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Behold the knit on puffy sleeve. Marvelous, I took a picture of the good side. The back checks are off a row. I still can't decide if I care. After all, I've worn puffier clothing. I went through a sewing phase (back when I still did any sewing) where I made a number of tops/blouses out of wedding dress patterns. (I like wedding dresses. I just don't like wedded bliss. Since it mostly wasn't at all blissful.)

Blog pix 1811 Okay, there's a picture of the back. Too off? I can always knit it flat. Then I can use a two color braided cast on. Undoubtedly I'll finish knitting the whole sleeve before I decide I can't stand it, rip and redo.

CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAY MIRACLE STUFF: Or links. Stacey is having a contest to support Collin, who is having heartbreaking problems with Neuromyelitis optica right now and/or fellow sufferers. Just donate, don't read. It'll make you cry. He's so darn cute too. Contest/Drive ends December 31.

Chris, aka the Evil One, sent me a link for this contest: The Secret History of Elizabeth Tudor: Vampire Hunter. Contest ends December 22.

Blog pix 1812 Vampires! Argh. I've been boycotting them. But Elizabeth Tudor. How can I resist?

I can't. It's shameful. Don't tell anyone.

READING: (Not vampires, I assure you. Until I win the contest.) I just finished London by Edward Rutherfurd, I liked it, I was a little unnerved to realize I started it November 28th and finished it December 16th (I'd say "yesterday" but who knows when I'll actually post this) and I'd been carrying it around, picking it up and putting it down for a week. I'd lost impetus, the sprawling nature of it makes it easy to walk away from it and by the end I would have really appreciated a genealogy chart (googling didn't turn one up). I couldn't keep the Barnicle's, Bulls, Carpenters, Doggetts and histories straight - except for the webbed fingers and actual names. The Merediths, Pennys and Silversleeves were pretty straightforward but I liked old Silversleeves much better than his descendents. I did like the conceit of following the few families throughout London's history, from the Romans to the Blitz. (Actually, pre Roman. Sorry).

It was a bit like a tour bus ride - lots of short stops for some familiarity with the terrain and the background, but no real depth. 

Luckily it was the historical bits were what I found the most fascinating and kept me reading. The storylines were sometimes mercifully brief (like I said, all the descendents of Silversleeves except for his sons, whose stories I enjoyed, distasteful as they personally might have ben, were sleazily dull. You'd think that Hilda's genes might have made some impact) or too short. I'd've loved to read a bit more about Henry Doggett, paternally cheeky of him to send off his son into the Lady St James arms or to discover what came of Elfgiva and her capitulation. I'm not even sure if the book followed her line. I wanted Vilolet to appreciate/acknowledge her mother's life. Hmm.  I can't even think of half the characters that showed up. All in all, not a bad read. I was absurdly happy that they unearthed Julius's lost treasure finally. Too bad the legend of the lost treasure hadn't stayed in the family lore.

Now I need to decide: George R R Martin's Game of Thrones or Deanna Raybourn's latest Julia Gray outing, Dark Road to Darjeeling? Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall?

Gift basket from the landords! Huh. it posted way down. Grrr. I knew I'd delete it. Blog pix 1813 Ha. There it is. It's still intact, I have plenty of sweets at home to eat. What I'd really like is eggs and bacon, which I've been craving ever since the annual building's holiday breakfast went from eggs, hash browns, bacon, fruit, muffins, etc to fruit & muffins last Tuesday. Traditions, they must be kept alive. Particularly if they involve bacon.

Eating eggs & bacon at Black Bear Diner on Thursday didn't satisfy the craving either, even if it involved a biscuit the size of my head. (Warning, that link has birds twittering and the sounds of a babbling brook) but the good news is, no robbery occurred. (There've been a rash of restaurant robberies and one took place there).


Okay, Hez X Blog pix 1805 X pic Yeah, still posted far, far down. Watch meI manage to delete them. Oh that mel.


"It is raining outside. Make it stop. And no, you can't have your paper back."

Fat chance, Hez. I like the rain. My current working theory is that global warming has been caused by all those chirpy weather forecasters gleefully announcing "It's another beautiful day!" when the sun is out and dolefully "We'll have some bad weather today" when it's not. Thoughts are things, you know.



Gah - I looked at the diner menu. 1lb of ham for breakfast!!!!????? WOW!

Love the sweater - the colourwork looks amazing.


Bacon, mmmm. London sounds interesting --- even with the need for charts of birth.

I'm reading Patricia Rice's Magic Man. An interesting ebook.

Love the color work!

Stay dry, Hez.


My eyes are watering too much to even see the checks. ;p


My cat keeps looking for the door into summer, what with all of this rain - he is unhappy. I love the colors of that sweater! And I can't decide whether your description of London makes me want to read it or not... I've been very indecisive and uncommitted in my reading lately - can't seem to settle down, alas.


Interesting sweater...what's the pattern for that one?

How Hez looks about the rain is about how I look about the snow!


I rather like that sweater. I like Hez's expression, too, since it mirrors my cats' who are certain I am personally responsible for all they dislike. Black Bear Diner serves WAY too much food.


Heh! Thoughts are things... you sound like my daily message from the universe. :D Yes, they should donate and not read. I must stop reading the updates. I get the sad.
Maggie sez "Hi Hez! Can I come play in your rain?"


Hmm, can't decide about the sleeve either. You could do a trial steam block and see. Or, you know, not. The absence of bacon is horrendously annoying. You need a BLT, pronto.

Mary Lou

I would ignore the sleeve situation myself. Unless it really really bugged me. I have had London for years but never read it. I may drag it closer to the top of the pile. I read Wolf Hall a few months ago and liked it very much, although the historical bits were often a bit iffy to me. Plus I grew up Irish Catholic and Cromwell was the devil. Made for good mental stretching.


Well. Thank you for making ME crave bacon!
Hez, keep the paper, she doesn't really need it - she'll just read more about global warming...


Bacon is always, ALWAYS good and you can never have enough! I knew bacon would be my downfall during my 5 year stint as a vegetarian.

I like the sweater, but it's difficult to see the sleeves from that angle. :o)

Bookfool, aka Nancy

Kiddo would vote for Game of Thrones, next, but I haven't read it. And, he's not here. He's having an eclipse party with the girlfriend.

We just got bacon in the mail. Want to come over? It came with pancake mix and apple-cinnamon syrup.


I agree. Bacon should not be messed with.

I have love/hate relationship with Rutherford. I love the concept of his novels, but I end up getting bored with the book once it gets into modern times. I agree - the descendants are usually annoying. I'm more enthralled with historical fiction, which is why the first parts of the book grab me, and the later chapters lose me. Have you read "Sarum"? First of his novels I read, and still my favourite.


Oh Hez,you are looking mysterious!

Your gift basket looks yummy too, can never have enough treats I'm thinking!!!


Very cute sweater, and I kinda like the puff. But then I have short shoulders.


Carrie- Being married isn't blissful-? Now she tells me!

I am a huge fan of a good breakfast. Bacon is divine.

Happy holidays to you and Hez!


If you win that book, I wanna read it when you're done.

Oh, and I'm hungry now. All your fault. Please have Hez get you for me.



I think the sweater looks fine. Can't tell that it's off unless you really look. Hez does not look amused about the rain.

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