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It's such tough work, being royalty, isn't it Hez?


To become fitter.
To keep my house clean.
To read and knit more (as opposed to wasting time on video games.


I want you to know Fifi would do the same as Hez, EXCEPT she would eat the people.


(I LOVE that picture!)

Eat more mindfully. Say "no" more often. Worry less.

Happy new year!


Ha, nice display! :o)


Sort of reminds me of Gulliver's Travels.


Clearly, Hez has found her calling ...

I have lots of things I'm thinking about. But at the top of the list is Think More, Talk Less.


continue to unclutter mindfully- not letting clutter get away from me.

That picture looks like a 1960's Japanese monster movie! Awesome!


Oh, Hez.


How the heck did she get into that place without knocking everything over! She has super kitty powers I think.


To save the world. And a 9 year old little boy. And maybe knit something. Or not.

Cheryl S.

How nice of you to make such a nice kitty bed. Even if it's a little crunchy.

I plan to de-junk some more.


I LOVE the tree in the background! (but you already know I have one similar, right?)

My goal is a MATURE (or barring that, well-trained) Tonkinese kitten (CAT) by next Christmas so I can put my tree like yours UP and have real decorations for the holiday season!
and skritches for Hez...her highness.


Love it! What a hoot. I'm still trying to decide on a resolution for 2011.


My new year's resolution is always to stop biting my nails and I always fail :-)


Every picturesque village needs a giant kitty in the green. Don't you think?


We already had that discussion. I think both of you should skip the whole resolution thing.

Bookfool, aka Nancy

Oooooh, fantastic Hez pic!! Your highness, I believe you should resolve to stay indoors and cuddle with Carrie more. Hez is the royalty, right? I'm in trouble if I got that wrong, aren't I?

I am personally working on my resolutions but I don't believe my kitties have any interest in changing at all. They're perfectly happy bossing me around. Imagine.

Carrie K

But theyre so much fun!


I haven't settled on mine yet. Soon, though!


Her Majesty's subjects seem quite nonplussed by her royal presence plunked right down in front of their community Christmas tree.


Carrie- Let's face it, to cats, we're all serfs.

Happy New Year to you and Hez.


A monster in the Village!!! Ahhhhhggggghhh! :D

This year's goal?--To have the things I do for the wife/daughter/sister/friend/aunt role weigh the scales down more than what I do for my "work" role.

Happy New Year, Carrie and Hez!


I will serve my cat tuna EVERY DAY

Did I tell you my cat learned hypnosis?


Oh, how adorable!!!

Happy, Happy New Year. G


Wow, Hez has minions! My cats are going to be jealous!

Mary Lou

Oh so funny. Happy New Year to you and Hez. I try not to make resolutions, but one goal this year is to put stuff away when I am finished with it. I don't care if I have a cook but I'd love a personal maid!


How I love Hez! I don't make resolutions, but I do realize that this year I need to have more fun. So that's my goal...laugh more, play more and just be lighter. Happy New Year C!

Geraldine and Ched

PS: To Hez, you are going to want one of these:

get your mom to check out my review post. It's a goodie!!!

Hugs, G and Mr. C

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