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6th Annual Brigid Poetry Festival

Today! Feb 1st.........

The 6th Annual Brigid Poetry Festival

Anne's set up a Facebook page for Brigid this year. My poem is by Judy Grahn from her book, The Queen of Wands. (Her own website doesn't look as if it has been updated lately.)

You really have to say that poem out loud a few times to understand it but once you untangle your tongue, it's amazing. (Found at So Many Books)

Blog pix 1906 Judy Grahn

Knit the knot: a riddle

The directions said:
to knit the knot known and
not to knit the not known,
knit the knot known
to the unknown knot
and not the knot known to
unknot the unknown
and knot the knit;
to unknot the known and knit
the unknown, unknit the
knot known and know the knit;
to know how to not know
the unknown, knit the knot.
Gnaw your fingers to the bone
until you understand the plot.