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Warm Hats Not Hot Heads

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Ellen of Twinset has thrown down the gauntlet for civility and challenged knitters everywhere to knit a hat that'd you'd be happy to wear to send it to a Congress member of your choice (provided they're not already taken) en masse on Feb 28th. She's hoping that "many other knitters will join in on our effort to introduce a bit more kindness into the political sphere with the delivery of handknits to our Congresspeople. Here is what you need to know.

I'm already trying to decide who to pick based on what hat I think they'll like and how long it's going to take me to make it.....

I have an FO!! Behold Untangled. Untangled I worked on it off and on this weekend and it went by pretty quickly. And best of all, it works like a dream.





Love that I cord.




Hmm. I might need to make Untangled for my annoying phone headset...


Well done!


Hooray! I'm glad you're joining in :)


I like your Untangled. Cheerful colors! I should make one. :)

mary lou

I have looked at that Untangled, maybe I need to try it. I was going to join the hat thing, but all my hats on now on homeless heads.

Cheryl S.

Love your Untangled! I didn't know if it would actually work well. Good to know it does!


oh what a COOL idea, it's my first time seeing or hearing about the Untangled... hmmm wonder if I made one for my husband's iThing if he'd use it... and love the congress people hat project, might just have to go and see who still needs a hat!


So, now your ear buds are warm? That is too cute, btw. I have some chunky red yarn that was gifted to me. Maybe I will knit a hat and send it off to Congress, even though I consider most of them twits. Although a student at my high school has asked for a hat with wolf ears. He's a senior. It's too cute.


Oh. My. God. An iPod cord cozy - how clever! I must make one. Or two, since I have two iPods.

You know, whenever I see a post from you it cheers me up.


YAY! You're IN!


Love the cord cozy! :o)


So cute :)


Untangled: is there a pattern? or just a yard or so of I-cord. Heh, iCord for the iPod.

Thanks for the link to the warm heads thingy. I think everyone should cc: Michelle Bachman with their letters. Do you think she would get the message?


What an interesting idea. Wonder if it'd work with a telephone cord, mine is always getting tangled at work.


I think I may need to knit myself an Untangled. Maybe with some left over Wollmeise.


what a nifty idea...and a pattern I hadn't seen before. i take it the cozy works to keep the cord from getting tangled but is it cumbersome?

Kristi aka FiberFool

I love your untangled! I've been eying making that as well. In all my free time... LOL! Sometime though.

Nicole (aka bookwyrm)

I have considered Untangled (I think after seeing your Rav project page?) and still might end up knitting it... but I kinda like the distinctive white Apple cord. I almost hate to cover it up.

(Speaking of, did you see the commercial for the Google tablet that makes fun of Apple's white accessories? Very clever, even if I do still love my iDevices.)


Nice Untangled! And many thanks for mentioning the WHNHH project.



I love that cord thingee...very nice!


Oh, I LOVE the FO (does that stand for something?)! It makes the earphones so much more fun!


Thank you for mentioning our effort! We are at 228 hats so far, and that will surely make an impact.

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