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I Promise To Be True...

Eastern Europe 084 Go vote in KSD's Knitter's Hunk Contest!!Feast your eyes. It's down to the final rounds.

And in a lesser note, I hereby resolve to be monogamous.


In my fashion.


Knit on one thing at a time and not to start anything new until all my UFO's are either knit or frogged. (Except Lyra which I hereby resolve to finish before my death. Providing cloning catches on first.)

Huh. I wrote that on August 24th. A mere thirteen whatever days ago. (I tend to write these things and save them. Forever.)

The only thing I've finished is a washcloth and that's because the yarn ran out. Has that stopped me from falling in love and wanting desperately to cast on something new?

It has not. I am dying to cast on Brooke Nico's Lace Jacket, #13 in the new Vogue Knitting, It's very similar to Sleeves in your Pi by Gayle Roehm, that been in my To Knit list for centuries except Gayle Roehm's is more of a shawl-coat than shawl-sweater. So I can still knit both. (Those are Ravelry links so if you need to join to access them).

Blog pix 1690 I was so enamoured of it that I spent approximately (Ha. Like I'd admit it?) tossing my stash for the perfect yarn. J Knits Lace-a-licious in Sante Fe I picked up at Imagiknit yarn trolling w/Bev and Jewel, wow, a year ago April? that might be perfect if it was 150 yards longer and not quite my-skin-tone (more or less).

There's the burgundy Misti Alpaca Laceweight that might work except I've been knitting a Cheryl Oberle design with it. After deciding I should frog it once and for all and pulled it off the needles, I realized that wow, it's much bigger than I thought. (Unblocked even.)

In fact, it's a perfect size with a nice lace edging to finish it off and OMG, I have 400+ stitches to pick up now. On a slip st, psso, yo every 6 sts row. Kill me now. 

There's some gray silk that is in tiny, tiny skeins. The idea of winding it is sapping my will to live.

I can't find any size 5 addi lace turbos (that don't have a project on them). 

I shouldn't have made that vow. The Universe is making me live up to it.



Oh no! Poor ASkars is not doing so well in the voting! :(

And woe, woe, woe about having to pick up all those stitches now...

Cheryl S.

All of those stitches! Yikes!
But on the other hand, you won't lose all of that work...


Um . . . ouch!


Oh no! That sounds like a very painful pickup.


I might frog before I put something like that back on the needles. Well, maybe not. Liam Neeson all the way.


I'm working on another freakin' Niebling. Suck it up and knit, woman.



The Universe is, very often, a buzzkill.


You crack me up.


I'm not sure I get how the race is run but I love the contest.....photos... (but that second photo makes me think office move. ---back to the first pretty photo...)

Good luck with the 400 plus stitches.

Cookie has a point. Knitting helps maintain sanity. Right?

Kristi aka FiberFool

I have to say it has been taking every ounce of self-control to not cast-on several patterns that I'm not designing right now. The pull is great!


Isn't it funny how our attention wanders after starting a project?! Sometimes I'll even stop knitting altogether when I make a monogamous vow. Those times it is just best to give in to the urge to cast on.


Oh dear heaven...where can I get that photo of Alan Rickman?
Who IS AR? (ignore me, I'll google him)

I have much the same promises that I never live up to. What I love about knitting is, I can be totally unfaithful and polygamus (sp?) and not get in trouble for it!


Oh good heavens...now I have to read (b/c I can't see movies without having first read) ALL the Harry Potter books I've avoided for so long?
Just to see AR in movies? I'll rent Sweeney Todd instead!


The universe has its ways of making us keep our promises, eh? Guess you'll have to finish one of the projects on the size 5s, or just buy more needles ;)


You've got to be careful what you put out there! As a person who's about to cast on for a sweater (let's not talk about what's on the needles), not to mention having found another sweater that I want desperately to knit NOW, I try hard to avoid the notice of the Universe, lest tragedy ensue...


Really? Hello? Carrie? I gave up on that promise ages ago. Now, as long as all my WIPs fit in one big gazillion gallong Rubbermaid container, I'm good.


Oy. That is a LOT of stitches. One of those 'it'll be worth it in the end' deals, but man...I do not envy you!


Hey CarrieK. I love both links. I think the Vogue one is going in my queue. And, yes, I am now the proud owner of Clinton's LYS! It is fun. The knitting has been slow, but is now moving along. Have lots to finish myself. And, I remember that yarn! It was over a year ago now...


Carrie- I love the Rick man!

You're going to have to buy some suitable yarn, sorry to tell you.


It took me until this very moment to realize that is a picture of the new office. I say again: ouch! ;P


Knitting monogamy? Ha! That's a good one. I've tried that. Briefly. It never lasts.

So how's the 400 lace stitch pickup going?


What is this knitting monogamy you speak of?


Knitting monogamy? You? Surely you jest. And really, life is just way too short for such crazy goals!

400 stitches to pick up...If that were me, I think I'd stuff it into a closet never to think about it again. Well, first I'd cry.

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