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January 11, 1937 - November 28th, 2009

Finally! I get my hour back

Lady Ophelia & Bryan_edited That most wonderful time of the year is here - Daylight "Saving" Time ends tomorrow night! I am beside myself w/joy. It's like being jetlagged for half the year.

Halloween itself used to be my favorite holiday but in the last few years, no joy. It's not so much about dressing up and having fun as it seems to be an excuse to crazy and destroy stuff.  Just cross your fingers that we get the neighborhood kid trick or treaters this year, it's been dead the last couple of years.

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mary Lou

It has been so dark in the morning, i can't wait for the change. On the other hand, it will be dark when i leave work. No winning I guess. Happy holiday - is that you in the pic? Very cool costume.


Good luck with the kiddies! I hope you're planning on making the most of your hour.

Cheryl S.

I'm definitely looking forward to the time change too!

We went for years with no trick-or-treaters. But they've been steadily increasing. I don't know what to expect this year.


Yeah! I'm with you about DST! :o)


Yes, I'll take that hour too.

Amanda Cathleen

If only I could bring my kids over! :)
I have a severe dislike of DST. Its really hard for me to adjust in the Spring. But for right now, I'm so freaking happy to have my hour back!


Gah, sorry about the vandalism in your area. Haven't noticed too much of that around here... yet.

I am SO looking forward to falling back tomorrow night.

Joan Rooch

Thanks for posting the best picture I ever took of your little brother, with his dance partner, Lady Ophelia. We tend to dress up in the summer, for Renaissance festivals. I'm glad you recovered from the H1N1.


I love the extra hour, too - but I hate driving home from work in the dark!


I hate the time changes. Either way. It just messes up my already screwed up sleep schedule. I do love it being light outside in the morning. The still dark at 7 am is just wrong. I like the sun streaming in and waking up naturally with it.


What are we saving that daylight for, anyway! Dark in the morning is just wrong.

:D Happy Halloween! We have had no trick or treaters since moving to the country. I kind of miss the little ones in costumes, though.


I love the fall time change too. Bring it on!

It's cold and windy here, so I'm worried our trick or treater turnout will be lower than usual--I bought a ton of candy. Last year we had nearly 200 kids.


I'm happy for the extra hour of sleep tonight too. We have been getting so few kids at our door these last years (no more than a dozen) that we decided to not even turn on the porch light this year. And what's really weird is that we live in a neighborhood that has an elementary school in it. I have no idea where all the kids go.


I hate having to change clocks, but I will be very grateful to have it not quite so dark in the mornings.
That said, I love my late summer evenings. sigh.

Good luck with the trick 'r' treaters.


Not my favorite holiday either. But more because of being a painfully shy kid and being terrified of going house to house speaking to people. My hate of it stuck with me into adulthood. Good luck's for a peaceful night!


I agree completely! LOVE getting my hour back...if I don't keep myself up knitting thru it...

Kim D.

Whose in the picture?????

I'm excited for an extra hour too!!! Woo hoo!


If ANYONE needs candy or someone to give it to - I'm convinced they bus people in to our neighborhood. Last year we gave out 13 bags of candy, and had to close up shop early! This year we weren't home. There has to be a happy medium between no trick or treaters and WAY too many!


P.S. Rachel - I totally agree. While I LOVE candy, I have always (even now) been painfully shy and hated trick or treating because of it. Even taking my kids or giving out candy is hard for me. So, not my favorite. I prefer Valentine's Day or Easter because of the candy, but less social pressure! :)


I like the extra hour but hate it being so dark so early!


Yay! Goodbye, DST. Hello, sleeping in an extra hour. We got 1 trick or treater last night. Good thing we didn't buy much candy because otherwise I'd eat it!

Kristi aka FIber Fool

I hope you faired okay on Halloween. We had a total of 4 kids. But, we are the end of a very long cul du sac so we're never surprised, just hoping it'll be different. We watched Let the Right One In while waiting for the two doorbell rings.


I love falling back as much as I love it being light, later. Being born in January, I always feel like the hour they stole from me has finally been returned.

Rebekah (Knit Knack)

You know what was rotten about this year's daylight savings, Nick and I woke up at 6 a.m. and couldn't get back to sleep. So we got up and did our grocery shopping. I was so annoyed that I didn't get my extra hour of sleep!


The retreat pics are beautiful but you didn't mention food. How was that? Glad your better, now what are we going to do for fun? O want to go to Sams in Half Moon Bay!


Yay! Although the guys woke me up at 4:10am, near death from starvation, of course.


we don't change clocks so i have no idea what you're talking about.



I'm with you! I LOVE daylight savings time. I love looking at the clock when it's pitch-black out and realizing that I have SO much more time than I'd thought. And I love that extra hour of sleep on Sunday. We should do that every week...


I seriously wish they'd pick one time and stick with it. It upsets my delicate equilibrium.


Carrie- I like the dark- it's hibernation time.

I feel sorry for kids now- they don't enjoy Halloween like we used to.


I can't get use to the extra hour, Im getting up an hour earlier it's so bright outside. In Saskatchewan (our home province) the time stays the same all year so it's a change for us, here in BC.

Here's to jet-lag free days, every day of the year!

Hugs to you and Hez, G

PS: Ill be posting a new pic of Mr. C over at Veggies...later this a.m. perhaps Hez will want a peek?


YOu are too dang funny! Jetlagged half a year.
Personally, I love daylight until 10PM mid July out on the lake. ;)


I feel the same way... was elated to see it light in the morning when I woke up on Monday... is that you in the photo?


I hate DST too and loved your widget countdown. Alas... I wanted one but was too lazy to add it. Anyway, I could always watch your counter.
That extra hour was wonderful!


Just stopping by to wish you and Hez a happy weekend!

jordan retro

I hope you're planning on making the most of your hour.

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