Freakish Friday
I Promise To Be True...

*"May All Your Dream Come Trough"

Blog pix 1660 * as seen written on the back window of an SUV on the way home yesterday. I would have a nice picture of it, if only stupid digital cameras didn't take so exceedingly long to take a lousy picture. [grouse, grouse].

I had a lovely birthday party Saturday even if my mother pre-exhausted me. I have to get a snapshot of the refrigerator days later - we have enough food still to feed a standing army. Which is what a party is, right?

Pre-exhaustion was not really my mother's fault (although she helped - should that be "altrough"? Spelling these days. ;), it was also deadlines on Monday, moving the office downstairs and across the hall this week - I had fond dreams of packing only what truly needs to be moved but it looks more like when I unpack it and realize I have nowhere to put it is when I'm going to do the ruthless usual.

Not much on the reading or knitting front! It's all been working my fingers to a bone and getting another year older. I am grateful for the privilege.



happy birthday! i feel like such a heel for forgetting. email me!

mothers do like to pre-exhaust us don't they? :)


Uncanny, even our birthday cakes were the same colors.

Glad you survived the weekend!



Ack! Belated happy birthday!!

Jeanne B.

Happy Birthday! May you have a wonderful year.

That's funny about the spelling. So they want all your dreams to come via an animal feeder? Hmm. I wonder if they were horse owners?

Big Alice

Happy belated birthday!

Cheryl S.

Happy birthday!
The cake looks great.


I hope it was a very birthday. Have any leftover cake? :D


Happy belated!


Happy Birthday. Very Troughly Yours.


So sorry I missed your BD, but that cake sure looks yummy. Hope it was a good one.

And thanks for the inspirational words ...



Happy, happy birthday!! Hope you get a chance to sit & knit, and take a break from the whole fingers to the bone thing. :)


Belated Happy Birthday Carrie!


Happy Birthday. LOVE the quote. Brilliant! Although that "ough" ending is a bugger.


Happy Birthday! Wishing you fun and rest and knitting and whatever your heart desires.

Bookfool, late greeter, cake eater, used to be neater

Happy belated Birthday! And, oh good heavens. I had no idea you were back to posting or I would have dropped by sooner, but I've been pre-exhausted by my inability to cope, so I can't go any farther on commenting than to say I love your nail polish. Sorry, that's as good as it gets. Lovely cake. Sorry you didn't manage a photo of the SUV, but of course you know I wish that all your dream will come trough. Imagine hearing it first from a total stranger. I feel desperately slow and defeated.


Happy Belated Birthday and many happy returns...I like the last line of your post!Good advice for all of us.


Happy birthday! I understand that last sentiment; lately when friends have been griping about that next year older, all I can think is, better than the alternative, right? Your cake looks lovely (I haven't had cake in far too long, I think) -- I hope you get some quiet time to knit and read soon :)


Happy Birthday! Save those fingers for some knitting/reading, even if it's 5 stolen minutes on the commode. What?


Oh my. Sounds like we have the same issues - I'm moving into a new home in less than 2 weeks and I'll probably prune after the fact too. Sigh. Glad you had a happy birthday!


Allow me to join the very belated birthday greetings! I would stop reading blogs for a day or two RIGHT at this moment, lol!


Carrie- A very happy birthday and many more to you.

A full fridge is a good thing.


Oh don't get me started on spelling these days...
(or grammar, either)

FOOD!! For an army!


happy birthday!

Carrie K

Thx, Carrie! I was wondering who Kitten was.


Happy Birthday, Carrie! I'm glad you're posting and having that privilege. Lovely cake and hurrah for a full 'frig. :D


Happy belated birthday, Carrie! Lovely cake too. Chocolate under that icing?


Yum! That cake looks great!


So, awesome looking cake! What kind? That's what I want to know anyway. And a picture of the flying monkey.

Is there any other way to move?? Throw everything together, and sort it out later. You know. When you have ALL the time.


I couldn't pass up the chance to wish you a happy birthday again on your post. Mom's have a way of exhausting us even if that wasn't their intention don't they?

I'm loving your cake...the yellow flowers make it so happy!!!


I am so late to the party, it figures. I hope it was happy! Your cake was so cute!

Amanda Cathleen

Happy Belated Birthday Carrie! Your cake looks beautiful :)


Happy belated Birthday, Carrie. Aren't you a bit old for parties? What games do they play or what do they do at parties, at your age ;-)

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