can really mess with you.. I was just coming out the other side when we met last spring. You will see an enormous energy boost as you start to get enough in your system. Glad you got beach time!


Glad you had such a great trip even though I don't understand people who fail to take pictures when they are in an awesome place. (I'm ignoring that I did that in Alaska but I had a better reason than some rubbish about a cord!) :)

I'm guessing 'indignant' was also part of Hez's expression after the bath.


Poor Hez. There are few things as sad as a just bathed cat. They look so scrawny. You trip sounds like it was lovely. Good luck with the rest of the tests!


Aww poor kitty, but yes they are so proud of themselves at the end results! LOL!
Yikes, I must join everyone else in wishing you good health and good results from the remaining tests.
Yes eat more spinach and dark leafy greens!
take care..(the beach scenes are lovely..)


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Your trip to the beach sounds wonderful!

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