January 11, 1937 - November 28th, 2009

Change is Evil. Well, mostly.

Those pangs of homesickness!

That long since detected upheaval!

I am altogether indifferent

As to where to be altogether

Alone or how to drag my tote

From bazaar to house and home,

A home that is mine no more

Than a hospital or garrison;

Indifferent to what sort of people

Will see me, the caged lion, bristle

And from what sort of world I will -

As I must - be banished into

Myself and my own feelings.

Like a Kamchatka bear with no ice floe,

I don't care where not to fit in

(I don't try to) and where to eat crow

Nor am I charmed by my mother

Tongue's call, cajoling and creamy:

I set no great store by the tongue that others

use to misconstrue me

(Readers solely intent upon

Milking the press of its bletherings),

For they're of this twentieth century,

And I precede the centuries.

I am stunned like a log left to lie

On a path with trees. Everyone's the same

To me, it's all the same to me,

And what is all the more the same


And closest of all, perhaps, is the past.

All my features, all traces, all dates

Have vanished into its morass:

I am merely a soul born-somewhere.


My country has so let me down

That should a sharp-eyed sleuth

Search that soul inside out

It would fail to sleuth forth native roots.

Every house is alien, every temple empty,

All the same, all one, all mere trash.

But if by the road there's a tree

That chances to be mountain ash......

                                                                                        Marina Tsetaeva



It's lovely... and what inspired you to post it?


Lovely but a bit melancholy to me. Of course, that is what poetry often is, correct? It is nice to see you surface.


"I don't care where not to fit in/(I don't try to) and where to eat crow"

Carrie, these lines fit so many situations - personal, political, artistic -

Thank you for reminding me of Marina Tsetaeva -


Very moving. Poetry is so good for the soul. Hope yours is healing.


I'm glad you're back!


Glad to see this post. The poem is new to me, but I think it's a lovely one. Normally, I'm not a big poetry person, but this one really appeals to me.

I'm glad you are posting again!


Yay, glad you're posting!

Thanks for the lovely piece!


Nice to see you here again! Thanks for the poem-post.


I've missed you!


Welcome back to this space C! It's a beautiful piece...though like Chris, I'm wondering what inspired you to post it.


Have missed you. But you knew that. Your feelings loss and disconnect are well presented in that poem, dear.

Take gentle care, good friend. Know I'm here if you want to talk, rail, sigh.


Lovely words for coming back. You've been seriously missed, and thought of often.


i've missed you! *hug*


OMGosh you read my mind. Let's have a pity party! I Love You BFF!

Kim D.

Yayy!!!!!! Carrie's back!

I'm feeling the poem.


Lovely poem, Carrie. Hope you are doing well.


A beautiful, sad poem. So glad to have you back!


Beautiful poem.


Pussycat, Pussycat, where have you been?


It's nice to see you posting. =)


I hope you're dealing, as well as can be expected of course, with the unexpected passing of your dad.
I just passed the 1 year "anniversary" of my Mom's death and it was a difficult week.
All the best...


Glad to see you back here Carrie but this is a difficult poem to read. Whatever is happening in your life that prompted this reflection, I hope things get better and soon.

Take care, hang in there and hugs, G


I hsd grown so used to you not posting that I almost missed this. Thanks for sharing.


They say change is good; but I'm with you. It's unsettling. In the extreme.


It's nice to see you posting!

Bookfool, aka Nancy

Like knitnana, I thought I spotted your grief in this choice, but I am so glad to see that you posted!!


Haven't see you around in a while - how are you doing?

jordan retro

I hope things get better and soon.

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