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Blog pix 1790 This is the most comfortable chair EVER. Want. It's a perfect reading/knitting chair. There's no where to put it but details. Blog pix 1806I'd ask for it for Christmas but Santa would need to put an addition onto the house.


 The Times We Are Living In is having a contest for a calendar of her photos, which are amazing. Quick, enter, or at least go check out her pix. You have until midnight December 20th to enter the contest; a blog that inspires you but one that you don't comment on, and commenting on it in the next month.You have an unlimited time to check out her pictures.



 READING/LISTENING: I finally downloaded an audiobook from my library! Frabba joy! I might actually be able to download an ebook some day. I've had The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry on my TBR list for awhile.  

Still reading London by Edward Rutherfurd. I've got about 150 pages to go........but I don't care much anymore.  Enough that I want to finish it.........but so far, not enough to read more than a few pages a night before wandering off. What I'd really like is a geneology chart on the families. I'm losing track.

There's not much KNITTING but a LOT of Not Finishing/Frogging. I'm going to have to knit those sleeves flat & sew them on. I have to figure out how to make the top less retina searing - maybe I'll flip the colors on the sleeves. I'm about 3/4 the way done on Mim's Flutter Scarf and no where near done on any other scarf/sweater/bag/glove/knitted object.


  Blog pix 1799














Uh oh. Someone wants to know - Kirk or Picard? Santa Claus or The Grinch?



Nice chair! I prefer a chair with higher arms that I can swing my legs over the side. But that one would give you plenty of elbow room. Love the big glowing cat eyes photo.


My vote- Kirk. And the Grinch-

Hez in the headlights?


My feet would not reach the floor in that chair. Hez looks, um, radiant.


Is that Hez? 'Cause those are definitely Devil Eyes!


It's a pretty chair, but since I almost always sit sideways, I need higher arms...

Cheryl S.

There would be plenty of room for that chair in your castle.

Kirk, and the Grinch.


The chair is beautiful - I like higher arms too, for leaning on. Show us the eye searing top, please.


Picard. The accent does it.

Mary Lou

Picard. Grinch. That chair doesn't look that comfortable. i like a higher back, but maybe it would be good for my posture.


I could SLEEP in that chair!


The chair's very cool... and it's actually comfortable? 'Cos it doesn't really look comfortable...

Congrats on your technological triumph!!

And watch out for those laser eyes...


oh, Picard, by all means. A supposedly French guy with a British accent. Love the anachronism. And the Grinch - who doesn't love the Grinch? That is one big chunk o' chair!


That chair does look super comfy!

P.S. Picard, of course!


Ohhh so scary! Love it.

Hez, Mr. Ched sends his best headbonk and his greetings are here:



Caution: radioactive cat!


Picard and the Grinch. Maybe the kitty would get you the chair if you asked nicely. ;^)

Bookfool, aka Nancy

Uh-oh. Laser Eyes of Doom. You have been zapped.

I want that chair, too. Will need a new house. Fortunately, I'm already looking.


OHHHHH that does look like a nice chair. Hmm, I'm sure you could find somewhere to put it.


Want the chair! Have you read The Southern Widow? I'm in the middle of it. It get slow at points, but it's a unique perspective


Are you sure Hez is a cat?

I read the Pillars of the Earth recently and although I found it brutal in places, I did want to finish it even though I found it a little boring towards the end. pao keeps telling me I should read London but I think I like my books a lot shorter!!!!


Oooh, cool chair..and what's up with Hez? Watching one too many vampire movies with you lately?

Thanks for the shou-out...and for your continued support with my photography! I so appreciate it!

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