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First I'm Obsessed with Poetry and now Television. Where will it end?

Nowhere good, no doubt.

What to Watch This Week:


  • Dancing With the Stars. ABC 8pm. I am weirdly fond of Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino from Jersey Shore. It probably helps that I've never seen it. I think Margaret Cho has the capacity to do really well, if she stops sabotaging herself. I was right! I was right! The Hoff went first!
  • Hawaii Five-O CBS 10pm On the high end of violent but the best bromances are. I liked the banter between McGarrett and Danno. A little too twee explanation for "Danno" but acceptable. Daniel Dae Kim rounds out the cast perfectly.
  • Watch later: House, Chuck, Castle. 


  • NCIS CBS 8pm. The pilot was a little flat - the team had been split up? Again? I didn't follow the recap but then again, I haven't seen the finale since it aired. I was just happy that Jethro took after his father.
  • NCIS: LA 9pm. Deeks is back! He adds a nice bit of life to the show - Sam and G needed a little brother to gibe them and he works really well with Kensi.
  • . Detroit 1-8-7 ABC 10pm My parents are from Detroit (as in, Detroit was the nearest big city), my dad worked Homicide so it was a natural. Not bad. Great cast, great quirky characters without being cartoonish but still slightly over the top. At the end of the first day? Really?
  • Watch later: Dancing With the Stars Results show, Stargate Universe, Sons of Anarchy, The Good Wife.


  • Law & Order:LA NBC 10pm. Premiere. I wonder if Dick Wolf and Sam Waterston are gnashing their teeth over this timeslot? But Skeet Ulrich, late of the late, lamented Jericho is in it, so I have to give it a shot.
  • Also on: Undercovers, Criminal Minds, Terriers. I spaced Undercovers last week, did anyone catch it? I have yet to actually record/watch Terriers but it looks cute. It also looks like the ratings are tanking so if it's any good, watch it now.


  • The Big Bang Theory CBS 8pm. Sheldon dating. The earth is spinning on its axis. (huh).
  • Fringe/ Fox & Nikita/ CW 9pm. I flipped back and forth between the two last week and they were both confusing enough that I actually thought I was following the plotlines. We'll see.
  • The Mentalist CBS 10pm.
  • Watch later: Ace of Cakes Food Network 10pm, Project Runway Lifetime 9pm. 


  • CSI:NY CBS 9pm Sela Ward seems like a good fit with the team. If only she could move her forehead.
  • Supernatural CW 9pm. Wait, what? I think I've missed a few episodes. Or a season.
  • Watch later: Medium, Blue Bloods
Blog pix 1746I'm being viewed with deep suspicion, I have no idea why. She's the one laying on my knitting and my book.Of course, the word "bath" may have been bandied about.


Up to the chart on the other side of Elizabeth. Woot!

Tailored Jacket pulled out of its bag and inspected - no elves completed any further work but then again, I'm practically done with it except the sleeves and collar.

Books Read:

Mary Tudor: Princess, Bastard Queen by Anna Whitlock. A nice sturdy introduction to Mary,  daughter of Henry VIII and sister of Queen Elizabeth. Linda Porter's The First Queen of England: The Myth of Bloody Mary packs more research into her book and fleshes out Mary's life a bit more. Both are good reads. 

My fascination with Jack Reacher continues. I finally broke down and put Killing Floor on hold at the library, what the heck, might as well read where Lee Child started the series.

Hallelujah, the new Television Season is Here

Blog pix 229 At last, at last! If it wasn't for cable, I'd have no use for my TV at all. Did anyone else watch this season of Eureka? James Callas (Gaius Baltar of the late lamented Battlestar Galactica) was an inspired addition to the show. Plus time travel. I'm a sucker for time travel.

Day by day what I'm watching this week:

  • 8pm Dancing With The Stars. I predict Brandy or Jennifer Gray will win. I further predict David           Hasselhoff will be the first one eliminated but that's probably wishful thinking. I won't find out tomorrow night because NCIS will  finally have a new episode, thankfully. 
  • 9pm The Event. Please let it live up to its promise.
  • 10pm Castle. Please, please Powers that Be, don't let the "first shocking five minutes" ruin the show for me. Probably I should watch Hawaii 5-0. After all, I know their names. I know their number. And it looks like a decent remake for a change of pace.
  • Ha. As if you need to ask. NCIS at 8pm
  • NCIS:LA at 9pm (2 hour premiere). I won't be watching DWTS Results live because, well, NCIS:LA  is on and Hetty is still there. And between DWTS dragging out the results and the length of the ads between clips of the show, (although I imagine that time is going to be filled quite amusingly soon with Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown running dueling Bill Clinton clips), even if NCIS wasn't on I'd probably watch the recorded version just to find out who goes before I'd watch it live anyway. Yes, I hate suspense. Even idiotic suspense.


