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A New Year

Blog pix 1793It feels like a new year. I can't decide if I should make resolutions (which I'm making anyway) but should I Write Them Down? Will that help or hurt? Does wondering that mean that I'm trying to assert some control over an uncontrollable life?  Oh yes. Will it work? Yeah, probably not. Magical thinking, it's my mode of thought.

That red in the picture? It's exactly that color. Neon.



How nice of you to make your cat a sweater! And that red, whoah, is it ever bright!


Every year I have resolved to knit more for myself. Well, you read how that didn't work again this year! But resolving to be selfish doesn't exactly sound nice, does it?

Bookfool, aka Nancy

Whether I write them down or not, I'm a complete and utter failure at keeping resolutions.

Hez looks awfully comfy. Also, have you read anything by Susanna Kearsley? Because if you haven't, you really must.

Mary Lou

So is it a cat cardi?


That is, um, vivid. I hate resolutions. I consider ever-changing guidelines. It seems to work better for me and is more in keeping with my life, AKA Chaos Central.
control? bwahahahahahaha!


I tend to go with the Just Do It school of thought... if I feel like it's time to have a New Year, I go with it. :)

That red is really, really red. Whooo!

Kristi aka FiberFool

OMG, how did you know exactly what I was thinking? ;-)


Wow, since when has Hez had a human foot protruding from her chest??????


Yeah, I don't do resolutions either. I do goals from time to time, but they don't usually happen at a particular time of year. Anytime is the right time for New Years! Besides, because of the tax season, you work on a different calendar anyway. Enjoy the right now, for April loometh.


So. Bright!! I notice that Hez can't even look directly at that color. ;)


That's one cute kitty!

Last year I made one very specific New Year's resolution that applied every single day. I didn't write it down, but it totally worked. Being super specific helped immensely! There were no judgment calls to make.

Cheryl S.

You're making a cat coat? Hez obviously doesn't mind.


(Hez used for contrast.)


Resolutions. Meh.


I'm a failure at resolutions so I made a resolution to not make more resolutions. It's the only one I've kept. But that's just me. BTW - very red. What is it?


Is that a project for Hez, or just a modeling job? Funny, I think the early winter is responsible in part for that feeling. I started my annual decluttering two months early, forced inside by the cold!


I make 40 resolutions, well I call them goals, a year and keep about 5 of them. But at least its some. I do write them down, its the only way I remember them.

That is a very bright red.


You're knitting the cat a cardi?


At least it is keeping Hez toasty.

I hate making resolutions. I was forced to make goals when I was a child and since then I have a kneejerk hatred towards them. Sigh, but I'd probably get more done.


Carrie- Why not start a new year now? This one was crap.

I think I'll join you in Auld Lang Syne-


I find writing things down is helpful. What is more helpful is knowing where the slip of paper is that I wrote something on!
That is one intense red. I remember some acrylic yarn that red, from 20+ years ago. That kind of color burns itself into your retina. You never forget it!
Happy New Year!


I've got a few :) Meeting you is one of them :)


I dither about resolutions (so much for the "resolve" part, eh?). I always have a sense of some goal I want to achieve (and why do the words "ten pounds" seem to loom large, no matter what weight I am?), but there are times when the main one is "be mindful in the moment", which seems a bit anti-resolution, no? Good luck deciding!


Even posting mine on the blog seems not to work all that well! I despise "resolutions" and made "plans" instead - tho' they almost always fall thru.
Hmm...I'll maybe make two - one for knitting and one for personal. Does the number make it more or less possible?
Who knows....what will you do?


I like the lighting in that picture a lot. The sneaker has a halo effect going on in some manner.

I don't write my resolutions down. I don't really make resolutions only in January- throughout the year, I give myself (and often fail to meet) all sorts of goals.


Maggie sez "can I borrow Hez's blanket cause I iz cooooold"


I still think writing down goals, plans for the new year is a great idea, as long as we remember that "life happens" and sometimes our own little timetable is not part of the bigger picture.

I wish you and the lovely Hez a wonderful and prosperous 2011. Can you believe that number!!! When I was a kid, I thought I'd be dead by now, I'm sooooo old. Or so I thought I would be, when I was a kid. ;<)

PS: You could sub toasted wheatgerm for the coconut, should work fine.


Even if I may be setting myself up for failure each year, I always write down my goals/challenges for a new year (I hate the word resolution and yes I do actually realize 'goal' is basically the same word!). It gives me a sense of purpose and always make me feel motivated...even if only in that one moment!

Neon red is perfect for this month...and I'm shocked Hez allowed herself to be draped in knitting!!


Wow. That's red.

You know, I always say - if something is worth doing, why wait? Do it now. Mind you, I seem to live by that rule when it comes to knitting. Other stuff? Not so much...

pixie girl

I am a terrible poster, and resolver of resolutions, but I make them anyway. Hez looks great :)

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