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First I'm Obsessed with Poetry and now Television. Where will it end?

Hallelujah, the new Television Season is Here

Blog pix 229 At last, at last! If it wasn't for cable, I'd have no use for my TV at all. Did anyone else watch this season of Eureka? James Callas (Gaius Baltar of the late lamented Battlestar Galactica) was an inspired addition to the show. Plus time travel. I'm a sucker for time travel.

Day by day what I'm watching this week:

  • 8pm Dancing With The Stars. I predict Brandy or Jennifer Gray will win. I further predict David           Hasselhoff will be the first one eliminated but that's probably wishful thinking. I won't find out tomorrow night because NCIS will  finally have a new episode, thankfully. 
  • 9pm The Event. Please let it live up to its promise.
  • 10pm Castle. Please, please Powers that Be, don't let the "first shocking five minutes" ruin the show for me. Probably I should watch Hawaii 5-0. After all, I know their names. I know their number. And it looks like a decent remake for a change of pace.
  • Ha. As if you need to ask. NCIS at 8pm
  • NCIS:LA at 9pm (2 hour premiere). I won't be watching DWTS Results live because, well, NCIS:LA  is on and Hetty is still there. And between DWTS dragging out the results and the length of the ads between clips of the show, (although I imagine that time is going to be filled quite amusingly soon with Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown running dueling Bill Clinton clips), even if NCIS wasn't on I'd probably watch the recorded version just to find out who goes before I'd watch it live anyway. Yes, I hate suspense. Even idiotic suspense.


  • 8pm, Undercover. The previews are so good, I'm really looking forward to a married couple of spies who both (gasp) know what their spouse is up to. More or less.
  • 9pm. Hellcats. Oh, don't judge me. I watched the whole episode last week trying to place Gail O'Grady. It was Gail O'Grady! Who knew? It was cute, if a little heavy handed. Not really looking forward to the darling sweet Christian girl getting smashed and making a fool of herself but on the other hand, why should she be spared the cliches? The cheerleading routines are just amazing to watch. 
  • 10pm. I might watch The Defenders. I might deny it. We'll see.


  • 8pm, Bones. I haven't even read any spoilers, I just want to see it again.
  • 9pm Nikita. Fringe. Gray's Anatomy. (Bet on Nikita). I wasn't sure I'd like the latest version but I do like Nikita working on the outside and having Alex on the inside. 
  • 9pm Project Runway on Lifetime. I'd managed to miss the whole season but I caught up Saturday. Poor Michael D. Mondo dresses funny but that boy can design and sew.


  • 10pm Blue Bloods.
 Knitting news:
  • I picked up all umpty-ump stitches on the shawl. It was shockingly easy. I just need to decide on a border now.
  • Elizabeth I, side one, finis. Elizabeth 1, side 2, at 2nd dart.
  • Mom's Cross & Crown bookbag knit up and mostly embellished. Thankfully I had the brilliant idea of sewing on the knit intarsia patch to canvas fabric so that should be an FO shortly. If I can remember how to work my sewing machine. Oh!! Project Runway! BRB.
  • Scarves: more rows knit. None done. 
  • Cardigans: Checked progress. Not one of them knit themselves. I'm giving them another chance.
  • This would be more fun with pictures, wouldn't it?

Books read: Oh, a whole slew but heavy on Lee Child and Carol Goodman.


Cheryl S.

At first, I thought the door mat and cement had a light layer of snow on them. I'm sure Hez is glad I was just seeing things.


I'm excited about TV too - mine are:

Little People, Big World
Mike and Molly
Sons of Anarchy
Modern Family
The Office
Pit Boss


I'm excited to have Castle and Bones back, but that's about it for me! Sounds like you've been knitting up a storm.


I too am glad the new TV season is back, and have been reading a whack of Lee Child.


Hello? "House"?


Ack! That's a LOT of TV. O.O


I missed house last night. I'm a bad tv watcher. I like instant gratification and just catch it all on DVD. xo


Hallelujah! A new post from the lovely Carrie! I actually don't even have cable anymore - getting by with Netflix and a Roku box for instant downloads. But I'm happy that you're happy!


Hez thinks you're crazy for leaving her out in this nasty weather.
What's tv?
(I'm very glad you're happy the new season is back!)

Ask me any questions about the sewing machine. Maybe I can answer (or maybe not - depends on your machine!)


What about Haven?!


You mean I don't have to watch any more Real Housewives re-ruruns on Bravo? Yay,I was getting nightmares!


I'm glad you like to watch TV too - I seem to usually be surrounded by the "I- only-watch-PBS-if-I-watch-at-all" and it makes me nuts!

I'm also looking forward to the return of "The Good Wife."


We don't watch a lot of current tv. Right now we're watchingNCIS on DVD and we're on season 5. But we do watch Eureka andBig Bang Theory religiously. We usually watch Haven and have just started watching Warehouse 13. But watching tv series on live tv doesn't work well for us because during hockey season everything gets put on the back burner. So we either tape it, watch it on OnDemand, or buy the DVDs.


Crap! I completely forgot this week was the season premier of House.


I agree with Squishy. It is easier for me to just watch the DVDs than remember a TV schedule. Yes, this is what OLD is like.

I cannot wait to see Elizabeth when you're done. That is SUCH a gorgeous pattern.

Mary Lou

I got bored with House after a few seasons. And no cable, so I am light years behind the rest of the world. Just now doing Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica. LOVE

Kim D.

You need to have a serious talking to with those cardigans. These need to get their acts together or else throw them out on their ear.

I love fall season premiere week. So full of new possibilities. I do have a little dread that new shows will get cancelled just as I fall in love with them though. I'm still rather annoyed at Mercy and Kings and Flashforward. Apparently the rest of the viewing public has different tastes than I.

I scoff at you - viewing public! Well, not you Carrie. But everybody else. Okay, not you Hez either. You know, we're tight!


David Hasselhoff on Dancing with the Stars...crap, now I may have to watch that show for the sheer amusement factor.

Bones and Grey's for me (and NCIS if I were caught up with back seasons so alas, I won't watch it until that point). That's pushing the limit on TV for me.

Cardigans knitting themselves...snort. You crack me up.


You were spot on with the Hoff being the first to go. I was rather disappointed though, I wanted him to stay at least a few weeks purely for the kitsch of it.


Am I the only one loving HBO's Boardwalk Empire? And I can't wait for L&O:LA. I'm scared to get into The Event. Memories of Jericho, *sniff*.

What? They didn't knit themselves?? Well, no point in looking in my big honkin' Rubbermaid container then.


We're extremely relieved to have the fall shows back too. Have you watched Sons of Anarchy? We watch it for our weekly dose of pointless violence.

Your cardigans must be related to mine because they haven't been knitting themselves either.

Bookfool, aka Nancy

Most of that is foreign language to me, but I do understand Dancing With the Stars (wish I could see it) and NCIS (ditto). My language: Starting over at Season 1 of Burn Notice while I wait for Season 4 - pre-ordered. Starting over on Season 1 of Chuck on the treadmill because I just got Season 3 and want to keep going on the treadmill for a long time.

You should let that poor cat in.

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