  • 8pm, Undercover. The previews are so good, I'm really looking forward to a married couple of spies who both (gasp) know what their spouse is up to. More or less.
  • 9pm. Hellcats. Oh, don't judge me. I watched the whole episode last week trying to place Gail O'Grady. It was Gail O'Grady! Who knew? It was cute, if a little heavy handed. Not really looking forward to the darling sweet Christian girl getting smashed and making a fool of herself but on the other hand, why should she be spared the cliches? The cheerleading routines are just amazing to watch. 
  • 10pm. I might watch The Defenders. I might deny it. We'll see.


  • 8pm, Bones. I haven't even read any spoilers, I just want to see it again.
  • 9pm Nikita. Fringe. Gray's Anatomy. (Bet on Nikita). I wasn't sure I'd like the latest version but I do like Nikita working on the outside and having Alex on the inside. 
  • 9pm Project Runway on Lifetime. I'd managed to miss the whole season but I caught up Saturday. Poor Michael D. Mondo dresses funny but that boy can design and sew.


  • 10pm Blue Bloods.
 Knitting news:
  • I picked up all umpty-ump stitches on the shawl. It was shockingly easy. I just need to decide on a border now.
  • Elizabeth I, side one, finis. Elizabeth 1, side 2, at 2nd dart.
  • Mom's Cross & Crown bookbag knit up and mostly embellished. Thankfully I had the brilliant idea of sewing on the knit intarsia patch to canvas fabric so that should be an FO shortly. If I can remember how to work my sewing machine. Oh!! Project Runway! BRB.
  • Scarves: more rows knit. None done. 
  • Cardigans: Checked progress. Not one of them knit themselves. I'm giving them another chance.
  • This would be more fun with pictures, wouldn't it?

Books read: Oh, a whole slew but heavy on Lee Child and Carol Goodman.

I Promise To Be True...

Eastern Europe 084 Go vote in KSD's Knitter's Hunk Contest!!Feast your eyes. It's down to the final rounds.

And in a lesser note, I hereby resolve to be monogamous.


In my fashion.


Knit on one thing at a time and not to start anything new until all my UFO's are either knit or frogged. (Except Lyra which I hereby resolve to finish before my death. Providing cloning catches on first.)

Huh. I wrote that on August 24th. A mere thirteen whatever days ago. (I tend to write these things and save them. Forever.)

The only thing I've finished is a washcloth and that's because the yarn ran out. Has that stopped me from falling in love and wanting desperately to cast on something new?

It has not. I am dying to cast on Brooke Nico's Lace Jacket, #13 in the new Vogue Knitting, It's very similar to Sleeves in your Pi by Gayle Roehm, that been in my To Knit list for centuries except Gayle Roehm's is more of a shawl-coat than shawl-sweater. So I can still knit both. (Those are Ravelry links so if you need to join to access them).

Blog pix 1690 I was so enamoured of it that I spent approximately (Ha. Like I'd admit it?) tossing my stash for the perfect yarn. J Knits Lace-a-licious in Sante Fe I picked up at Imagiknit yarn trolling w/Bev and Jewel, wow, a year ago April? that might be perfect if it was 150 yards longer and not quite my-skin-tone (more or less).

There's the burgundy Misti Alpaca Laceweight that might work except I've been knitting a Cheryl Oberle design with it. After deciding I should frog it once and for all and pulled it off the needles, I realized that wow, it's much bigger than I thought. (Unblocked even.)

In fact, it's a perfect size with a nice lace edging to finish it off and OMG, I have 400+ stitches to pick up now. On a slip st, psso, yo every 6 sts row. Kill me now. 

There's some gray silk that is in tiny, tiny skeins. The idea of winding it is sapping my will to live.

I can't find any size 5 addi lace turbos (that don't have a project on them). 

I shouldn't have made that vow. The Universe is making me live up to it.