Father's Day
Rain on Tuesday /100 Degrees by Sunday. On the average, it's good weather.


Cupcake Fiber The Cupcake Fiber Company. Soft. Drapey. Silken. I can't decide what to knit it into. Nupps? Cables? Lace? Any suggestions?

Also for some reason, I want some ice cream.

On the READING front, I finally managed to slog through Tim Weiner's "Legacy of Ashes: The HIstory of the CIA". Wow. While my conspiracy loving heart wants to believe that the CIA is populated by maverick whack-jobs (and the headlines occasionally bear witness to it), it seems impossible that they wouldn't have been dissolved and defunded if they were as befuddled and useless as he portrays. The book itself covers decades at just over 500 pages plus a hundred more give or take in endnotes. I'm left wishing that he'd covered just one of those decades in those pages. Five hundred wasn't enough, the narrative was confusing, other than the CIA sucks.

House on Durrow Street, the sequel to the Magicians and Mrs Quent. . Eh. At least this time I don't feel like he's rewriting Jane Eyre and Pride & Prejudice and mashing them in the most peculiar way.

Currently reading: Joy for Beginners.

Is this not the most fabulous map? It's typography, from axismaps. It's a poster so I need to take it somewhere and get it framed, preferably really, really cheaply. They've done Boston, Washington DC, New York and Chicago so far. 

Blog pix 2073It's back to being scaldingly hot. Summer. Why can't summer be cooler? Usually it cools off at night but it was 80 degrees last night and it's supposed to hit 3 digits today.  I think I woke up with heat stroke. I keep craving ice cream. I'd indulge that a bit more if I didn't need to swear off ice cream forever and the most exercise I get is walking from the garage door to my car door.


Maybe I'll treat myself if I finish this one. Again.

Blog pix 001 




That map is really cool!

Hmm. When you mention a drapey yarn, I don't really think of it doing well on structural things such as cables....


What IS the orange beast?


I think you need to leave the yarn in the stem-thing with the polka dots. Nothing's going to be prettier than that.


ADORE the map. Why don't I have clever ideas? Yeah, I am thrilled about slamming into normal summer temperatures after the cool spring we had. Massive Headaches? You betcha.


Honey, ice cream with fruit! It's practically good for you!


Oh that yarn looks lovely. Hmmm, how much of it do you have?


With heat like that no wonder you are craving ice cream! It's only 68 where I'm at today and I doubt we will make it up to 70. And I must agree, that is a way cool map.

Cheryl S.

Mmmm. Yummy yarn!

mary lou

Ice cream has calcium. We need calcium. Add fruit and it's like taking vitamins. I just finished the School of Night by Bayard. Quite good, I'd never read him before. How about lace and cables? I've been pondering a combo design for a small shawl.


I hear you about the heat. I think I'd take the rain back now. Clever yarn photo!


Lace. That just screams lace to me (but that's maybe because almost everything screams lace to me?). It just hasn't gotten hot here yet (except inland, where it's scalding). We're just hitting the upper 70s these days. We'll be in for it come September, though - I can feel it waiting for us.


Love that yarn! So lovely. And what do you mean, finish that orange thing AGAIN? Yikes. What pattern is that?


Lovely!! You've been spinning!!!!

Cool map. I've been reading some cheap Kindle stuff that I won't mention and Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews, which is the latest in the series and pretty decent.

Ice cream. Mmmm. I like Cookie's fruit and IC suggestion.


I'm thinking it screams lace and nupps! Beautiful yarn. And cool map!

What in the world is that orange thing? ;)


Carrie- Just say no to nupps.


What a gorgeous map!

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