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Walnut Creek Library Pix


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The fancy new Walnut Creek library - check out this high tech check in machine! It gobsmacked a number of us, I watched someone else use it first and then helped the family behind me. Pretty fancy. I wonder if it will have any effect on the backlog and if they're thinking of installing them at the main branch.


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Seriously, this is the color scheme they came up with? Purples, beige and off white?

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Nice quilt wall hanging.





It's a nice library It's too modern to be comfy and not modern enough to be modern. Also their coffee bar does not serve coffee. Or Blog pix 1757 anything else. Bogus.


Hez is shocked, shocked by that news. Also she would really like me to quit reading and knitting and pet her. All the time.



Hmmm... I think I might find that meme...disturbing? Weird? The good news is that I'm happier now than I was 20 years ago, so I guess that's a good thing.

Not sure what I think of the new library, but no coffee at the coffee bar? I know what I think of that!


Very cute...I would love to go back 20 years because my boys would be small again...miss having them home.


Nice library! Would your earlier self believe it? :D Cool meme. I love the concept of contacted earlier selves/selfs? and time travel.


I don't think I could answer those questions.

I work in a library but I don't think I'd like working there.


A coffee bar that doesn't sell coffee...


Oh, dear. I really don't want to do this one!

Cheryl S.

Fun meme!


That's a library?! I was thinking it was a fancy Home Depot. o.O

Mary Lou

We have a brand new county library. It replaced another modern one, but is really an improvement, with lots of cozy spots to sit and a coffee shop that serves excellent coffee. Wifi everywhere and even two fireplaces. However, so crowded with users that it was hard to fit a spot to sit.


What a whirlwind Hez pic!!! I agree, libraries need to be comfy and preferably the good old style. I like the purple sofa though, what a biggie.

Hugs to you and Hez. G


Hez sez you should stay home and read anyway. :D


Well of course she wants you to pet her all the time. Duh.

Um. Well, the couch looks comfy. Although I'd a couch in a library is too coffee shop-ish. Nice big arm chairs...


Carrie- Our city, in their infinite wisdom, are rebuilding several libraries- what are you supposed to do when you need the latest copy of Hello magazine?

I ask you.


Meme, what meme? I see no meme here, only libraries woes.


There's nothing comfy to sit down on in my library. Just straight-backed wooden chairs pulled up to library tables. Not much of a color scheme, either. Marble floors. It's kind of bleak and cold...but I love it anyway.

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