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Blog pix 054 Someday when that 'grows up' (it's already taller than the zucchini plant), it's going to be a sunflower.

There are teeny tiny little birds ripping out holes in the leaves to feast on - which, bad for the sunflower, good for the pepper plants, because they're leaving them alone this year.

I'd have some cute pictures of the leaf thieves -  and the four adult quail and their baby that wander through the backyard - but it turns out birds are annoyingly camera shy and the iPhone camera sucks for "quick" and "furtrive".

The garden is all greens and yellows now. The splash of red from the tomatos and peppers probably won't happen until August.

Any bets on whether I'll have any FO's by then or more projects cast on? I do get to spend the day at the hospital with my Mom on Tuesday (just invasive tests that I plan on never needing to take but I'm game to go with.)

In the reading arena,  recently caught my eye. David Hockney's thesis in his Secret Knowledge: Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters argues that camera obscura was used much earlier than previously thought. (Don't ask me, my take on art tends to be "ooh, pretty!" and "what the -? What's that supposed to be?" The more it looks like a photograph, the more impressive I find it. Hate Monet. Although his work looks like a photograph too, if I take off my glasses.)

Can you name the paintings in this video? Recognize any?







Not pregnant, then? Poop. I hope everything turns out okay, sweetie.

Why is it STILL so hot?!



Haha, your take on art is mine also. :o) That's a huge sunflower. I love them. I used to plant them, but our wild bunnies chewed them down to nothing every time, so I gave up.


That is going to be one impressive sunflower!

I hope everything is OK with your mother.


Bill and I got to sit inside a camera obscura once. The Historical Society in Peterboro, NH set one up once. Amazing experience!

The music video was interesting...I recognized more than I can name, and there were some unfamiliar ones, too.

Cheryl S.

Venus on the half shell!


Hope all is ok with your mom!


I feel much the same way about art! Sometimes I admire art that makes me think, but I don't generally like it as artwork, more as provocation.

I never knew sunflowers looked so.. predatory before they blossomed.


I love sunflowers. I have never heard of birds eating the leaves. But I suppose people eat sunflower sprouts so, why not birds eating the leaves? Interesting.


I hope the tests reveal only good things. Your reaction to art is exactly like mine: like that, like that, wtf? like that. It makes going through a gallery rather quick work. I am guessing more new projects than FO's? Old habits die hard! :D


Leonardo, The Last Supper
Monty Python, animation of hand through the roof
Van Gogh, Starry NIght
Sandro Botticelli, Birth of Venus
Rembrandt van Rijn, The Anatomy Lecture
?this cubist painting by Cezanne? http://seiseime-design.blogspot.com/2010/07/conceptual-art.html and scroll down
Jan Vermeer, Girl With a Pearl Earring
Gericault, The Raft of the Medusa
David, Death of Marat
Michelangelo, Creation of Adam, Sistine Chapel ceiling
Rene Magritte, damn I can't remember the name, probably something like Man With Apple
Piet Mondrian, every painting he ever did that became famous
Frida Kahlo, self portrait
Okay, I have no idea on this one
Edvard Munch, The Scream
Vincent Van Gogh, Self Portrait
Andy Warhol, Marilyn
no idea, but it is probably 16th or 17th century
ditto, but a century or three earlier
Caravaggio, Salome, aka Bring Me The Head Of John The Baptist On A Platter
damn, there are a million of these but I can't remember which is the one with the African servant/slave in the background
Delacroix, Birth of Liberty (I confuse this one with Gericault's Raft, above)
don't recognize this one at all
Gustav Klimt, The Kiss
(a bunch of repeats)
this is almost Picasso's Three Musicians, but not quite
Diego Velasquez, Las Meninas
no idea about this sunflower pyramid

That was fun! You do remember I have a BA in art history, right?


Those leaf thieves are shifty!!


Cool video.

I think the theory that some of the great art masters used camera techniques to create their art is really intriguing. Whether they did or not, we will never really know.

Your sunflower photo is awesome. A different perspective for sure.

Mary Lou

If those hawks weren't too dumb to be afraid, I would never have got the photos. The adults are much too crafty. Hope all goes well with your mom.


I hope the tests went well - and that the waiting wasn't too awful. I also hope it's not too hot up there...


I'll be thinking of you during the invasive tests...yucky.

Nicole (aka bookwyrm)

Wow. I am going to back away from kmkat now... I took an art history class in college, but my memory is nowhere near that good.

And yes. Our (usually) fair state is being weird this year.


Yeah, I've got nothin' on the painting. However I would like to know how the redheaded dude manages to have such awesome hair.

How did the tests go?


Carrie- I wanted to see a pic of the quails- they're so cute.


I hope the tests turned out only good results. Completely agree with the iPhone camera assessment.

I like art, I just need to bring along an interpreter. :D

Sigh, garden. I'll have one next year I think, now that things have calmed down on the work front. (hoping I didn't jinx anything with that statement.....)

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