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Doesn't Everyone Name Their GPS?

Blog pix 1773 And then I bemoaned his *absence so much so that Chris, visiting the West Coast, was concerned that I desperately wanted someone else riding shot gun.

Nope! I actually saw Mill Valley for the first time because she was convinced that it existed, unlike me. I was convinced that some twisted developer had nothing better to do than build houses on corkscrew corners that went down and down and then up and up and up. And lead directly to Sarah Winchester's door. As it turns out, there is a Mill Valley. And Joe's Tacos are pretty good.

(*It took longer than I thought to update the map. As in hours more.)

I am a slave to technology. How did that happen?

Note to the man on the Bay Bridge this morning: if you & your wife are having trouble - STAY THE HELL OFF THE BAY BRIDGE. Unless you're going to jump. Jackass. They need some special circumstance to add to these sentences. Use a gun, go to jail. Tie up traffic? - Execution? Works for me. At least this guy was just out for himself. It really makes me crazy when protesters do things like that to "draw attention" to their cause. Why would screwing around with me make me give a flying fig about your cause? And what makes you think I don't already know about it? I have troubles of my own.

Oh wow. The little dog was found and returned to his owner. (Pilfered pooch! Why didn't I think of that?) That made me sniffle.

Blog pix 1783 Check out this old California map that shows Pittsburg, CA back when it was called New York. (It's along the delta, bottom left/center.) Y'know, right around the time Rough & Ready declared itself a state. But then they realized - they couldn't celebrate the 4th of July. So they rejoined. I might be reading Lost States: True Storis of Texlahoma, Transylvania & Other States That Never Made It by Michael Trinklein. Who knew that Thomas Jefferson had a thing for "ippi" endings? This is a great book. (I may have a thing for trivia).

Yeah, other than that, I've got nothing. Not much knitting going on, I'm just trying to keep working on WIP's and Not. Cast. On. So hard. Not even much TV (other than DWTS which I probably shouldn't admit). (Go, Kyle! Anyone but Jennifer).