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Math Trumps Blocking.

Blog pix 1976Birdsong of A View From Sierra County has a new venture, natural dyeing, she's named Nature's Cauldron. This intrigues me, I've always liked natural colors - undyed wool mostly but dyeing with organics is a nice alternate. (Possibly there are exceptions to the natural rule.)

My adorable brother calls me up Saturday to check to see if I was raptured (alas no) but also lets it slip that he'd gone to the Prosperous and Beautiful Sheep & Fiber Fest that day and had bought Nerissa (one of their kitties) a sheepskin rug but his own sister??

Nada. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Darn. I've been collecting natural wool as souveniers from various places - I'm planning on making a Cowichan style sweater out of them eventually, or possibly a Lebowski style pattern

Literary-ClockStefanie of So Many Books has a nifty link. The Guardian UK is (was?) asking for help building 24 hours of fictional time using lines from literature. Here's the link to the Literary Clock to date.

(entirely different literary clock link - picture used without permission so it's possible I'll have to remove it. But isn't that cool?).

Blog pix 2048  

When the Boogyman goes to sleep at night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris doesn't read books, he stares them down until he gets the information he wants.

Guns sleep with a picture of Chuck Norris under their pillow.

Crop circles are Chuck Norris's way of saying to the aliens "Don't make me come up there".

Chuck Norris is what Willis was talkin' about.

The only thing fear has to fear is Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris can roll a stone and make it gather moss.

Chuck Norris can stand at the bottom of a bottomless pit.

Chuck Norris made the forest petrified.

I may have spent all day last Monday knitting the final interminable rows of my Curve of Pursuit watching Walker, Texas Ranger.

Math trumped blocking but it came out pretty nicely. Oh phooey, that's a picture of the first felting go 'round. The wrinkles have been erased and it's felted to a more consistent blanket-like texture AND the washbasin in the garage is sparkly-clean, not that it helped, I had to toss it in the washing machine and dryer again.

  Blog pix 2051 Mom's project continues apace. One of the downsides of using a cross stitch pattern for a chart is that not only do you have to repeat every third row but it's not set up to knit easily. I've been wrapping the yarn a stitch or two in advance of a color change on some of the return rows - one advantage is that I'm going to felt the whole thing to make the book bag sturdier. Felting means that I can whack the occasional (see pic) loose end.

READING: Not so much. I've started and stopped a number of books (Here, There & Everywhere, Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA (which I hope and pray portrays them as such imcompetent evil buffoons because Tim Weiner as biased as the CIA says or the good stuff is redacted and protected by secrecy acts, because otherwise we are doomed).

I'm cheating on both of them with Juliet and despite the fact that it's a pretty sure thing that it's going to be a love story, (I'm psychic that way) I think Juliet is going to get read more or less in one sitting. Wow, it looks like it's going to be a movie. (No. Book trailer). Weirdly I don't have a copy of Romeo & Juliet in my bookshelves. iPhone to the rescue! Online text. I was looking for the forward but I'll pick up a copy somewhere today.

Blog pix 2052 LatelyI have had this strange feeling that I'm not getting anything done.

Strange because normally, outside of work and its incessant deadlines, I rail against the mindset that one has to accomplish something every hour of one's day.

But there it is. My stash isn't discernibly diminishing (and considering that wool prices are about to rise and the economy continues to flounder, that may be a good thing).

My bookshelves are spilling over with books I haven't read yet.

Oh no. I just realized my entire problem with that is that I have no good excuse to buy anything new. Sheesh. I do not need/want anything new! Plenty on hand! I've beeen brainwashed by my culture.

Hez sez, "Shhhhh. You will fix me tuna, draining the tuna juice into a small glass bowl when I awaken. And be quiet about it."


Shouldn't It Rain Less in May?

What I did on My Summer Vacation  few days off.

I went car shopping:

Blog pix 2014














Maybe this would be better for cruising to the beach.

Blog pix 2018








But then there are those days where you just want to make a statement....

Blog pix 2030














...or reward the labor of the four elephants it reputedly took to pull this out of the jungle:

Blog pix 2026














I can't decide. Check out The Blackhawk Automotive Museum for your favorite ride.

Oh and check out the Computer History Museum in Mountain View! Charles Babbage's Difference Engine in action is pretty frakkin' impressive.

Blog pix 2032















 Other than that.......I did pretty much nothing. Baked a Lady Baltimore cake. Didn't even frost it. (Partially because I really made it for the batter and only baked it because......well, that was a lot of batter. As it turns out, it was quite tasty baked and didn't need frosting, particularly the peculiar cookbook suggestion).

  Blog pix 1998 Not watching NCIS or NCIS LA until I find out who dies and who's coming back next year. (Hint: Hetty had better be the latter and not the former). I wish they'd get off this stupid kick of cliffhangers. It's occasionally interesting but every freaking year and every freaking show? Especially in this era of axing by the numbers. Chicago Code and Detroit 187 both cancelled. Grr.

On the plus side, Law & Order Criminal Intent (WARNING: Talking websites, gah) and In Plain Sight are back. Yay! I feel slightly disloyal for admitting this, since L&O:CI exists only because Vincent D'Onofrio helmed it, but I liked Jeff Goldblum's detective the best of the three.

Blog pix 1995 I'm guessing Ralph Macchio is getting voted out tonight on Dancing With the Stars. It has to be someone but I don't like the way the judges score him. Ralph is not that bad of a dancer. Hines is flatfooted occasionally.  Kirstie is really the worst dancer but even she has some fabulous moments. (Other times it looks like she's just doing whatever steps she can remember.) Their praise is over the top for the annointed few. Gush but geez.

I managed to finish my Curve of Pursuit yesterday. (Cascade 220, possibly a zillion skeins)........ It's off kilter because I absentmindedly short-rowed 3x randomly in one wedge (that I'm aware of) and it needs to be felted up a bit to make it blanketier and possibly blocked within an inch of its life to pull it into line. (Does math trump wet blocking? We'll see.) Maybe I should throw it in with my salmon colored jeans that I absolutely love but have absolutely nothing to wear with in the hopes that CoP felts and jeans over-dye. (I'm pretty sure those pants date from the 80's).