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Ten on Tuesday

Before I read everyone else's and cadge their better list,

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Things You'd Bring On A Deserted Island:

How long am I on this deserted island? Does it have electricity? Decent housing? A deserted library? Yarn store? No wonder I don't do these. So many variables. Assuming that I'm shipwrecked, for say, a month and it has a decent deserted cabin/cabana/quaint mansion sans pythons etc, I'd take:

  1. My pillow

  2. Hezekiah

  3. Books. The rest of series or a classic I've always meant to read? War & Peace?

  4. Knitting. Finally I could finish Mom's stole and Dad's cardigan. This should hold me for months. In fact, I shouldn't be allowed off the island until I'm done.

  5. My linen and hemp stash. It could come in handy for fishing nets and new clothes & it's always good to knit from the stash

  6. Coffee. (A place without Starbucks? Hard to imagine)

  7. a huge brimmed hat

  8. sunglasses

  9. the new iPhone coming out this week

  10. a big beach towel

NCIS tonight! Repeat, of course but at least it's the latest season. Hawthorne premieres tonight at 9pm on TNT. Pardon, I meant HawthoRNe. Oh for pity's sake. I do like Jada Pinkett Smith though. Too bad Mental is opposite it. For a show that looked peculiar and silly, it's turned out to be pretty good so far.

Other than Burn Notice and The Closer, that's about all I've been watching other than NCIS repeats. Oh! Anyone else watching The Next Food Network Star? I love that show.

Knitting continues on WIP's, all for other people, all interminable. How is it possible to knit for hours and have nothing to show for it? I'm not even frogging. Just knitting and knitting and getting nowhere.

Currently readingThe Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester, after finishing Jumper by Stephen Gould. I have a feeling for once, I'd like the movie better.



Love 1 & 2! I probably need an island for my Icarus. :D

Getting a new iPhone??


Hee hee - I love how everyone's lists include items like "books" instead of just a single book. :) Jessalu's list was very creative - have you seen it yet?


I live on an island full of annoying people, can't I just make them leave and stay home with my stuff?

I've recorded that Food Network show, now I'll watch it and see if I like it.


I live in a place without a Starbucks. Seriously. We had one for about year, but it closed. Great list! I'm watching HawthorRNe right now. Didn't Jada used to have really short hair? Maybe she should go back to that.


I like your idea for stash use -- very nice :) And I also agree with you about Mental, it's been oddly compelling so far... NCIS! Must go watch NCIS!


i'm with joan. can't i just force everyone but a few select people off this rock and stay here with my own stuff? :)


Could Opal and Joan live on more different islands?

I agree with you. We didn't get nearly enough info about this week's ten.

What do you think of Royal Pains? I think I love it. I think.


Great list!! I found out that I can upgrade to the new phone next week (I'm waiting 'til all the FREAKING OUT dies down, hehe)

I had many questions about my list too, and what were the rules, like were people or animals considered 'things'? ;o)


I read deserted island as "desert" island and immediately wondered why you weren't taking water! All the other stuff made perfect sense... definitely coffee ie. Starbucks, and how could you leave Hez?

Carrie K.

I'd need my MP3 player with lots of audiobooks loaded, too!

We just started season 2 of Burn Notice on DVD tonight - love it!


Apologies to all Canadians who read this, but what is wrong with the film/TV production companies there?

Flashpoint was ____ and now we have The Listener.


I'm pretty much there with you, only my guys instead of Hez (although she's always welcome), probably Crime & Punishment, and my MP3. Provided of course I didn't have to worry about hunting for food.

Have you seen the trailers for The Philantropist? Yum.Mee. The main character played Marc Antony on HBO's Rome.


I couldn't bring myself to watch HawthoRNe last night. I was turned off by the whole "I break all the rules" line from the promo. I'm tired of everyone who "thinks out of the box" and "breaks all the rules" - the box and the rules are probably there for a reason! So - how was it?


Hawthorne was ok. I watched it just to get to my Grace. :D


Good list, but War & Peace?



How about we just stay home:-)? Electricity and indoor plumbing are just so essential.


YOu know it really is all about the variables.

Love your list though, I think reading War & Peace might be a punishment.

Literary Feline

A good choice. I like your deserted island conditions, Carrie. :-) Your pillow! I wouldn't think of that, but it would be a must, wouldn't it? And I'm so glad you brought your cat. I'd have to take up three spots to bring mine. And I probably should bring my husband along too.

I'm a couple of episodes into the fourth season of Closer now. I really do like that show, although I couldn't live with Brenda. LOL

Do you have an iPhone now, Carrie? My husband and I have been talking about getting the new iPhone. We have very basic cell phones right now, no camera or internet access.


I had the same questions about the island, because frankly, I can't imagine choosing to go to a deserted island for any length of time ...


I like "The Little Couple" now, and In Plain Sight of course. I've got Saving Grace to watch as well. Never enough time to watch all the TV I've got!

Mr. Cheddar

UMMMHUUUMMM...Hez, did you happen to note that you were NUMBER 2 on that list, second from A PILLOW, no less!!!!

'nuff said.

Your pal, Mr. Cheddar

Bookfool, aka Nancy

Oooooh, I love The Stars My Destination! It's kind of weird, but it has a knock-your-socks-off ending.

If I land on an island, I want a hut with air conditioning, running water and 7 handsome, muscular men to handle everything else. I'll write my own damn books.


I wonder how Hez would do on a deserted island?

We've been really liking Burn Notice this season. Love me some Michael Westen.


Carrie- An island without Starbucks? How do you spell hell?


I don't think have any idea what I would take with me. Definitely my iTouch. And I would have to have knitting, that goes without saying.

Miss T

War & Peace? Oh, come now.

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